(Episode 2) Souls Adrift… A Story of Misplaced Priority!

(Episode 2) Souls Adrift... A Story of Misplaced Priority!

She jolted from her reverie and bounded for her son. She snatched him from his grasp and the boy ran frightfully for the house, whimpering.

Morenike: “So this is what you want to be doing with my children right? You are no longer in your right senses. You have gone nuts” she raged as the reality of what he was trying to do struck her hard.

Joseph: “Just leave now!” he barked louder.

Morenike: “I will leave but just know this, if anything happens to my children, I will come for your head. You think you have done your worst? Wait for mine” she said and walked away.

Joseph: “Good riddance. I don’t know if marriage has become a do or die affair. These women will always force themselves to stay on in the house no matter how bad you treat them. Judge me all you want but I had to send her away before I kill her” he soliloquized, looking up to the sky.

He later staggered back inside and found his son crying at a corner of the house.

“What are you crying for? Have you ever seen a man cry before?” he went over to him and made to place his hand on his shoulder but the boy shied away from his touch.

Abiodun: “Where is my mum? Did you send my mum away?” he stared back at his dad defiantly.

Joseph: “Yes I sent her away. Do you disapprove of that? Who do you love more, your mum or me?”

The boy kept quiet.

“Since you cannot answer my question, I will be going back inside now and that reminds me, what are you doing at home by this time?”

Abiodun: “I forgot my assignment book at home so I came back to retrieve it. I took permission from my aunty first”

Joseph: “So you had the guts to forget your assignment book at home just because your school is not far? Don’t worry; I will get you transferred to a farther school. I should be flogging you right now for being so careless but I will let it slide today. Only for today. Now pick your book and run back to school!”

The boy scampered off to his room with a bent head and teary eyes to retrieve his assignment book. By the time he returned to the sitting room, his dad was already on the grey Brompton sofa bed beside the longest settee in the living room which was mainly used by him and was fast asleep.

How can he just send my mum away like that? This man is too wicked; I will never be like him when I grow up. He looked down at his dad, shook his head and stepped out clutching his book to his chest.


They were already done with the elementary science class by the time he got back to school. Looking at his countenance, his homeroom teacher Miss Lydia knew immediately that something had gone wrong.

Miss Lydia: “Come here Abbey!”she ordered as he made to take his seat, looking gloomy and downcast.

He walked over to her, thinking she was about to punish him for staying too long. He and his sister attended Springfield International School, one of the best schools in Kaduna state.

“What took you so long?” she asked looking intently at him. She was fond of the boy due to the fact that he was one of the best pupils in her class though a little stubborn.

Abiodun: “Uhn! I…I” he stuttered.

Miss Lydia: “You what? Did something happen at home or you branched somewhere? Tell me the truth or I will take you to the head teacher telling him how you cunningly dodged my class”

Abiodun: “Yes something happened at home” he said and paused, looking down like a wounded cub.

Miss Lydia: “I am listening” she urged him on.

Abiodun: “When I got home, there was no one at home so I had to wait for my mum to come back” he had to lie. He wasn’t going to expose his mum to disgrace.

Miss Lydia: “I am going to ask your mum when next she comes to the school. If she tells me it was a lie then you will be in trouble”

I doubt your will ever see her again. She is gone, she was thrown out.

He thought as tears began to drip from his eyes.

Miss Lydia: “So why are you crying?” she knew something else had happened to have made the boy all shaken up like that. She made up her mind to find out on her own.


Mary: “I am not interested in this discussion this afternoon so just leave me alone” she retorted rudely. She was having a discussion with her aunt whose name was Mabel.

Mabel: “As much as I want you to marry into a rich home, it shouldn’t be at the expense of someone else’s happiness. What you are doing is deadly and uncalled for. You might be made to dance to the tune of your own music someday” she folded her arms around her midsection looking concerned.

Mary: “I don’t care! What matters to me is my now and not my tomorrow. As long as I have gotten all I want now then tomorrow should worry about itself”

Mabel: “You are about to bite off the finger that fed you or have you forgotten so soon? Have you forgotten it was she who nurtured you into adulthood after the death of your mum? Have you forgotten how she would bathe you and feed you with her hands? She takes you as her first child up till now so can you not do this to her?”

Mary: “Well thank God she is not my mother. I can still do whatever I want. Aunt please stay out of this. Don’t become an hindrance to my breakthrough. Do you want her to feed me for the rest of my life? I have found a way out of my beggarly state and no one will be able to dissuade me from it. It is my life and only I have the right to choose how to live it”

Mabel: “My sister was not like this so who did you take after exactly?” she lamented.

Mary: “Isn’t that why she died untimely?”


After a round of love making, he slumped on the bed breathlessly, fanning himself with the back of his hand despite the AC.

Mary: “You are really getting old. I think I should reconsider this relationship before you make me into a sex starved woman later” she complained.

Joseph:  “You know I am tired today otherwise I am a stallion on bed”

Mary: “What kind of stallion becomes this tired after just one round?” she pouted her black fat lips.

Joseph; “The kind of stallion that is tired. Don’t worry, once I have gotten my strength back, we will go another round” he cajoled her jokingly.

Mary: “I have heard you o. So now that you have finally summoned up the courage to throw the old hag out, when am I to move in as your wife?”

Joseph: “my wife? But that was not the agreement. The agreement was for you to just remain my mistress. I don’t think it will be best to bring another woman in already. The children might be traumatized”

Mary: “So you care more concernedabout your children right? It is all about your children? How about me? Don’t I matter? You want me to remain a mistress so people can continue to laugh me to scorn? What woman in her right senses will agree to that?’’ she could barely contain her anger.

Joseph: “Calm down dear. But don’t you think I am too old for you? You are just twenty-four and I am in my mid-forties. Don’t you think people will still laugh you to scorn? I am really putting you into consideration here”

Mary: “When you were banging me from front and back, you didn’t know I was too young for you? Or is it today we started? Don’t worry, I know what to do to get what I want” she stood up from the bed and headed for the hotel’s adjoining bathroom.

Joseph: “What do you mean by you know what to do? Come let’s settle this matter amicably okay? I can find you a husband among my friend’s sons if that is okay by you?” he called after her.

Mary: “To hell with you and your friends and their sons. Shove your help into your old ass” she muttered under her breath as the water drizzled down her body in quick succession.

Question: What do you think she will do in order to get what she wants? Isn’t marrying one of his friend’s sons a better idea?

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  1. It’s really a better idea 4 Mary. I think Mary will seek spiritual help or something, I jus prayed he didn’t succeed killing any of d two children.

  2. Mary so after all that she has done for you,you still went and stab her in the back?
    well human beings are unpredictable

  3. Her statement “I KNOW WHAT I WILL DO TO GET WHAT I WANT” She wants to Go to Babalawo to get LOVE-POTION so as to use on JOSEPH. Because I believe from the start that Joseph was bewitched. Now I see she wants to go get Charm for Joseph to take her in.
    Mary is still 24 and has a bright future waiting for her, but instead she wants an Old man for a husband.
    Some will say this is Just ADELOVE-STORIES, but if you look Around your area very well. You will find a lot of Ladies like MARY in this STORY.


  4. She will go spiritual of course, but Joseph is such a fool…..sending ur wife packing cos of a mistress….some1 dat is like a daughter to ur wife… chaiii.

  5. I knew that something was fishy,Joseph and Mary having an affair…Joseph has destroyed his lovely family,as for Mary you will pay dearly for this..you are just an ingrate…of course you will use fetish means to get what you want…@24 you are dating an old man? you are just a stupid fool…

  6. hmm so Mary is the devil incarnate ,wonder shall never cease.
    Adelove, you guys should do something about what I complain earlier ,I no longer share stories because I hardly visit facebook.

  7. What was she excepting for him to marry her?? She is a joker then..u except to live a hapi life after cusing anoda woman pains not possible.she had better heed to his advice oo….ungrateful gurl

  8. so Mary is the one behind the whole drama. Joseph is digging his own grave now. what he done to his wife is the height of wickedness.

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