(Episode 15) Ghost Of The Past: Tale Of Love And Betrayal!

The morning was bright and the weather was a bit friendly, it had rained the previous day, this geared Ponmile to go out on a work, though, it was part of his Saturday’s routine. Ponmile’s mind was troubled as he headed to the stadium on Liberty road. It was weekend, so, he had woken up earlier than usual for his early morning walk, when he felt a sudden unease within him. However, he managed to go out after few minutes of hesitation.

Ponmile met another friend of his, with whom he works out at the stadium upon his arrival. He shared the thoughts disturbing him with Peter, who advised him on what to do.

Ponmile: “Hey Peteru”, he called his name sarcastically. “How nah? Good morning!”

Peter: “I dey o bros. Good morning. What’s up?” He greeted, stretching forth his hand for a handshake.

Ponmile: “I am fine”. He replied casually.

Peter: “ki lo de? You look dull. Is anything the matter?” He asked after observing a gloomy look on Ponmile’s face, which was unusual of him.

Ponmile: “hmmmm”. He heaved a sigh of relief. “See I am confused right now. There is something bothering my mind. And I have been burdened by the thoughts of it. Totally confused, I don’t know what to do about the issue”. He explained as they both jog round the field.

Peter: “what is the matter about? Do you mind sharing?” he asked with a keen interest.

Ponmile: “it is a very crucial matter. I have a friend, who has a wife, and if I am to count the number of years they couple have been together now, it is almost ten years”.

Peter: “ehn, ehn, what is now the issue?”

Ponmile:”the issue is that; there is no issue. The couple is yet to have a kid of their own”.

Peter: “hnmmmmm”. He hummed showing pity for the couple in question. “There is nothing you can do than pray for them”. He advised. “Don’t brood over that, pray for them. There is nothing God cannot do.” Stop brooding and cheer up, bro” He said, patting him on his back.

Ponmile: “hmmm, you did not even let me land, before you conclude”. He said.

Peter: “what more?” He asked, looking puzzled.

Ponmile: “See, there is more to the wife not being able to have kids, than I have just told you. I used to know the wife while I was in school. We did not go to the same school, though. She was my brother’s girlfriend”.

Peter: “ehn, ehn, is that a new thing?” he said, cutting him short.

Ponmile: “See, guy, let me finish now. This girl got pregnant for my brother”.

Peter: “gbagaun!  Sweet talk, I am listening”. He said, pausing as he walked, listening to him with full attention.

Ponmile: “that is not all. This girl got pregnant. My brother asked her to abort it. But, she kept it, for reasons I don’t know. But, unfortunately, when she put to bed, she lost the baby. This girl was still foolish enough to follow my brother, after the first mess. And she aborted series of pregnancies that I can’t even begin to count now, for my brother and who knows maybe for her multiple sex partners too. And you know, I travelled for my masters and did not come back until recently. I united with my very old and good friend just last month. I went to his house only to see my brother’s ex-girlfriend as his wife. And my friend has been feeling depressed lately about childlessness. He said they have been together for almost ten years now, without issue. And I know what this girl did years back”.

Peter: “hmmm, this is serious o. what do you intend doing now?”

Ponmile: “it is not over yet. This girl called me last week, that I should please not tell her husband, my own friend about her past, bla, bla, bla, she sha blabbed”. He explained, mimicking a feminine voice.

Peter: “hmmm, so what do you intend doing now?”

Ponmile: “that is the issue I have now. I am seriously confused right now. And this my friend is a very nice guy. He is the first Muslim I will see that is faithful and committed to one woman. He does not carry women, and this is how this daughter of Jezebel he calls wife will fool him, till he grows old, and dies without any child. I have been trying to tell my friend in different ways, but his ears have been blocked. He would not listen to whatever it is I want to tell him. This my guy is too good to carry that kind of woman as wife. She was so wayward even when dating my brother, I can’t remember the number of old men I caught her with. She had so many partners, which my brother did not know about. I could have just forgotten about it, and leave my friend to bear his cross. But, this stupid girl was so wicked to me and my sister. She would never allow us to get anything from our brother then. She was so wicked, even as a girlfriend” He explained, feeling bitter.

Peter: “See guy, tell her husband. I don’t support evil. And this is the peak of evil. Deceit! Anything that comes out of it, clear you own mind. Know that you have done your part by saving your own friend. But if he refuses to listen, your hands are clean”. He advised. “But, but, apply wisdom o” He said calmly, holding his own ear.

Ponmile: “hmmm, okay, I will know how to go about it”. He replied, and they both continued their walk.


Later on the evening, the friends met at the favourite club, to spend the night out with themselves. Ponmile was in a rather sober mood. He observed that Abbas was a bit lighted up that night. So, he felt that would be the most appropriate time to tell him what has been on his mind for a while. He called him to a much serener corner in the club, to avoid music noise intrusion in their discussion.

Ponmile: “ehn,,ehn”. He coughed, covering his mouth with his fist. “I called you for a very serious matter that has been bothering me for some time now”. He said, stretching his neck to check if someone was coming in their direction.

Abbas: “what is that?”  He asked, folding his arms under his chest and spreading his legs apart.

Ponmile: “See, you are my fried, and it will not be good if I see what will hurt you and I won’t tell you. But, I want you to promise me, that you will take what I am about to tell you, lightly and apply the necessary wisdom in dealing with the issue. Because, I know you are no longer a kid. We are ll adults”. He said, looking at his face.

Abbas: “okay, you have my words”. He replied assuredly.

Ponmile: “good. It is about your wife, Khadi. See, I don’t mean to scatter your home. I used to know your wife back then in school. You know you and I went to the same school but, not with your wife anyway. I don’t know if you remember the girl I used to tell you about that my brother was dating back then?” he said, snapping his fingers to indicate a long time ago.

Abbas: “yes”. He replied, nodding his head, and already feeling suspicious.

Ponmile: “good! Khadijah is the girl”. He said, looking face down.

Abbas became numb for few seconds. He opened his mouth in awe of what his friend had just told him. His legs became heavy and glued to the ground. He did not know whether to walk, sit, squat or stand. He got cold all over him in a misty night. His heartbeat became so pronounced. Sweats ran through his spine.

Question: “Finally! It is about to go down. Do you think Ponmile did a good thing by telling his friend? And what do you think Abbas will do to his wife?

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  1. This episode is too short jare. I think he was wrong to my own opinion irrespective of how he feel towards him. Somethings are better kept secret than exposed. After all, that was her past even though it is what s behind her predicament. He was absolutely wrong to have let d cat out of d cage

  2. Hummmmmmmm!!!It is a delicate matter..though one day the truth will surface but it is Kahdijat fault she should have open up to her husband long time ago especially when she discover that his attitude has changed..

  3. Is a good thing Pomile told he friend wot d secret his and I hope Abbas apply wisdom in handling it by watching her wife maybe she will speak up. He shouldn’t make her aware he knows her past already.

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