(Episode 22) Ghost Of The Past: Tale Of Love And Betrayal!

Abeni and Khadijah were in a state of euphoria when Bimpe entered the room. She turned on a spot looking around as she wondered what was responsible for her friend’s light mood.

Abeni: “hmmm, ore mi. I am so happy for you. Finally, your own is not in vain”. She said as they clinked their glasses. And Bimpe entered.

Khadijah: “I am so glad that you are my friend. You have always been a source of joy, breakthrough to me. You are one in a million, one of a kind. To the latest victory of having a child to call my own”. She said raising her wine glass up, while Bimpe entered the room.

Abeni: “you know I got your back always, all the time. mo wa l’eyin bi ike (I am solidly behind and in support of whatever you do)”. She replied smiling.

Khaijah: “thank you so much, my sweetheart”. She hugged her.

Abeni: “hmmm, won tun de o (here she comes). Madam Chief Adviser”. She said, wearing a funny look as Bimpe entered the room.

Bimpe: ‘na you get your mouth, you are free to spout whatever you like with it”. She said, twisting her mouth. “So, what is the reason behind this merriment” she asked, looking surprised.

Khadijah: “as you all know, I got the DNA test today, and it is confirmed that I am the real mother of the girl”. She replied, moving in a spot, and rolling her eyes.

Bimpe: “hmmmm, na wa o. that doctor must have made a big mistake”. She said quietly.

Abeni: “hey! Stop it there. Why is it that you never support anything good that comes from me or Khadi?”She snapped back at her.

Bimpe: “you called this good? Tell me what is good about what you people are doing? You, Khadi somebody wake up one day telling you they saw a girl that looks so much like you, therefore, the child is the baby you abandoned years ago, when waywardness was your means of livelihood. See, all these things you people are doing ehn, it is in my house I will seat, when police will bundle you to their cell and you will spend the rest of your days in jail. You people want to cheat an innocent woman, just because she has no money and no one to defend her. Wait sef, who does what you people are doing in this age?’ You people marvel me. agh! This is the height of wickedness”. She exclaimed.

Khadijah: “Bimpe, watch your tongue. Am I the doctor that conducted the test? Or am I the God that made our blood match?” she asked, pointing her index finger at her.

Abeni: “shift back, let me face her. na pepper body dey worry her”. She drew Khadijah back to tongue lash her friend. “Madam Chief Adviser, activist for human rights, international advocate for women affairs. You don add another tittle join the ones you get, and you are still here moving in circle? See, if you have nothing good to say or offer, just keep your mouth shut. You have never been a party of anything good since I have known you. Always tackling whatever we do or say. Are you a protagonist or what? I don’t understand you anymore”.

Bimpe: ‘see, I have no time for your drama today, because I know you are ready for another round of quarrel this afternoon, but you  know what; mi o sin ni le fun iranu (I am not in for any irrational talks). Get that into your skull”. She said, pointing to her own head with her index finger and speaking through clenched teeth. She left the sitting room angrily.

Abeni: “see, this devil has just spoiled my day. I am going to my house. I don’t even know why I keep coming here”. She grumbled, as she lifted her purse up from the floor and stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind her.


Ranti was lost in thought as she laid in bed gazing at the ceiling.

I am not convinced with the result of the test. But wait, how can someone just come from nowhere and tell me the child I carried in my womb for nine months is no longer mine all of a sudden? Am I under a spell or what? Or is this a new strategy of kidnapping peoples’ children? This is becoming serious. Yah Allah, I look up to you, save me from this mess I am into”. She prayed quietly, looking round the ward.

Ranti’s Mother: “what is it? You better be strong for yourself. Just put your mind on how you will get well”. The mother said, after sensing that she had been brooding.

Ranti: “don’t tell me to be strong. You started it all. You asked me to allow them do the test so that I can get money for my treatment. And now they are here telling me that the child I carried for nine months in my womb is no longer my own, all of a sudden. How sure am I self that they did not plan with the doctor to lie in the test? I will rather die, than sell my child to pay hospital bill, because this one is as good as selling one’s own child” She lamented, weeping as she nagged at her mother, who tried to shut her up to avoid attention from other patients in the ward.

Ranti’s Mother: “see, keep quiet, don’t you know people are around? What if? “

Ranti: “what if what? I don’t care if they hear us, ahan, ahn, Maami, you too should think about it now. I see you are doing his because you don’t like my husband and don’t want to lose me. But, you don’t care if I lose my own child. This is not good o, maami”. She wept.

As she was weeping, a group of non-governmental charity organisation for cancer awareness entered the room, being taken around by the nurse to see the patients in the female oncology ward. One of the members looked in Ranti’s direction and walked up to her.

Lady: “hello madam. Stop weeping. It is going to be well”. The young lady in her mid-thirties, consoled her, touching Ranti’s shoulder as she sobbed.

Ranti: “hmmm, thank you ma”.

Lady:  I am Wendy, I belong to a group of women creating awareness on cancers across Africa, especially cervical cancer. We are here to reach out to patients suffering from this terminal illness. So, don’t worry, the good lord shall heal you and all your needs shall be met. Whatever the problem is, consider it solved by God through us. We cater for patients like you, providing them with drugs, food, therapies and other necessary things they need. All we need from you is a bright smile. Just put on a smile and never allow the disease which God has made you have dominion over weigh you down. Look through the window, tell me, what do you see?’ She asked, pointing in the direction of the window.

Ranti: “I see cloud”

Wendy: “And what again?” She asked further, smiling.

Ranti: “I see sun”. She replied reluctantly.

Wendy: “perfect. That is it. The sun is bright, that symbolises hope, you are seeing another day on earth, there is still hope my sister. Let your sun shine, let your light shine”. She said, smiling and gesticulating as she advised Ranti”

Ranti: “thank you ma!” She thanked her, bowing her head courteously and smiling.

Wendy: “that is it. That is the spirit. Let your smile be contagious and make it the food you eat, the water you drink, and see if you will not be made whole. Let your smile be your healer” She said, winking at her.

Ranti summoned up the courage to explain her ordeal to the lady, perhaps she might help. She called on her and narrated her experience with her husband and Khadijah to Wendy.

Ranti: “see, aunty, I feel cheated, that is why I am telling you all this. Because I don’t have anybody to fight for me” she explained, weeping.

Wendy: “it’s okay madam. Stop weeping” she calmed her, stroking her shoulder.

Ranti: “I have suffered too much. I want justice and my daughter back.

Wendy: “but, are you sure the girl is yours?” she asked looking bewildered.

Ranti: “agn, aghn, will I not know my child again? I carried her in my womb for almost ten months” She replied, touching her lower abdomen.

Wendy: “okay, I will contact some persons on your behalf. But, before then can you get us the lady?”

Ranti: “I don’t know her house, but I know the hospital where we did the test.

Wendy: “okay, good. Perfect! We will start from there”.

Ranti: “agh, thank you so much ma. God will bless you” She prayed feeling so excited as Wendy offered to take her matter up.

Question: It seems there is a headway, what happens afterwards?

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