(Episode 12) Souls Adrift… A Story of Misplaced Priority!

Abiodun: “Kemi…Kemi… Kemi please don’t die. I am sorry” he found himself muttering and crying bitterly where he laid in the dark room. He heard a rasp on the door on sat up with a jerk, sweating profusely. It had been a dream.

Kemi sat by the door front, clutching her stomach…

Kemi: “Abbey are you there?” she whispered, knocking on the door.

Abiodun: “Kemi are you okay? Did anything happen to you?” he asked in a hurry. He needed to be sure it was just a dream. He sat closer to the door so he could hear her properly.

Kemi: “Yes something happened yesterday” she said sadly.

Abiodun: “What happened? Tell me now” he scratched desperately at the door afraid it hadn’t been a dream aftral.

Kemi: “Aunty Mary beat me up yesterday with daddy’s koboko. She said I am a thief just because I ate the food in the kitchen” her stomach grumbled loudly as he remembered the delicious yam porridge she had been eating before she was caught.

Abiodun: “Oh that! I know” he said ad let out his breath. “Sorry you hear? I will be out soon and we will go get potatoes again” he replied.

Kemi:  “Yeees! But when will you be out? I am really hungry. Are you not hungry? Does mummy give you food there?” she asked innocently reminding him of their conversation in his dream.

Abiodun: “Kemi don’t go close to the farm or kitchen again okay? Don’t worry, I will be out soon” he said desperately.

Kemi: “But I am hungry. I want to eat” she began to cry. “I will die if I didn’t eat. I am hungry”

Abiodun: “Oh God!”

Kemi: “I know how to harvest the potatoes. Sebi you showed me how to do it that day” she said proudly.

Abiodun: “Oh no! Kemisola please don’t harvest any potato. Oya go and tell aunty Mary you are hungry, maybe she will give you small food” he knew he was pushing her into the lion’s den but that was better than the dream he had coming through. “I am sorry”

Kemi: “No she will beat me. I want potato” her voice trailed off.

Abiodun: “Are you there? Kemi?” he called but she wasn’t there anymore. She had already ran off.


She sat on his leisure chair in the patio, sipping wine and thinking about the fact that she hadn’t been able to conceive since she got into the house despite all the unprotected sex they had had even during her fertile days.

I wonder what is going on? This is becoming an issue for me and I don’t like it. Is it really that difficult to conceive now? I who used to get pregnant like hen before. na wa o. What kind of life is this? I need to give birth for this an in order to have a foothold in this house. Or has he become infertile? I think I am tired of just thinking endlessly like this while that woman’s children remain the sole heirs of his properties.

She left the house for the hospital immediately to see her personal doctor. She had refused to patronize the family doctor with the excuse that she didn’t like him. Joseph however, had called the service of armed policemen to keep watch over his house 24/7 because of the threats of the robbers and to ensure his wife was always save but they were never allowed inside the house. Just outside, keeping guard. One of them was supposed to escort her to the hospital but she had been able to persuade them to let her go alone since the hospital was not far.

At the hospital which was owned by one of her friends, she was finally called into the doctor’s office after a long wait for the test result.

Mary: “Good noon doctor. It has been a long time” she greeted freely.

Doctor: “Yeah! Its you who left us in the lurch after getting married. How have you been?”

Mary: “Ive been fine thank you. So what did the test result say? I didn’t seem to understand anything written in it” she said after handing the white envelope to the doctor. He took out the result and a frown crossed his face as he examined it.

“Is something wrong? Why are you frowning like that?” she shifted on her chair nervously.

Doctor: “Where did you carry out your last abortion at?” he asked without looking up at her.

Mary: “One private hospital in town like that. what has that got to do with anything”

Doctor: “A lot. As it is, that pregnancy was the last you could have had, you shouldn’t have terminated it after I had advised you not to. You should have listened to me”

Mary: “Are you saying I wont be able to have another child again?”

Doctor: “Hell yeah! Didnt I tell you so when you came to me ive months ago? I told you the numerous abortions you had had in the past had weakened the lining of your uterus and so even conceiving that one was a miracle and so you should keep it. Meanwhile the abortion itself has complicated issues for you, it totally damaged your womb. That is what I am seeing in this paper” he explained.

Mary: “It cant be true. My womb is not damaged. I still see my period on regular bases. I feel very fertile too” she protested.

Doctor: “Is it about feeling fertile? Well menstruation can be misleading. Just keep praying, I believe there is nothing God cannot do”

On her way home, she remembered how much Andre had begged her not to abort the pregnancy then…

Andre: “I am ready to be a father and a husband so please, keep this baby. I believe things will fall in place for us soon enough” he had held on to knees, pleading.

Mary: “Why will I have a baby for a pauper like you in hope that things will fal in place? Do you want me to curse you? I know you love me but I am sure this love is borne out of the fact that you have nothing yet. Once you hammer, you will start treating me like trash. Isn’t that how you guys behave?” she shot rudely at him.

Andre: “I am not like that and you know it. I know of all your imperfections and I am still here loving you. Can you not hang on a little for me? Give me the benefit of the doubt at least?”

Mary: “Benefit of the doubt my foot! So I should live my life with uncertainty of what the future will bring right? I’d rather be with someone who is rich already than wait and later get dumped by one I suffered with. Andre, I am not ready to be your wife so I am terminating this pregnancy” she stood up abruptly with arms folded across her chest.

Andre: “Consider how many you have aborted in the past. Aren’t you afraid for your life? What about the implication you might face later?”

Mary: “There is no such thing as implication in my world. I will always live today as if there is no tomorrow”

She shook her head, biting her lips as she remembered the helpless look on his face that day.

I wonder where he is now or if h has finally made it. Does he have another lady in his life yet? thoughts of him with another lady shot through her mind and she found herself biting her lower lip even harder.


After sweating profusely trying to harvest the potatoes, she finally succeeded in harvesting two tiny ones and happily, she skipped to the house forgetting all the stress she ha gone through with thoughts of finally eating. She tiptoed to the kitchen not knowing her step mum was not even around and went straight for the gas…

Question: Will Abiodun’s dream come true? Do you think Mary is having thoughts of going back to Andre?

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    • i always love ur response to this stories mummy………i draw inspiration from them, God bless u richly for making dis story more interesting

  1. God, please let the dream not come to pass ooooooh. Mary is a fool and her torment hasn’t started yet. She should wait till when Andre will make it big

  2. Mary hasn’t seen anything yet.
    She’ll so suffer, more especially when she discovers Andre made it in life and settled with his family. I go so laugh.
    The dream I pray shouldn’t come through, Biodun needs to pray

  3. This story is making me cry….. The suffering of the children is too much. It shouldn’t be at the last episode that things will get better. Make better now.

  4. Is really painful, mothers of nowadays should really empower themselves no matter what….i still say it I can never be OK until I pick my children away from that house even if d man like let him arrest me with soldiers

  5. The suffering of this children make me cry, she should at least take a step towards d children not considering what d father will do. I will kidnap them & run as far as I can go. The dream must not come to pass o, thank God d mother is in a place of refuge, she shouldn’t just sleep and wake o but pray 4 d safety of her children. Mary I reserve my comment ooo hmmmm

  6. Abbey dream is becoming tru but pray it wont end like d dream. Mary is having a rethink of staying with both men should incase one fucked up.

  7. Adelove, so the first one was a dream. ha. nothing will happen to kemi. as the first dream from Abbey was a warning. Mary will lose both side Andre will never accept her back again.

  8. I pray Abbey’s dream we not come to pass,as for mary this is just the begining of her reward of her wickedness. Goodmorning to the house. NEXT…

  9. His dream should not come to reality oh. Oh God pls help this little girl. As for u Mary wat I have to say abt u is mighty but let me just keep my eyes on kemi first

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