(Episode 20) Ghost Of The Past: Tale Of Love And Betrayal!

Abeni went to visit Abbas in order to plead with him on Khadijah’s behalf. They met at a fast food restaurant to have the discussion in the late afternoon.

Abeni: “good day. First and foremost, I want to say thank you for honouring my call. I am very grateful for that”. She said, bowing her head.

Abbas: “it is my pleasure”

Abeni: “okay, thanks. Without wasting much of our time, I believe we both are busy people. Let me go straight to the point. I called you because of my friend, Khadijah”

Abbas: “hmmm, okay”. He shook his head, smiling at what he had just heard.

Abeni: “she told me what happened and, I believe if you had been patient enough, you would have heard her own part of the story. Not that you will rely on hearsays and maybe second-guessing.

Abbas: “hmmm, hearsays and second guessing”. He repeated what Abeni had said, grinning and looking fixedly at the bottle of Maltina beverage drink on the table before him.

Abeni: “I am sure all these are the works of the enemies that don’t want you people together, but God is greater than all of them, and you should not allow any third party into your family, so that they will not turn what is sweet to sour”.

Abbas: “see I respect you a lot, Abeni, that is why I honoured your invitation, otherwise, I don’t have time for all these wishy-washy talk. You yourself know. But my question is: if she was lied on to have had a kid before, will Khadi herself lie on herself by keeping a document to herself without letting me know? if not that she has what she is hiding, why will she keep the fact that she does not have a womb away from me?” He spoke firmly. And Abeni’s mouth was wide open, she covered her mouth with her palms. She became speechless.

Abbas: “talk now, after all you are her closest friend, abi she did not tell you?” He asked, straining his eyes. “See I have an important assignment to carry out, when you are done you can leave”. He picked his car key and left the place angrily. Abeni looked on as Abbas drove out of the premise. She stood up few minutes afterwards and headed to Bimpe’s house, where Khadijah had been staying since she left her matrimonial home.


Abeni: “hmmm, my friend, all your secrets are in the open o. Your husband now knows you can’t have kids again”. She told her relaxing into the sofa. Bimpe laughed uncontrollably until tear started dropping from her eyes as she heard this.

Khaidjah: “what is it? What is funny in what she has just said now?” She asked, eying Bimpe irritatingly.

BImpe: “Everything. Everything is funny”. She replied, feeling bemused.

Abeni: “see mind yourself o, Bimpe. Is this the right time to do all this now, when we know our friend needs us at this critical time of her life?” she asked, looking at her repulsively.

Bimpe: “see, let me be sincere with you Khadi, you cannot hide your past forever. And at least, take your own time to think about your life. Make decisions on your own, and not someone else making decision for you. Be the manager of your destiny at least for once in your life. And stop allowing someone to take over your life. Try and be the architect of your own destiny. Don’t let others put you into doom” she said, yelling at her, and eyeing Abeni at the same time.

Abeni: “Madam Adviser, you are very good at advising and you never got an appointment with the government.

Bimpe: “aghn, you never hear? See don there, na there you go siddon dey look, when you see me stepping up” she replied, gesticulating with her hands on top of each other to indicate an ascension.

Abeni: “hmmm, like yesterday. See, stop beating about the bush. Face me, and stop speaking in parables. I know I am the one you see as the enemy here”. She said, and Bimpe stood to her feet. The two ensued in a long altercation, yelling at each other.

Khadijah: “enough!” She screamed. “Is this the right time for all this?” She asked rhetorically.


Abeni and Khadijah went back to Ranti on the second attempt of reclaiming the child. However, Ranti refuse bluntly, but Abeni suggested they took a DNA test to know who the true mother of the child was, since she rejected the money offer.

Ranti: “what do you want from me again? I have told you my mind, or is there something else to this? Please let me be, I have my life to think about. I am sick and you can see, so don’t come and add to my problems o”.

Abeni: “see, we are not here to fight you nor argue over this child. There is what we can do about it, we will go to the hospital for test, and from there we will know who the true mother of the girl is”. She explained, looking at her friend, Khadijah.

Khadijah: “yes, Ranti. My friend has said it all. We will do test and if the girl is your own, no problem we will definitely back off and stop disturbing you. Lo ba tan!” She explained, clasping her palms.

Ranti: “hmmmm, this is serious o. but I don’t have money for any test. I am still looking for money for my treatment and now you people have come to add problem to my own out of your selfishness”. She said, sobbing.

Khadijah: “you don’t worry, we will settle the bill that is not an issue”. She assured her.

Ranti: “okay, I will think about it”.

Abeni: “haba! What are you thinking about again?”

Ranti: “aghn, aghn, I can’t take the decision on my own now. After all I am not the only parent, she has father”. The two friends looked at each other and nodded, passing a non-verbal communication to each other.

Abeni: “see, Ranti, there is no need for all this. You don’t have to involve too many people in this matter”.

Ranti: “abeg, no dey tell me rubbish” what are you saying sef? Ehhe, see me see trouble o. it seems you people are up to something. See before I open my eyes and if you don’t want me to alert the whole neighbourhood that you are kidnappers, leave this place now, otherwise you will not leave here alive”. She fumed at them and the two ladies left.

Ranti’s mother came out from the room to talk to her daughter concerning the matter.

Ranti’s Mother: “hmmm, see I hear all what those people say o. you better allow them to give you money for the girl, after all the useless man, who claim to be the father no look your side since all these days, not to talk of taking care of the children you born for him. You have been in the house since, no money to go hospital, and the way I see those ladies, they are rich, if you give them what they want, you will just be enjoying and take care of yourself”.

Ranti: “Maami!” she exclaimed, looking at her mother with bewilderment as she shook her head vigorously with her mouth wide open in awe of her mother’s advice. She left for the room, as she walked feebly, weeping profusely.


Ponmile called on Abbas at his residence one evening to check on him.

Ponmile: “how far?”

Abbas: “I am fine. You get eyes for this area?” He asked, teasing him if he had a put in his area.

Ponmile: “yes now”

Abbas: “wow! Who is the babe, tell me?” he asked eagerly, opening his eyes widely.

Ponmile: “you of course” he replied smiling.

Abbas: “something dey worry you for brain”.

Ponmile: “abi nah, no be you I come see so? You are the one I know and have in this area now”. He chuckled.

Abbas: “so, how far? What brought you to my home?” He asked as he stretched forth his hand to pick the television remote control on the table at the centre of the room.

Ponmile: “wait a minute, how far your wife now? Have you heard anything from her?”

Abbas: “see, don’t remind me of that viper again abeg. She is now a past I don’t want to be associated with. I am still trying to erase her off my mind”. He replied, feeling disinterested.

Ponmile: “I know. I am just asking. There is something I noticed lately. You know me, I am everywhere, always up and doing. So I was at Moniya few weeks ago, and I saw her and this her jobless friend that will still push her till she enter trouble she will never get out of, Abeni”.

Abbas: “ehn, ehn, what about that? How is it my business?”

Ponmile: “I made my own investigations about their movements and heard that she went to the midwife where she had her first child to tell her who the old woman gave her child to”.

Abbas: “wait, wait, I don’t understand. I thought you said, the baby died?”

Ponmile: “so, I heard too, until I heard the full gist that she actually ran away from the woman and abandoned the baby”.

Abbas: “God, Subhannalahi! What kind of woman did I marry? Khadijah is a viper.  Agh! So, I have been living with devil all these years? What kind of woman does that?” He asked, feeling amazed and shaking his head sideways.

Ponmile: “when I told you back then in school that, my brother’s girlfriend was a devil, shebi you used to say, maybe we were the ones who did not understand her or like her? I hope you understand her now?”

Abbas: “see, don’t remind me of what I am still struggling to forget”. He said, relaxing into the sofa.

Ponmile: “hmmm, that girl, I fear am pass devil himself”.

Question: “Would it be advisable for Ranti to “sell off” her daughter to cater for her medical bill? And did Ranti’s Mother   mean well to have advised her daughter to do such?


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  1. It is not advisable.. But with the look of things Ranti is not Fatou’s mother judging from what her mother said..adelove bail me out of suspense upload episode 21.now.thank you.

  2. That question is difficult to answer. If only Ranti can locate the real father of that child, I suggest she give her to him that those two hungry lioness.

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