(Episode 8) Ghost Of The Past: Tale Of Love And Betrayal!

The music was blaring from the loud speakers in the disc jockey’s stand in one corner of the club with the whole room submerged in a cloud of smoke. Girls dressed in almost naked dresses, flaunting their boobs and backsides at whoever cares to have a taste of their well waxed shiny dark skinned. Ponmile teased his friend as a lady winked at him, blowing him kisses from a distance.

Ponmile: “hmm, paddy e, she’s greeting you”. He teased his friend who was being eyed by a lady sitting opposite them in the club.

Abbas: “who?” he asked, looking fixedly at the device in his hands.

Ponmile: “hmmm, that chic there now”

Abbas: “You are out of your mind”. He replied jokingly. “la ti bo sibo (from where to where)? From where do I know her?” he asked, grinning.

Ponmile: “do you have to know someone before you..? “

Abbas: “never mind, thanks for the offer. You have not changed?” He said, cutting him short.

Ponmile: “you can’t be eating just one particular class of nutrient all the time, you will be malnourished. You need mixture to have a balanced diet, bro” he teased him, patting his back.

Abbas: “aghn!” He exclaimed in awe of what his friend had said.

Ponmile: “kini (what)? What is bad if you do that, after all your wife is not here to see what you are doing. Or you want to go home and tell her what you did?” He asked, straining his eyes as his pupil dilated in the dim room.

Abbas: “See Alaye, I love my wife and will never do anything to hurt her. She is not here and can’t see me, but, that does not mean I should cheat on her. I love her so dearly”. He stated firmly.

Ponmile: “ hmmmm, wow!” He said, clapping his palms. “I can’t believe there are still faithful people out there in this age. Hmm, okay, let me leave you, so, you will not see me as a bad guy” He said.

Abbas: “don’t’ misunderstand me o. I am not saying you are a bad guy o. I only said I am not interested in all this. I have only come here because you insisted and besides to relax”.

Ponmile: “okay, that is by the way. How about your wife?”

Abbas: “yes, she is fine. How about her?” he asked rhetorically.

Ponmile: “sorry, I am just wondering and don’t see it as an offence. Do you have kids? Because, the last time I visited your house, I don’t think I saw any kid there?” He asked.

Abbas: “hmmmm” he heaved a sigh of relief, looking face down.

Ponmle: “what happened?” He asked, lifting his friend’s head up.

Abbas: “you have just asked a very big question. My wife and I have been married for almost ten years now without issue”.

Ponmile: “eh yah, sorry. Bro. But have you people done any medical tests or the necessary things you ought to do?”

Abbas: “Hmm, you should trust me now. We have both gone for different medical check-ups and nothing is wrong with either of us. We are both okay”. He replied, as he moved his fingers round the brim of the wine glass on the table.

Ponmile: “hmmmm. It is well. And what are you people doing now?”

Abbas: “hmmmm, my wife has resorted to traditional treatment. she goes to one woman, who gives her herbs to take. You know, we are hoping for the best.

Ponmile: “for how long has she been doing that now?” He asked with keen interest.

Abbas: “for almost two years now”

Ponmile: “has there been any improvement?”

Abbas: “hmm, if there has been, you will not be asking me all this now”.

Ponmile: “hahahah!” He chuckled, patting his friend at the back. “See guy, stop fooling yourself. Even if someone is fooling you, you should not fool yourself now. Shine your eyes”. He said, straining his eyes in demonstration of what he said.

Abbas: “what are you saying now? What is that supposed to mean?” he asked, looking at him irritatingly.

Ponmile: “don’t worry, your eyes will soon open. But, before then, let me help you remove the veil they have used to blind your eyes. Unwind! Enjoy yourself. Feel good.

Abbas: “is this one okay?” He stared at his friend thinking he was talking under alcohol effect.

Ponmile: “see, I am not drunk I know what I am doing. Can’t you see, your wife has been unfruitful for almost ten years now since you got married to her? You have tried both orthodox and traditional, yet no improvement and you are expecting a miracle or holy pregnancy abi. See, that woman..”

Abbas:  “eh, hold it! Enough! I won’t sit here and listen to you scatter my home or insult my wife”. He cut him short, fuming at him.

Ponmile: “agh, it has not got to that nah. I am only being nice and fair to you. You know age is no longer on your side”. He said apologetically.

Abbas: “hold your pity to yourself. Did I ask for your pity? If you have nothing good to offer, just leave me alone.

Ponmile: “okay, I am sorry!” He apologised.

Abas: “never mind. Let us forget it”. He said, feeling irritated.

Ponmile: “okay e ma binu o. I was only being helpful o. that is by the way, there’s something I want to tell you”.

Abbas:  “see, I am not interested in whatever it is you have to say. You already killed the morale. Save me the gist”. He picked his car key and left the club annoyed. Ponmile called him back but, he refused to answer.

“Hmmm, I pity you. Your eyes will soon open. But, I pray it is not too late”. Ponmile soliloquised, as he sipped his liquor.


Dapo’s Mother: ‘how are you feeling now? Pele”

Ranti: “I don’t know o. my body is just paining me. I am having a very serious headache”. She complained, holding her forehead.

Dapo’s Mother: “agh, even after taking your medicine?” She asked, sitting beside her on the bed.

Ranti: “yes, the medicine did not even do anything at all. It just added to my sickness”.

Dapo’s Mother: “hmm, it is like you will go for test o. your body is very hot”. She said, after feeling her temperature which had risen way above normal body temperature.

Ranti: “which test again? Shebi I went to the hospital and they gave me medicine?”

Dapo’s Mother: “hmm, don’t you know that taking medicine on your own is not good. It is part of the lecture the health workers told us last week in my church. So, go and do test so that they will know what to give you again”. She advised.

Ranti: “hmmm, okay. I will go tomorrow.”

Dapo’s Mother: “do it on time o. health is wealth” She advised and left the room.

Shortly, Aremu entered feeling tipsy.

Aremu: “ehn, ehn,”. He cleared his throat shuffling his feet on the floor. “aghn, you are still sleeping at this hour?” he asked, looking at his wrist watch.

Ranti: “please just leave me as I am. You have gone since how many days now, without looking back and coming back home drunk again to ask if I am still sleeping. Just carry your useless self out of this place and let peace reign”. She hissed and turned back to face the wall. As it was customary of Aremu whenever he was drunk, his temper was always hot. So, he was stirred up by the insult of his wife and began to beat her again.

Aremu: “agh, emi. How dare you call me that I will kill you today and your useless family will come and carry you by the time I am done with you. You this bastard”. He pinned her neck down to the bed and covered it up with pillow. Ranti’s voice was stiffened, so no one could hear her cry.


Khadijah and Abeni were discussing at her flat one afternoon few days after their last meeting at Abeni’s jewellery’s shop.

Abeni: “so, what is the next line of action? What do you intend to do?” She asked looking at her friend who was in a state of dilemma.

Khadijah: “see, I am tired of you asking me what I am going to do. I thought you said you would proffer solution the last time we met?” she asked rhetorically, looking so worried.

Abeni: “ye, I said so, but, at the same time I need to hear from you now. Abi am I the one that is facing the problem? This is your cross o. hmmm, I think you should try to talk to Ponle, abi what do you think?”

Khadijah: “hmmm, look at you. Did you hear what you said at all? Talk to him about what?” she eyed her.

Abeni: “about the whole thing now. Explain to him that the baby died and?”

Khadijah: “and what?!” she snapped back at her friend. “hehehe, now I see you want me out of my husband’s house by all means. I should tell him that the baby died abi? Have you forgotten he is my husband’s friend? Abi you have forgotten?” she asked, looking startled. “And my home should scatter? Now I can see you are just a wolf in sheep’s clothing. You want me out of my matrimonial home. I know your plans, you want me to be like you. You this devil!” She fumed at her waving her fingers at her indicating disgust.

Abeni: “ehn, so I am now a devil all of a sudden abi? See, you cannot keep this till the end, the truth shall be known one day. Tell your husband the truth and stop wasting the innocent man’s time. Does he even know you don’t have a womb?” Khadijah fumed out of her friend’s shop, after the little altercation, without uttering a word.

Question: Bombshell! Khadi doesn’t have a womb, do you think she will own up to her husband? And what about the baby she had? And who would save Ranti from her furious husband?”

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  1. In every nonsense, there is still a sence. that Abbas should’ve listened to the garbage his friend tried to spit. well, lets get going

  2. Ranti wouldn’t survive that beating.Khadi is a wicked woman ..she knows her condition yet she is deceiving the poor man.

  3. Ranti should safe herself while did she come back to such a useless man.I pray she survive sha..
    Aremu should at least listen to his friend no matter what.
    Khadi Hummmmmmmm!!! You get liver o..no womb.ehhegh.O ga o..you wicked sha,just wasting the innocent man time..betrayal & Love..

  4. Khadi won’t tell her husband n in their discussion, d baby is dead. Only fatal can save her mum if d drunkard of a husband hasn’t kills her yet.

  5. Ranti should learn how to speak respectfully to her husband. by now she supposed to know the kind of husband she have. instead of using abusive speech “useless man”and other rotten words to someone she knew to be temperament. she can save herself by being water to cool her husband hot temper. even though aremu being an idiot for who he is to have scolded her of still been on bed by that time of the day, she she needs to say” oh you are back my husband, you are welcome, how is your day.”?and so on.

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