Biafra: Nigerian army is crossing the red line – Turkish Diplomat

Turkish Diplomat, Abdulkadir Erkahraman, has reacted to report of the Nigerian army invading the IPOB’s leader, Nnamdi Kanu’s home in Umuahia, a report which the Nigerian army has long denied.

Abdulkadir who visited Nnamdi Kanu few months ago wrote on Facebook;

‘Nigerian army is crossing the red line. We already sended life video to Turkish Goverment TV TRT,CNN and local Tv Cannels and international media.They cant stop Biafra Nation with this kind of dirty games.Time to be together Biafra Nation. The Nigerian government wants to PUSH Biafrans to arm struggle’.’



    • No he mustn’t be ignored but be expelled and Nigeria should severe relationship with his country, that’ll send a strong signal to whichever country wants to meddle in our internal affairs, who is he to dictate what & what not to do to our govt? I think Nigeria is taking a lot of shits from some undesirable elements on this biafra issue. We know the battle his country had been fighting & still fighting with the separatist Kudish (PKK) & we know how Turkish fighter jets bombard them from time to time since the 80s. Abdallah Okanla who’s the PKK is still in the custudy since he was captured in Kenya & extradited in the year 1999. Therefore a country with such track record like his does not have any moral right to criticize Nigeria on whatever ways the government deem it fit to unify the country.

  1. Diplomatic immunity or not, this idiot needs to shut up and stop poking his nose into what does not concern him or his country. Imgine Turkey of all places trying to cause more confusion. I beg, send this idiot packing.

  2. That’s why guns discovered at the port are from consignment from turkey. He should be arrested(if he is in 9ja) and questioned

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