(Episode 6) Ghost Of The Past: Tale Of Love And Betrayal!

Khadijah quickly controlled herself immediately the plate slipped out of her hands.

Abbas: “ghn, aghn, ki lo de? Gently o”. He said as he moved closer to assist his wife to pack the shattered plate.

Khadijah: “never mind, let me pack it. I will clean the place, you go and attend to the guest”. She said as she squatted to pack the shattered plate.

Abbas: “okay, if you insist”. He said and left her to clean up the floor.  Shortly thereafter, she came to the sitting room.

Khadijah: “good evening”. She bent her knees courteously.

Ponmile: “good afternoon madam”. He responded looking fixedly at her.

Abbas: “Yes, let me do the proper introduction now. Ponmi, meet my beautiful wife, Khadijah”. He introduced them to each other, with his hand round his wife’s shoulder.

Ponmile: “Yes. Nice to meet you hajia”. He stretched forth his hand to shake her.

Khadijah: “nice to meet you too sir. How is the family?” she asked, grinning.

Ponmile: “We are all fine. Thanks to God”.

Khadijah was feeling uncomfortable with her husband’s guest. She scratched her nape every second looking around suspiciously like a stranger in her own house.

Khadijah: “ehn, ehn, dear. I want to check what I have in the kitchen before it burns”. She stood up and left for the kitchen. She lifted her head up, looking at the ceiling and biting her finger as she paced the kitchen. She peeped through the door to see what her husband and his guest were up to in the sitting room.

Ponmile: “wo, paddy mi, it is getting late. These people will be expecting me at home, I need to go now”. He said as he stood up, dusting his trouser.  “We shall see some other time before I leave town again”.

Abbas: “okay, for how long are you here in Ibadan?”

Ponmile: “I will be here till end of the year. I need to sort some things out before I travel again”.

Abbas: “wow, that is five months? It’s even good, we will have time to spend together, but give me your number before you vanish like air again. Because I don’t know when next I will see you after today”. He brought out his mobile device to get his friend’s phone number. “o ya call your number for me”.

Ponmile: “wait, did you say Khadijah is your wife?” he asked as he got to the gate of his friend’s house about to leave the compound.

Abbas: “yes. What kind of question is that? Did I introduce her to you as my mistress?” He asked feeling irritated.

Ponmile: “nothing! I am just wondering. It seems.. Never mind anyway. When next are we seeing again?” he asked, brushing the topic aside.

Abbas: “hmmmm, it is left to you, let’s arrange it. But, do you know Khadi before?” he brought up the topic again as he sensed his friend was up to something.

Ponmile: ‘hmmm, not really, I think she looks like someone I used to know back then in my secondary school. You know it has been long”.

Abbas: “okay, there are usually people that look alike everywhere. And besides, you are talking of how many years ago now?”

Ponmile: “abi nah. Almost 20 years now” He replied, smiling.

Abbas: “okay, thanks so much paddy mi. We will hang around one of these days during week end”.

Ponmile: “sure. It is a must. We shall see later. Greet your wife for me”. He said, and drove off.

Abbas was still not convinced with the response his friend gave him about his wife. He shrugged off his shoulder looking face down as he entered his apartment.


Ranti was lying in bed, groaning in pain. Her neighbour and friend came in to check on her after her daughter had gone to call from the next house.

Fatou: “good afternoon ma!” she bent her knees courteously.

Dapo’s Mother: “pele. How are you? What about your mother?”

Fatou: “she is the one that sent me to you. She has been sick since yesterday. She said I should come and call you”.

Dapo’s mother: “call me?” she asked, touching her chest “for what? Am I doctor abi nurse?” she asked rhetorically looking at the girl contemptuously.

Fatou: “yes, she cannot stand up since yesterday. She is very weak”. She with her eyes heavy with tears.

Dapo’s Mother: “your father nko?”

Fatou: “see Mama Dapo, just forget about him and come and help. Let’s carry my mother to the hospital. He has been away from home for some days now”.

Dapo’s Mother: “okay, go I will meet you on the way”. She said feeling compassionate for the girl. “What kind of man is this one? How can a man be this wicked and heartless to the mother of his children. Hmmmm, o ga o” she said, clapping her hands.

She met her friend lying helpless in bed.

Dapo’s Mother: “agh, what happened?” she asked as she entered the room.

Ranti: “I sent my daughter to help me call you. I am not feeling too good. I cannot even explain how I feel right now”. She said, groaning in pain.

Dapo’s Mother: “o ya, let me help you up. Sit upright”. She pulled her up gently, supporting her head with a pillow against the wall on the bed. “pele. What medicine have you taken now?”

Ranti: ‘I took paracetamol this morning”.

Dapo’s Mother: “hmm, this is serious. Let us go to the clinic, or should I call nurse for you?”

Ranti: “I want agbo, when I take herbs I will be fine”

Dapo’s Mother: ‘since you know what to take, why did you send for me?” she asked her, looking at her disdainfully.

Ranti: “I only need someone to help me get the herbs and the roots. That is why I asked my daughter to call you for me”.

Dapo’s Mother: “okay, what herb do you want me to get for you?”

Ranti called the name of the herb for her and she left to get her as she had described.

“Okay, I will be back soon”. Dapo’s Mother left her in the room to go help her with the herbal medicine.


Khadijah’s friend, Abeni an old school mate of hers came to visit her in her house.

Khadijah: “hmmm, ore mi, na wa o. you just forget about me like that. Is it good?

Abeni: “see ma bi nu. I have been busy lately. You know I have been going on business trips”.

Khadijah: “hmmm, I hear, Ajala travel all over the world”. She teased her friend.

Abeni: “see who is talking. Who travel pass? Is it not you?”

Khadijah: “hmmm, but all the same you don’t stay at home all the time”.

Abeni: “how is your husband?”

Khadijah: “he is fine. He has gone to work, but he should be back soon”. She replied swivelling to check time on the wall clock.

Abeni: “okay”. She said, nodding.

Khadijah: “that is even by the way, guess who I saw?”

Abeni: “who?” she asked looking so enthusiastic.

Khadijah: “hmmm, ore mi. there is big problem”. She said, looking down and shaking her head sideways.

Abeni: “what is the problem?” She asked, looking so worried and confused. “Talk nah, and don’t keep me at suspense. You know I don’t like suspense?”

Khadijah: “hmmm”. She heaved a sigh of relief. “I saw Ponmile!”

Abeni: “agh!” She exclaimed. Khadijah’s husband opened the door, leaning his hand on the top part of the door. “agh, Brother Abbas, you are welcome sir”. She greeted bowing courteously.

Abbas: “good evening!” He replied casually, nodding his head. And he entered the room, ignoring his wife. Khadijah, followed him to the room. She turned back, signalling to her friend to keep mute by putting one finger across her lips.

Question: “What could have made Abeni exclaim at the mention of Ponmile’s name? And what problem was Khadijah talking about?

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  1. May-be ponmile knew who Kadijat was back then in school. I don’t think that he dated Kadijat. But may-be Ponmile knew Kadijat Ugly past and the way she must have been engaged in abortion. BUT I DON’T THINK THEY HAD ANY RELATIONSHIP….


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