The Missing Love in your relationship

Have you heard of the man that slapped the woman?

You must be conversant with the woman that sex-starved her man?

These two once professed love to each other but somewhere along the line, the love went missing.

You will deceive yourself to believe that this cannot happen with you. As long as you are human and the person you are with is human, love can go missing in your relationship.

This is why we profess love to God and the Holy Spirit and still hurt him. The human nature is naturally faulty.

Way Out

  1. Renew your mind regularly. Remind yourself what love means to you.

2. Express love daily to your spouse. The more you do, the more you push the faulty human nature out. If you                 constantly fellowship in love with your spouse, you give no room for hatred and any form of bitterness.

The antidote against ‘missing love’ is to never go a day without ‘fellowshipping’ in love (whether with God or your spouse).

If it is your desire to keep the love in your relationship going strong, then, you must make giving and showing love a daily affair in your relationship. Those who are able to do this don’t have business with Missing Love.

Are you loving your spouse enough to keep the love from going missing?

By Mr Legend


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