(Episode 5) Souls Adrift… A Story of Misplaced Priority!

(Episode 5) Souls Adrift... A Story of Misplaced Priority!

He cast his son an angry look after seeing the food in the waste basket. He snatched his briefcase from her hand, opened it and brought out a horse whip from it.

Joseph: “Thanks honey for suggesting that I buy this horse whip. I cannot open my eyes and let my son become a rogue under my watch” he said and ordered him to go kneel down at the centre of the sitting room.

Abiodun: “Daddy but it is a lie. It wasn’t us who poured the food away, she was the one” he protested bitterly.

Kemi: “Now he is calling me a liar. Can you imagine how insolent he is? This boy really is becoming something else” she cooed into his hearing, making him see more reasons he had to whip out the insolence from the boy.

Joseph: “I don’t want to hear anything from you again. Just go and kneel down now” he took angry steps towards him and flung the whip at him. It caught him in the right arm, slightly tearing his delicate skin immediately.

“Yaaaaay daddy!” the boy cried out in pain and went whimpering at a corner.

Kemi: “Daddy why are you beating Abbey?” she tugged at his trousers but he did not even notice her, he was too blinded by his rage, by what he perceived as his son’s act of defiance towards him. He went over to him, lifted him up roughly and dropped him on his knees.

Joseph: “I told you to knew down, do as I said or you will have yourself to thank after I am done with you” he raged further. The boy promptly knelt properly. The pain in his arm was not something he could reckon with. As he lifted the horse whip a second time, Mary held his hand, preventing him from bringing it down on him.

Mary: “I think it is okay for today. See his arm is already bleeding. I am sure he has learnt his lesson. Please, I don’t want it to start looking like we are maltreating them” she said pleadingly.

Joseph: “You see the person you hate so much how she is fighting for you? You little brat! The next time you lie to me again, I will go way further than this” he said, pointing at his bleeding arm.

Kemi: “See blood!” she went over to her brother and knelt beside him staring at his injured arm. “Sorry you hear?” she said and began to blow air into it.


Andre Iwuoha sat alone at the bar even though it was buzzing with people both young and old. Bold women approached him on countless occasions but he had waved them off uninterestedly. His mind was preoccupied with the last conversation he had had with his girlfriend before she dumped him for a man who was double her age.

Mary: “You cannot stop me Andre. You know you cant. That man is all I need right now” she said breaking the long silence between them.

Andre: “And what about me? What will happen to me? How about the love we share?”

Mary: “What love? I was just using you to pass time. You should move on with your life. Do you really think I will ever agree to marry you? You have nothing to call your own; you are an ordinary secondary school teacher struggling to survive out of your meagre monthly earning…”

Andre: “But from that little money of mine, I have been able to meet some of your needs. Please reconsider your decision; I will be looking for another job from now on and I am sure I will find one soon”

Mary: “Even if you find one, how much will your salary be as a chartered accountant compared to that of a general manager of an oil company? Please behave yourself o” she pointed a finger at his face. “Just look at your apartment- face me I face you. Do you know how ashamed I have felt coming here? Now you want me to forfeit living in a duplex so I can wallow in the mud with you? No way!”

Andre: “Hmmmmmm… I guess your mind is made up then?” he said dejectedly. He felt extremely pained to be lashed out at by someone whom he had shared the whole of himself with for two years. A lady he loved with all he had. His ego was not spared in the process either; it was bruised beyond repair.

Mary: “Oh yes! I have made up my mind and there is nothing you can do about it. Find yourself a beautiful, humble and submissive girl to fall in love with. I don’t fit in any of those categories” she had advised blatantly, adjusted her skirt and walked out on him.

Where do I start from? How do I begin? She definitely took my heart along with her. He thought sadly fidgeting with his cup.


Iyabeji: “that is what we have decided to do and that is what we will do. your sister must leave our brother’s house bt if you decide to be stubborn about it, the two of you will be thrown out. There is no time to waste time. Just so you know, another wife is coming into this house very soon. We need a fruitful woman to come and fill up this house with children for our brother”

Morenike: “Inlaw can you please take it easy? No one here is God who gives and takes so why…”

Iyabeji: “Eh eh eh gbe enu e dake nibi beyen (shut your mouth there)” she shushed her up before she could finish her sentence. “I am not talking to you, it is our so-called wife I am not talking to. You people sha find it difficult to stay in your husband’s houses, don’t worry, fowl yansh will soon be opened”

Olori Ebi; “We shall take our leave. We will give you just three days to pack out of here” he said fixing his gaze on Morenike.

After they had left, the two sisters clung to each other and wept bitterly.

Morenike: “It is my fate dear. I told you didn’t I? I don’t want to send you out of your husband’s house so I will leave. I must leave” she wiped her tears with the edge of her Caribbean skirt, sniffing loudly.

Morenikeji: “But where will you go? Don’t worry, we will leave together. The truth is, I am tired of this marriage too. I am tired of having a long distance marriage with inlaws hanging on my neck every now and then. I want out”

Morenike: “No way will I let you do that. you must stay here and have other children. Do you want people to start calling us names? Imagine the two of us leaving our husband’s houses at this age? It is not done. Wherever I will find myself, I will console myself with the fact that you are doing so well for yourself. Don’t worry about me okay? I will be fine”

Morenikeji: “I said I am going with you. I cannot leave you to venture out there all by yourself. I will rent an apartment within three days and the two of us will pack in there. I cannot have anyone disrespecting you or myself just because of husband or house. Don’t try to talk me out of it” she held her hand up when her sister tried talking again, stood up and left the sitting room.

Question: is it advisable for her to leave with her sister just like that? What should Morenike do to dissuade her?

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  1. It’s not wise. Nike should just leave without informing her.
    Andre should be happy that Mary is out of his life, she’ll come back begging

  2. If her husband will not stand or fight for her then I guess it will be a good idea to go along with her sister.


  3. Not advisable to leave her husband house like that, she should speak with her husband 1st b4 taking the decision of leaving.

  4. Its not right n its right in d send dat her husband is a traveler who cant defend her from d hateful in-laws. So if she wanna go wit her sis, then its fine. What will be will be. Morenike jus let her be 4 now but if u wish to dissuade her from going wit u, then put on an act as if u dont care of her or anyhow sha.

  5. Two of them needs serious prayer, the problems they are having is not ordinary. Nikeji should rent a house for Nike,she should live her husbands house,unless the Husban say’s so.

  6. In my own opinion if she stays n another woman moves in no husband to defend her it from fey pan to fire it better to move out with the sister n start a new life God knows how her in-laws are ingrate Andire be happy oh mercy choice has set u free

  7. Hmmm i think it is better for her to move out,her husband I not always around,secondly her inlaws are bad news they will eventually bring a new wife and she suffer greatly in dat house,lastly her kids are no more so she had no reason to live in dat house.no matter wat one does people must jst talk so she shld jst do wat makes her happy…As for Mary karma will definitely catch up wit her.

  8. nikeji need to seek her husband opinion first, let Nike leave a lone. Mr Joseph don start mumu mumu thing now on his children, later he will begin to cry for the love of his wife. even if the wife morenike should forgive and come back, his son Abbey will hardly forgive him.

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