(Episode 15) The Thorn In My Flesh… A Heart Touching Story!

In the sitting room to the surprise of Toke was Gift, kneeling before her lesson teacher and giving him a blow job.

The duo disengaged as soon as they saw her, Gift using the back of her hand to clean the semen that had dripped from the lesson teacher’s manhood into her mouth.

Gift: “What are doing here? I left you in school copying notes” she said charging at her.

Toke: “Gift, teacher Sam. This is just unbelievable!” she managed to say.

Teacher Sam: “ah, it is not what you think. I was teaching biology and the topic is reproduction, we had to do that practical so that she can learn faster, you know she is a slow learner”

Gift: “why are you explaining to her? She is not supposed to return home by this time. I left her in school copying plenty notes”

Teacher Sam made to come close to Toke to plead with her to keep what she had seen between them but Toke stepped back.

Toke: “don’t you dare come close to me. I am disappointed in the both of you. Mama and baba must hear this when they come back” she said and left the sitting room.

Teacher Sam: “yaay! I am in trouble, if she tells your parents, they will stop me from coming to teach you and my image will be tarnished in school. What do we do?”

Gift: “relax, she is just a silly girl whom my parents hate so much. I will capitalize on that to set her up if she ever thinks of talking to them about this” she assured him.

Teacher Sam: “are you sure?”

Gift: “just trust me”

Teacher Sam: “I should be on my way. I think you should go in and plead with her. It is better than taking chances” she said.

Gift: “no, come let us continue with what we were doing, I was enjoying it” she said holding him.

Teacher Sam: “continue what? Certainly not today” he said and hurried out of the sitting room.

Gift walked to where Toke was washing dishes that she and teacher Sam had used to eat and tapped her.

Gift: “if you dare say a word about what happened to my parents, I will make sure I set you up in this house, that is if I don’t poison your food. You have been warned”

Toke: “you will be doing me a great favour if you poison my food. At least I will go to meet my mother and leave this wicked world behind” she replied.

Gift: “you didn’t not see anything today. Better get that into your coconut head” she insulted.

Toke: “I saw many things. In fact, I saw more than enough and you know what?  This time around I have to speak up because I have been keeping quiet and I know that God will not be happy with me if I continue to shield sinners.

Several times I have seen you with that school tout and bully called Francis but you denied and said he is just your friend. Many times, I will return home from hawking and meet him here eating and touching you, when he is leaving, you will steal money and foodstuff from your parents and give to him. Now, it is teacher Sam, a man your parents pay to teach you. You are older than me and as such I expect that you should be wiser. What if you get pregnant? How can you be sucking a man’s manhood, what if you contact diseases from him?”

Gift: “how is it your business? Why don’t you face what your mates do and leave big girls like me to do what we want? Is it your mouth that I was using to suck him? No tell me, is it your money and your foodstuff that I have been giving away?” she fired.

Toke: “it is not mine but at the end of it all, I get to suffer for it. I cannot remember how many times I have been accused of stealing your parents money which you and I know that you took. I cannot also remember the number of times your mother has accused me of getting up to cook and eat while you all are asleep in the night because of the way foodstuff and ingredients keep disappearing from the kitchen. I have been beaten, punished, starved and stripped naked all because of you but this time around, I will talk because I am tired of taking panadol for another person’s headache” she reaffirmed.

Gift: “if you are tired, go to your house now. Why are you still here? Did we invite you to come and live with us? Just go away and let me have my freedom”

Toke: “I would have gladly done so if I had a choice, trust me”

Gift pushed her and when she saw her crashing into the water she was using to wash plates, she left the kitchen.


“Yes, what is it? You said you wanted to tell us something” baba Gift said to Toke who had suddenly lost her voice.

Mama Gift: “have you gone deaf? You told us while we were having dinner that you wanted to tell us something and now you cannot talk anymore?”

Toke: “I…I saw…” she started to say but Gift barged into the room.

Baba Gift:”are you okay? Why did you come in as if someone is chasing you?”

Gift: “baba, mama, if I tell you what I saw today ehn, hmmn” she said and paused to study her parents reaction.

“What did you see” the couple asked simultaneously.

Gift: “after we closed from school, Toke told me that she wanted to stay behind and copy notes so I left her in her class. On my way, I remembered that I had forgotten one of my books in class so I went back to pick it. That was when I saw Toke and one dull boy touching themselves and kissing. The boy was about removing Toke’s skirt when I came in. I don’t know what he wanted to do with her skirt. When I told her that I will tell you people, she said she will lie and set me up if I dare to talk”

Mama Gift: “ehn, I you. Tokes,is  that why you couldn’t wait to resume school? You want to get pregnant so that people will say I didn’t train you well the way I am training my own daughter” she said and slapped her hard across the face.

Toke: “she is lying, it is not true. I came back here and met her…”

Gift: “shut up, you innocent faced liar. Baba, mama, if you think I am lying, then go to my school tomorrow and ask teacher Sam, he will confirm it”

Baba Gift: “how did teacher Sam get to know what happened?”

Gift: “erm, the thing is, when I saw Toke and the boy kissing, I screamed out of shock and that attracted the attention of teacher Sam who was coming out of the staff room”

Toke: “ah, Gift, fear God. You know you are lying. Was it not you and teacher Sam that I met in this sitting room doing…”

Gift: “doing what? Talk now if you know that you are not lying”

Toke: “doing…I mean you were giving teacher Sam a…” she stammered, because she didn’t know how to describe the abomination that she had seen to her parents.

Mama Gift: “talk now. Oh, you are thinking of the lie to come up with right? Stupid liar, before you allow boys get you pregnant, I will kill you with my hands” she said and descended on the girl.

That night, Toke was beaten to a pulp and denied dinner. While she was lying down on the floor beside Gift’s bed, Gift whispered into her ears.

Gift: “I told you that I will set you up didn’t I? well, you have not seen anything yet. Just wait for it” she said and went back to bed.

Question: Things seem to be getting worse for Toke. What do you advise her to do? If I was in her shoes, I will give that useless Gift the beating of her life and run out of the house…lmao

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  1. Hmm, all Gifts evil deeds will soon come to light, while the innocent Toka will be come a graduate and get married to a better rich and responsible man and gift will suffer for the rest of her life.

  2. dis story is annoying me oh y is Toke so smart wit buks bt dull in dealing wit trivail issues ehn? well i won’t b surprised if gift gets pregnant and dy beat Toke 4 nt teling dm. lolz

  3. I believe she should have just let it go.. Toke knows she’s not loved by the family&so she should have kept her discoveries to herself, afterall it’s gift’s life not hers. Let her rotten. Now she’s in for bundle of troubles from that evil seed called gift. Toke you brought this one on yourself, I pray God helps you&stay away from that he goat called Chief oko

  4. This story is somehow jhawe… Toke’s mum and Toke’s character just seems to be faced with loads of tragedy and they seem to be weak to make their stand… Will Toke keep on living in that house till she is killed? Is it even better she is on d streets? Well, d end of d story will tell

  5. I know these stories are fictitious and so on but abeg, to many extremes here- extreme wickedness, extreme dumbness, extreme naivety,extreme this and that. Mr. Principal, with what he knows should have taken things a step further by working out something to take Toke out of that house. Toke herself should borrow small sense from her book sense to preserve herself. Someone has told you she will set you up and u still think u will win, with all the hatred around? Mba nu. Anyway, make we dey look

  6. sometimes, I begin to feel bored and annoyed, as interesting as the story is, toke will always fail to take chances. for how long will she wise up and speak up for her self. you are already in pain which you can bear at all time, why can’t she speak up and allowing yeye gift to have her way.

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