(Episode 11) Souls Adrift… A Story of Misplaced Priority!

(Episode 11) Souls Adrift... A Story of Misplaced Priority!

1st Robber: “This is unbelievable. Your children prefers to follow armed robbers than to live with you? Well we are in a hurry right now. We will be back to discuss this issue and by then, if they still want to leave us you will be dead” he warned hurriedly and ran off with his friends trailing after him.

He slumped down and heaved a sigh of relief. Mary also got up and went over to him.

Mary: “That was a close call honey. We could have been killed because of this useless children of yours. Just imagine this idiot opening the door for them? At first I thought they only wanted to run away not knowing that they were using style to let the robbers in. Ah! I have suffered” she lamented, casting the two children a look of disgust where they had both taken their seats silently.

Abiodun: “It is a lie. I did not open the gate for them. They are big people and all my friends are small like me” he defended.

Mary: “Hei! He is still talking sha. Just imagine his insolence. What kind of boy is this? Honey you have to do something about this. Next time they might actually invite a much more dangerous people into this house. I am afraid” she began to cry, turning around restlessly.

Joseph: “Please let me rest okay? I will deal with him in due time so just let me rest for now” he said still visibly shaken by the incidence.

I could have lost my life today. He even said they will be back. What do I do? should I pack away from this house or what? Did this boy really open the gate for them? Is that really something he can do? he mused, looking at his son thoughtfully.  Yes I think he can do it. Look at the way he is looking at me, he is just so full of venom and I am going to beat it out of him. Who exactly could he have taken after if not his mother? I know what to do. i shall not run away from my own home, one I built with my money? God forbid!

He stood up abruptly, walked over to where they sat and dragged him up by the collar.

Joseph: “You are done for boy. I have prepared a special dark room for you since days now. You are going to rut there for days for this recent action of yours” he spat fire as he dragged him through the rows of doors at the corridor till they got to the last one.


Pastor: “Hmmmmmm this is a difficult decision for me. You can stay here for the night. You can look for somewhere else tomorrow.

Morenike: “Ah pastor! Thank you very much. May heaven bless you and increase you anointing tremendously” She knelt in gratitude to him but the next morning as she stepped out of the church, she was met by someone who delivered a message to her from the pastor that she could stay until she became buoyant enough to rent an apartment for herself and had handed her the key to the church.

The pastor soon noticed the church was always neat and in order. The ushers no longer needed to do anything much during service days and called her into the office one day.

Pastor: “Madam I have noticed how well you take care of this church. The stuffs here look even better than when a bunch of ushers were taking care of them. I am glad I let you stay, you are a good woman”

Morenike: “Thank you pastor. I just figured I have to do something to pay you back for putting a roof over my head” she replied coyly.

Pastor:  “But please what is your story? How did you end up this way?” he asked looking at her intently. She narrated everything that had happened with her marriage and at her sister’s place in tears.

Pastor: “Oh no! I am so sorry to hear all that. The devil has a hand in what you are going through. All he wants is to destroy marriages and you mustn’t let yours be dragged down by him. You must be prayerful from now on. Your husband is under the influence of the strange woman and we must haul her out of there. It is not her place”

Morenikeji: “Yes pastor, please I need God’s help” she wept bitterly into her palms.


It had been three days since Abiodun was locked up in the dark room without neither food nor water.  His sister would always sit by the door front to cry to him about being hungry. On normal days, they would both go into the little farm their mother kept at the back of the house to scavenge for food. Most of what they found left in the ground were potatoes which they roasted and ate together while their step mother ate good food in their presence. That afternoon, she sat by the door front crying about being hungry…

Kemi: “Abbey…” she called silently in order not to be heard by Mary.

He was silent for a while. He had little strength left in him to talk until she called him yet again.

Abiodun: “You are hungry?” he replied weakly, barely audible.

Kemi: “yes Abbey. I am very hungry. Yesterday I took from the food in the pot and she beat me” she snivelled unable to hold her tears at the thought of what had transpired between she and Mary that day while Abiodun, unable to do anything to help his sister but bang on the door endlessly had crumbled unto the floor and wept bitterly at the wails of his sister.

Abiodun: “Sorry little sister. Don’t worry, I will be out soon and we will go get more potatoes from the farm”

Kemi: “Will you be out today? Are you not hungry? Does mummy give you food there?” she asked puerilely.

Abiodun: “I am not hungry so do not bother yourself about me”

Kemi: “But I am hungry. When are we going to mummy?”

Abiodun: “Should I teach you how to harvest the potatoes? Will you be able to roast it by yourself?”

Kemi: “Yeeeees!” she replied excitedly.

Abiodun: “But you will not be able to use the gas the way I use to”

Kemi: “I know how to use it very well” she replied proudly.

She skipped joyfully to the farm and just as her brother had thought her, she had been able to harvest two tiny potatoes and ran back inside. She went straight to kitchen dodging her step mum who was in her room receiving call. She went straight for the gas and turned it on without lighting it immediately. After searching frantically for the lighter for some seconds, she finally found it behind a plate on the zinc and pressed the head the way her mum and Abiodun used to but no light came on. She tried again and again. She was going to give up when at the last attempt, the lighter came on and as she took it carefully close to the gas, it exploded right into her face and she fell back unconscious.

Abiodun: “Noooo not my sister” he held on to her charred hand as they wheeled her to the emergency room. “Oh God! This is my fault. I shouldn’t have asked her to roast the potato” he wept on and on as he watched them wheel her away with the hand he had been holding dangling lifelessly from the stretcher.

Question: Was the accident really Abiodun’s fault? Will Kemi make it out alive?

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  1. sincerely am shedding tears now…..what a touching story a little girl for that matter…. is not Abiodun’s fault…. by the Grace of God she will make it out alive

  2. Hmmmmmm some women can b very wicked oooo……hw can u starve a little child and still eat comfortably chaiiii na wa ooo……..I pray kemi would survive d gas exposure

  3. It not Abidoun fault at all the question is what is a little girl doing in the kitchen ??? If she is well fed would she have gone to the kitchen to light the gas by her self ??? This is the kind of question reasonable doctor should ask Joesph knowing Mary she will deny it all Mary u will meet ur loo soon Kemi will make it she will come back to live

  4. It really touches me by the predicament they are going through as little as they are. I really feel pity and crying for them. This is the disadvantage of being motherless in your father’s house under the care of wicked step mother coupled negligence of your biological father. This can’t be the fault of Abbey, and I hope Kemi will make it. I pray it is just a dream not real.

  5. Am happy it happened to Kemi, @least doctor will find out she hasn’t eaten @all. Who knows if they will arrest the father for child abuse

  6. kemi will not die but the scar of this ill treatment will ever remain in the heart of abiodun and kemi. no matter how the family come to reunion later after the devil incarnate Mary is hosted out of the house.

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