(Episode 21) Ghost Of The Past: Tale Of Love And Betrayal!

Few weeks after Khadijah and her friend had met with Ranti, the latter agreed to allow her daughter go for a DNA test with the ladies.

Ranti: “I sent for you because of the DNA test you said you want to do for my daughter. I have talked with my mother and she said I should allow you to do it, since I have not seen my husband since that time and time is going.

Khadijah: “hmmmm, okay, no wahala anytime your daughter is available we will go and do it, and it will not take time before the result will come out and all this our doubts will be clarified”. She said, smiling.

Ranti: “okay, she is not here with me today. I will tell my mother to tell her to come to the hospital tomorrow.”

Khadijah: “okay, that means I will come here tomorrow to come and take her with me, so that all of us including you, can follow us to the hospital for the test.

Khadijah left for her friend’s house, where Abeni had been waiting for her since.

Abeni: “Bimpe, where did Khadi tell you she’s going to?” She asked Bimpe after she had waited for almost two hours expecting Khadijah to have been back from where she went to.

Bimpe: “see, she just told me she’s going out, that she wanted to see one woman somewhere. I don’t know anything about her whereabouts, shebi na you she dey tell her movements pass, and besides, she is an adult. She cannot get missing. Call her number now, after all you have her contacts, or is it not going through?” She replied, wearing a-please-let-me-be kind of look.

Abeni: “I have dialled it several times, it is not going through and we have something important to discuss”. She replied, pressing her phone.

Just as she redialled Khadijah’s number again, she arrived into the compound, in her car.

Abeni: “it is even good, she is the one coming in now”. She said, peeping through the window.

Khadijah: “good afternoon!” She greeted, as she sank into the sofa beside her bosom friend. “Oh, I feel so exhausted. I am so tired right now”.

Abeni: “haba, what happened to your phone, I have been calling your number since” She said, snapping her fingers.

Khadijah: “hmmmm”. She heaved a sigh. “I have been busy, and I did not see any of your call, maybe network failure. So, what’s up? How far?”

Abeni: “you are asking me how far, or I should be asking you how far”.

Khadijah: “yes, I went to see the woman today”.

Abeni: “what woman?” She asked feeling eager as she sat on the edge of the seat.

“Ranti of course! Fatou’s mother” Khadijah replied.

Abeni: “how far about her? Has she changed her mind?” She asked eagerly.

Khadijah: “yes, of course”.

Abeni: “hmmm, that is my friend. Give me high five” she raised her palm up. “Okay, now that she has agreed to do the test, let us be move to the next plan so as to fast track our plans”. She said, feeling elated as Bimpe, clapped her hands and hissing at the two of them.

Khadijah: “madam, what is it again? Why the hiss and the contemptuous look?” she asked her friend who felt so disgusted by their plans.

Bimpe: ‘see, ehn all these things you people are doing, It will not help you at all. It will only put you into trouble. If you want a child, there are hundreds wandering the streets of Ibadan, thousands are in the orphanages, go there pick as many as you want, do the necessary things you need to do and adopt as many as you want. Chikena! Other than all these illegal ways of getting what is not your own”.

Abeni: “I knew it. I knew you would always have something to say to this. Madam Chief adviser, where have all your advices landed you? Here in a two- bedroom flat, living a solitary life, husband, you no get, boyfriend, mbannu, child nko? Error. Yet you are there advising someone who has so many edges over you”.

Bimpe: “ehn, hold it! I won’t take that from you in my house, you can’t come to my house and be insulting me. Which one do you have? All the small small boys, that are old enough to be your sons that are drilling you nko, am I not better than you yourself? Pot calling kettle black”.

Abeni: “hahaah, thank you. At least I am not ashamed of it. You know what, they oil the place for me regularly and I feel good about it, but your own, it has rusted. Nothing to grease it for you. See I don’t blame you, it is Khadi that brought me here. You kuku know I don’t like coming to your house before”. Both of them yelled at each other and spat into their faces while Khadijah looked on as they displayed.

Khadijah: “you guys are tired?” She asked rhetorically, few minutes afterwards. “Why not continue? I am really enjoying the free drama I am watching. See, I am just tired of the two of you. What is the problem sef? Since our school days, you have always been picking on each other, you are old now, and still doing the same, tell me when will you guys ever change?” she asked, feeling so irritated at the two old ladies.

Abeni: ‘see, it is Bimpe, you should ask, she just likes picking on me. I don’t know what I have done to her.

Khadijah: “see whatever you like, you do to each other. I have something more important to do. See Abeni, as I was saying before you people started your madness, I have appointed tomorrow with her, that the three of us will go to the hospital for the test.

Abeni: ‘okay, good. Better, I would have loved to follow you, but for some business deals I have to sort out. But anyhow it goes, hint me”.

Khadijah: “I will go by myself. I want to start doing things on my own”. She said teasingly, looking at Bimpe with the corner of her eyes.

Abeni: “oh, that is even true. You are an adult, do things on your own”. She said sarcastically, as the two burst into laughter.


Two days later, the test was conducted. However, the result was not out until a couple of weeks after. Ranti had to recheck to the hospital after getting the test result. Khadijah and Ranti went to see the doctor in his office to get the result of the DNA test. The nurse summoned them into the doctor’s consultancy room.

Nurse: “hello, madam, you can now go in to see the doctor”.

Khadijah: “okay, thank you. Let’s go in”. She thanked the nurse and looked back to tell Ranti to go into the office.

Khadijah: “good afternoon Doctor. It is quite an age”. She greeted the doctor, smiling at him.

Doctor: “good afternoon madam. You are welcome. Have you seat”. He said, pointing to the seat before him across the table.

Khadijah: “thank you”.

Doctor: “good afternoon madam Ranti”.

Ranti: “good afternoon doctor”. She replied, looking sober.

Doctor: “okay, without wasting much of our time, just as I told you, I gave you appointment of today before. So, the result is out”. The atmosphere in the room became so calm, Ranti’s heart beat faster than normal, and chills overwhelmed Khadijah’s body. They both sat on the edge of the seat looking fixedly at the doctor as he brought out a file from the neatly arranged sheets in a rack on the table.

Khadijah: “how was it doctor?” she asked eagerly.

Doctor: “don’t worry, madam. Let me address it.” He replied, smiling.

Khadijah: “okay sir. I am just eager to know”.

Doctor: “okay, from the result in my hand, the biological mother of the girl is you”. He pointed at Khadijah, looking fixedly at the paper in his hands. Ranti however, became dumbfounded, she felt some chills on her arms and wondering if she was on earth or some other planet. She squinted several time, whining her ears to be sure she was not dreaming or she heard what the doctor said clearly. The whole scenario seemed like a mirage to her. Her mouth was wide opened, while Khadijah’s face beamed with a bright smile, revealing her shiny dentition.

Ranti looked at Khadijah, as she shook the doctor, and her face overwhelmed with bright smile, brighter than the morning star. She felt some loatheness inside of her as she walked out of the doctor’s office.

Question: Will Ranti accept fate just like that, without retreating?

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  1. Khadijat is evil,from the look of things she has bribe the doctor because it seems she knew the man..but adelove is this how people just go about &claim a Child?.just like that even if she gave birth to her over 16yrs ago.I don’t agreed with your submission.. If Ranti should agreed just like that then she is dense…
    Abeni&Khadijat will surely regrets their attitude no matter what but Fatou will never agreed to their useless bid.just wake up one morning & claim a child of 16yrs..Nonsense.

  2. I don’t think the result is manipulated because looking at it what makes Fatou and Khadija to look alike if not her daughter I just wish they help Ranti to gain her health back so that she can know what happened to her own baby because looking at her now she is too weak to retaliate, no money to retaliate and there is evidence to show that Fatou is her daughter

  3. Hmmm, khadi wit her cunny ways again. Seems d doctor is d same one she used wen she nd abass went fr check up during dia tym lookin fr solution to childlessness. Let’s wait and see wat apens nxt

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