(Episode 3) Souls Adrift… A Story of Misplaced Priority!

(Episode 3) Souls Adrift... A Story of Misplaced Priority!

Mary: “Prophet, there is this man I have built my entire life around who has refused to marry me. What should I do? I don’t think I want to lose him in anyway. Please help me” she wriggled her two hands together as she narrated her ordeal to the prophet in his small office which looked like a shrine. He was dressed in a flowing red robe with a yellow cincture around his waist. He rang the bell in his left hand three times while clutching a bible to his chest.

Prophet: “What is the name of the man?” he asked without opening his eyes.

Mary: “Joseph Ogedengbe”

Prophet: “And his mother’s maiden name?”

Mary: “Adunni Ogedengbe”

The prophet began to dance around her as she knelt in front of him, ringing the bell endlessly as he sang a song only he could sing using Joseph and his mother’s names as the lyric of the song. He suddenly stopped and took his seat, beckoning for her to do same.

Prophet: “The man is very headstrong and he loves his children very much. He can move mountains for them because they are his crown while their mother was his glory”

Mary: “Hmmmmmmmm” she shifted on her seat nervously.

Prophet: “So where is their mother?”

Mary: “I don’t know. He sent her away”

Prophet: “That means he has turned his back on his glory. Right now, even his crown is no longer balanced meanwhile he must not lose it. You said you want to become his wife right?”

Mary: “Yes! That is why I am here not to hear about his crown and his glory”

Prophet: “Okay then. I will do the work for you but it will cost you fifteen thousand naira”

Mary: “Fifteen thousand naira?” she exclaimed. “Please reduce the price na”

Prophet: “Okay because it is you, just bring thirteen thousand naira. I will have to buy a new bible, have your pictures printed and then get a new cincture. I will insert your picture with that of the man into the bible and tie it with the cincture after which I will place it on the altar. Believe me, when I am done with the prayers, whatever you want him to do, he will do it”

Mary: “For real? That is good. I like it. So will I get the items you will be using back?”

Prophet: “No. It will remain on the altar for as long as you want him to remain bound to you”


Staying with her sister had been something she never dreamed she would ever do even in her wildest dreams. Her sister, Morenikeji whose husband was based abroad and came back home every six months was sympathetic to her predicament and offered her a room in her house.

I guess this s how I am destined to live my life? This is what God has in store for me; this kind of life? Hmmmmmmm. She sighed loudly as she thought about her life. She was home alone as her two nieces had gone to school likewise her sister who worked at NTA as a news anchor. The conversation she had with her sister the night before suddenly flashed to her mind…

Morenikeji: “My dear sister. You know I warned you against being a full house wife when you just got married. I was named Morenikeji which means I have seen a partner because of you, because you found a partner in me. I might be younger than you but I am not a kid anymore. Back then you treated me like I didn’t know what I was talking about. You even told me your marriage is more important to you than working. Now see where that marriage of yours has led you? Your certs is gone with your belongings. I told you we should get the man arrested but you wouldn’t agree. What do you want to do now?” she finally asked the question she had wanted to before she dived into the long narration.

Morenike: “Keji, you will not understand. If given another opportunity, I might still choose the same path again and again because I valued that marriage. I loved him”

Morenikeji: “I know you did but your life matters too. When taking a decision, always think about the implication it will have on your future. Always think beyond today. Anyone can change at any time. It is good that you wanted to please him but how about yourself? You could have made him understand how you felt about the issue of staying at home all day but you didn’t”

Morenike: “I know. How much I hated being jobless. I don’t have any other option now than to live my life as this broken woman I have suddenly become”

Morenikeji: “God forbid that you should give up. You will go back to school and acquire another certificate if that is okay by you.


Three months later, she packed in to the Ogedengbe’s house to the consternation of Abiodun. He and his sister had been watching Tom and Jerry on Jim Jam Junior when she came in dragging her baggage along with her, their dad soon entered too, bearing yet another of her bags.

Kemi: “Aunty Mary” she ran into her arms unlike her brother who knew something was not right.

Abiodun: “Is aunty Mary going to be living with us now?”

Joseph:  “Yes! She is your new mummy now so welcome her well”

Abiodun: “No! I want my mummy back. She can never be my mum” he stood up and faced his dad with eyes spitting fire.

Joseph: “Are you challenging me boy? You dare talk back at me?” he dropped the bag in his hand and flung his hand at him, it landed on his cheek,

Mary dropped the girl, grabbed her bag again and dragged it inside without saying a word to either the son or the raging father. It was their cup of tea.


She got admission to study an education course at National Open University thanks to her sister who was willing to pay her school fees and buy the handouts and other material which were required of her for that semester. She became a happy woman again, studying hard so she could pass her exams. She was neither intimidated by the fact that she was no longer young nor the fact that she lived at the mercy of her younger sister. She was determined to make it and then go back to get her children.

As she was in the kitchen cooking that afternoon, she heard her phone ring and bounded for the sitting room to get it.

Morenike: “Hello Keji. Bawo ni (how are you)?” she asked high spiritedly.

Morenikeji: “Sister I am in trouble. The unthinkable has happened” she wailed into the receiver.

Morenike: “Hmmmm…What has happened now for you to be sounding like this?” she asked with her mind skipping to a thousand things, trying to guess what could have gone wrong.

Morenikeji: “It is my children o. I just got a call now that their car was involved in an accident. I was told the driver died on the spot while Titi and Tomi are in critical conditions”

Morenike: “What? You mean the driver that just left here just few minute ago? God almighty! Which hospital? Let’s meet there right away”

On her way to the hospital, she prayed in her heart that nothing would happen to the girls…

Question: Will the girls lose their lives? What implication do you think their deaths will have on Morenike?

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  1. I just pray that both of them survive. If not Keji might even run mad loosing two kids at same day and TIME. Just can’t wait for next Episode.


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