(Episode 23) Ghost Of The Past: Tale Of Love And Betrayal!

Wendy called some social workers on behalf of Ranti to hint them about the case.

Wendy: “Hello Mr Jacob, this is Wendy Mbossoh from Ultimate Health NGO, West African Chapter.

Mr Jacob: “oh, Ms Wendy, how are you?

Wendy: “I am good, thanks. I called you because of a crucial case.

Mr Jacob: “okay, may I hear you out.

Wendy: “fine, there is one lady I met at the University College Hospital during our outreach to the female oncology ward, here in Ibadan, who had a very important and interesting case I would like you to handle.

Mr Jacob: “okay, what is the case about?” He asked looking so interested in the case at the other end.

Wendy: “She told me some lady came from no where claiming her child is hers.

Mr Jacob: “hold on, it seems puzzled I don’t really understand. Can you please come again?” He asked looking startled.

Wendy: “this patient I met at the hospital said, a woman came from no where and told her that her daughter belongs to her.

Mr Jacob: “hmmm, is that the new strategy by kidnappers?”

Wendy: “the same question I asked myself when she told.

Mr Jacob: “you know what Ms Wendy, can you do me a favour?”

Wendy: “of course! What is that?

Mr Jacob: “can you please come to my office?

Wendy: “okay, perfect. I will be there soon” She replied and hung the call. She entered her car and drove off to the social worker’s office.


Mr Jacob: “welcome Ms Wendy”. He stood up to greet her upon her arrival at his office, stretching his hand to the seat across his table for her to seat on.

Wendy:  thank you, Mr Jacob. How are you doing?”

Mr Jacob: “I am very good, thank you ma!” he replied, smiling. “Okay, can you please give a recap of your story.

Wendy: “as I said, my team and I were on an outreach to women living with cancer in the hospital few days ago. There I met a woman in the female ward, weeping bitterly, I was touched, asked her what happened, you know. I tried to persuade her to be hope that cancer is not the end of life,, but to my amazement she said, she is not weeping because of her health condition. I wondered what could make her so weep in such a condition, so, out of curiousity, I asked her what the problem was and she said; she felt cheated by one rich lady who came from nowhere to claim that her daughter was hers”

Mr Jacob: “this is amazing, how did she manage to do that?

Wendy: “she said, the lady came to her that there must have been a swap or something at the local clinic where they both had their babies the same day, years back, and that the girl is her own, because she looks so much like her.

Mr Jacob: “hmmm, this is interesting” he said, looking at Wendy with the corner of his eye.

Wendy: “that is why I called you, and I assured the woman that every necessary investigation will be done and she will get her daughter back.

Mr Jacob: ‘but, did they not do necessary tests to know the true mother if at all there was a mix up?’

Wendy: “that reminds me, she said, the woman took her to a doctor who conducted a DNA test and said, the daughter belongs to the rich woman”.

Mr Jacob: ‘fine, I am super interested. I will personally take the matter up. Let me call someone”. He said, banging the table as he dialled number on the telephone.

Wendy: ‘okay, thanks sir”.

Two days later, after few interrogations with Ranti, Khadijah was reached on phone for interview as well.

Mr Jacob: ‘hello, please am I speaking with Ms Khadijah?”

Khadijah: “yes you are. So, who am I speaking with?’

Mr Jacob: “oh, this is Mr Jacob form the social work office”.

Khadijah: “okay, how may I help you?” she asked, wondering what he was up to

Mr Jacob: “nothing really serious, we need your assistance regarding an issue

Khadijah: “what issue is that?” She asked in a shaky voice.

Mr Jacob: ‘nothing much, our organisation needs the assistance of well meaning Nigerians like you. We need your financial assistance about a charity organisation”. He lied, to avoid any suspicion.

Khadijah: ‘but, who told you I give to charity and besides, how did you get my number?” She requested looking so puzzled.

Mr Jacob: “we are aware of the good work you have been doing in different orphanages, so we deemed it fit to approach you for help”.

Khadijah: ‘okay, so how can I help?’

Mr Jacob: “we would like you to come to our office at Bodija, next week Wednesday, we are launching a charitable foundation we want you to chair.

Khadijah: ‘okay, no problem, expect me there. What time?”

Mr Jacob: “Nine a.m. in the morning”.

Khadijah: “Okay, I will be there”. She replied, feeling important.

Mr Jacob: “thanks so much for your time, we really appreciate. See you next week”.

Khadijah:  my pleasure” She replied and hung the call.


At Mr Jacob’s office, Ranti, Wendy and a police officer undercover were seated, awaiting Khadijah’s arrival. She was shocked as she sighted Ranti and the officials in the office.

Mr Jacob: ‘welcome madam”. He greeted her, smiling as he offered her a seat on the sofa in the office.

Khadijah: ‘thank you” She replied, looking round the office and feeling awkward and uncomfortable as she sat down gently, touching the seat with her second hand.

Mr Jacob: “hmmmm, Ms Khadijah, how are you doing?’ he asked feeling amused.

Khadijah: “I ammm” she stuttered.

Mr Jacob: “never mind. Do you know this lady seated there?’ He asked pointing at Ranti

Khadijah: “yyyeeees

Mr Jacob: “what was the relationship between the two of you?”

Khadijah: “I met her through a friend of mine who told me she saw a girl that looks so much like me”

Mr Jacob: “what happens afterwards?”

Khadijah: “it is a long story”.

Mr Jacob: ‘you can always rephrase it, you don’t necessarily have to give us the full gist, just tell us the important part”.

Khadijah: “I decided to ask her a few questions about the birth of her daughter, which she told me, and I ..”

Mr Jacob: “and you decide to do a DNA test?”

Khadijah: “yes?”

Mr Jacob: “madam, can you please allow us redo the test?”

Khadijah: “why?

Mr Jacob: “nothing just for clarity.

Khadijah: “what more clarity do you want? The girl looks so much like me, which is evident enough, we conducted a test and the result showed I am the bona fide mother. So what more clarity do you need?” She asked, feeling irritated.

Mr Jacob: “no worries madam. You are safe, we just want to clarify something.

Khadijah: “wait a minute, am I even in my senses at all? You lied to me to come to your office under the pretext of chairing an event, and here I am meeting a totally different issue. I am off”. She stood up angrily in an attempt to leave the office. Then a police officer in mufti blocked her at the door, speaking to her calmly.

Police Officer: “madam, this is not difficult at all. All we need from you is to allow a redo of the test, then you are free that is all”.

Khadijah: “who is this one? Come on get out of my way”. She pushed him away, eyeing him.

Police Officer: “don’t you dare move an inch?” He fumed at her, flanking his identity card to her face. Khadijah’s wings were cleaved, she calmed down and reluctantly agreed to go for the test.


Khadijah and Ranti with her daughter were taken to another hospital for another test. The test was fast tracked and monitored closely to avoid any foul play.

Mr Jacob, Wendy, Ranti and Khadijah were present at the doctor’s office to get the result of the DNA test. Khadijah, however, felt uneasy as she sat with her shoulders held high, frightening as the doctor searched through the tray of files on his desk. The room was subdued to an absolute silence as the doctor bent his head trying to locate the file.

“Yes!” the doctor broke the silence as the he brought out the result fastened to a file with a tag. He read through the test result raising the paper up for a proper scrutiny and handed it over to Mr Jacob.

Doctor: “perfect, here is the result Mr Jacob” he said stretching forth his hand to hand the result over to the social worker.

Mr Jacob: “yes, doctor. Thanks” He replied, reading through as well. “Agh!” He exclaimed and nodded his            head.
Wendy: “what is it Mr Jacob?” she asked, stretching her neck to have a look at the result.

Ranti: “Agh! Ki lo de (what happened?) Tell me”. She asked, looking worried and scared, weeping as she asked.

Question: Who could be the bona fide mother of the girl in question?

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  1. The mid wife needs to be questioned.. Maybe Ranti’s baby die at Child birth so she decided to give khadijat baby to the later unaware..since khadijat & her friend are no where to be found..life..vanity upon vanity all is vanity..

  2. if khadijah is the mother, why was she frightened? n if she wasn’t y wud u just carry some one’s child n claim to b d mother wen there r orphanage homes everywhere to adopt a child?

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