(Episode 9) Souls Adrift… A Story of Misplaced Priority!

(Episode 9) Souls Adrift... A Story of Misplaced Priority!

After driving round the whole neighbourhood for some hours without success, she went back home feeling betrayed and heartbroken on behalf of her sister.

I think what I am going through cannot even be compared to hers. Imagine being hurled out of ones home disgracefully like that by the influence of one small girl. Her children must be suffering in that house. How will I be able to get them out of there? Their father is just too headstrong and powerful. This life is really unfair especially to good people. She thought as she climbed the staircase leading to the main house. She noticed she hadn’t locked the house in her rush and sighed.

She met Iyabeji and Olori Ebi seated comfortably in the sitting room. She didn’t see the third person seated beside Olori ebi since her mind was already in turmoil as to what bad news they brought that time around.

Morenikeji: “Welcome my inlaws” she knelt in front of olori ebi and that was when she saw the lady. A girl in her twenties looking as bold as a panther before the lion. She had a smooth face with pouty lips and bushy eyebrows. She wore her innocence like an old comfortable coat.

Iyabeji: “We have come to deliver a message you from the entire family…” she paused, taking in her bewildered expression.

Morenikeji: “What other message now? My sister is no longer here so can you people leave me alone now?”

Iyabeji: “Ehya! That is too bad. Well we have brought another wife for our brother since you can no longer give birth. We have researched your family history and none of you has ever given birth to more than two children before no matter how much you try. This lady here will fill this house with children and laughter. Make sure you treat her well”

The girl knelt in front of her for acceptance, introducing herself as Akanke.

Morenikeji: “Did you discuss this with my husband first?” she asked ignoring the girl.

Olori Ebi: “We don’t need to discuss it with him first. Our decision is final in this regard so when he comes back, he will have no option but to accept her” he said in his normal quaky voice.

Iyabeji: “Akanke may you bear plenty children for this household…” she walked over to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. “You will make us proud. Make sure you always listen to your husband and tolerate no nonsense from any other person. This house is now yours too and you can do anything you like. Do you understand me?” she asked without waiting for the girl to say amen to her prayers.

Akanke: “Yes ma. I understand you”


Gabriel: “It is legal of course. We wouldn’t have to be kidnapping anyone na. It is only those who come to register with us we will be giving out to our clients. I heard it is quite lucrative and I just need a change. If you continue like this I doubt you will ever find any lady to marry in this 21st century. If you are not interested though, I will find someone else to partner with”

Andre: “Oh of course I am interested but give me some time to think about it. I will get back to you in a few days’ time” he replied sharply. He still wasn’t convinced it as legit.

Gabriel: “Okay then. Hope you have money sha. It takes money to set up a company o. Though we will apply for loan at the bank but we will still be needing our own personal money too na”

Andre: “Hmmmmm I will start saving now. I have little money which will not even be enough to sustain me till this month’s ending. Applying for loan is a good idea though.”

Gabriel: “Of course! I have my game plan ready already so yours will be to just do as I say”


As they were about to step out of the house, someone suddenly switched on the light. They turned abruptly to find their step mum gaping at them sleepily.

Mary: “What is going on here? What are you children up to?” she asked looking from one to the other.

Abiodun: “Erm…erm…we…” he stuttered.

Mary: “Wait! Were you planning to run away from home?” she asked when realization dawned on her.

Abiodun: “We are not running away we are going to search for our mother”  he replied innocently and Mary burst out into uncontrollable laughter.

Mary: “Going in search of your mummy by this time of the night? You must be joking” she said looking up at the wall clock. It was just 1a.m.

Abiodun: “Daddy said I could go search for her last night” he replied defiantly.

From the corner of her eyes, she saw her husband step into the living room.

Mary: “So you kids want to run away abi? You are looking for whom to implicate right?” she said out loud.

Joseph: “Run away? What do you mean by that?” he took a long look at his children, they were indeed fully dressed. “Abiodun were you really planning to run away from the house?” his voice rose drastically.

Abiodun: “No daddy! I want to go and look for mummy” his gaze dropped sadly to his feet.

Kemi: “I want to go to my mummy” she tugged at her brother’s arm looking up to him sadly.

Joseph: “I know what to do to the two of you. Wait until daybreak” he said and just as he was about to say another word, they heard muffled voices outside and a bang on their door. The door had already been unlocked by the children and so  it gave way freely when the handle was turned. The guys rushed in with their faces veiled and AK-47 pointed at the people in the house.  One of them pushed Abiodun and his sister towards their dad and pointed the gun at them. There were five of them. One was waiting in the car outside; another one was at the door front while three were inside.

1st Robber: “We heard you are a big boy in this town. Twuale baba!” he said saluting Joseph was already shivering on the floor.

2nd Robber: “Oga na you biko” he hailed him.

1st Robber: “Stand up!” he nudged him on buttocks with the butt of his gun.

He stood up with his hands above his head wondering how they got into the compound despite the barbed wire.

3rd Robber: “He looks like he has a question. Should he ask it?” he looked from one of his guys to the other who nodded their heads in affirmative.

1st Robber: “Ask your question before I blow your head off” he ordered pointing the gun directly at the nape of his neck. He noticed Kemi was still on her feet, staring at them like one who didn’t know what was going on and smiled sweetly at her from behind the veil. “What a sweet little girl you have here. Now ask your question and stop wasting my life or I’d waste your life first” he threatened.

Joseph: “Erm…uhn..I…” his tongue failed him.

2nd Robber: “This sure is fun. When you see this people outside, they act all high and mighty, splashing water on helpless people like us without even saying sorry but look at him now. Speak up my friend”

Joseph: “Sorry. My que…stion isss who o…pened the gate for you?” he finally asked.

1st Robber: “Wow good question. Your son did. Didn’t he tell you he was expecting visitors? We asked him to leave the gate open for us and he did. What a good boy he is” he said smiling at Abiodun who was standing bravely beside his sister with his right arm folded around her shoulders protectively.

“Well we came for the money. We have a share in it don’t we? For all the times we hailed you on the road and you didn’t answer, for all the times you splashed water on us without looking back. Don’t you think we have to share in your wealth for all that and more?”

Joseph: “Yes yes”

2nd Robber: “So go and bring it out”

Accompanied by the 3rd robber, he went inside and came out with his briefcase which when they opened, found some wads of naira notes in it.

1st Robber: “But this is too small na. Hmmmm what do we do? for a man of your status i was expecting a Ghana must go full of naira notes or dollars” he said feigning disappointment. “we will be needing something else to augment this little allowance you gave us. What do you guys suggest?” he asked looking at his friends.

3rd Robber: “Let’s kill his wife or daughter” he suggested.

Abiodun: “You cannot touch my sister” he pushed his sister behind him.

1st Robber: “Okay our benefactor said no to that suggestion. I think we will just take a pound of flesh from one of them then. Oga oya stand up, choose between between your wife or your sweet little daughter here, which should we uhn you know do jigi jaga on?” he said demonstrating the doggy style sex on his gun.

Question: Was it really Abiodun who opened the door for them? Who will he choose to be ravaged bbetween the two? His daughter or his wife?

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  1. Good morning to Everyone in the building. ADELOVE AND CREW THANKS FOR THIIS MORNING TEA.


  2. dah idiot will choose his daughter…..
    u knw he has been bewitched naas
    mtcheeeeew and I’m sure Mary has a hand in dah robbery

  3. Abiodun was not really the person that Opened the door for them.
    I know Joseph to be wicked and heartless.
    He won’t consider that his daughter is just a kid.
    He will choose her daughter over that Jezibel called Mary.


  4. And it must be Mary that Opened the door. If not where was she coming from before she found the Children trying To Escape.


  5. Hmm, is not Abiodun that open the gate for them, and I know the mumu will choose his daughter to the wife but God will make the robbers to use the so called wife instead of the innocent girl.

  6. Wasn’t Abiodun that open the gate for them, it was a coincidence or his wife that planned it. Stupid man, might choose his daughter cos he’s still under a spire…

  7. He should choose his daughter and the robbers will by themselves choose his wife. If he choose his wife, they’ll go for his daughter

  8. Abiodun was not the one who opened the gare it was marry abiodun haven’t filme outside all that robbry was mary’s idea the fulish Joseph will ask them too fale his daughter because his not in his right sense anymore

  9. It was not Abiodun that opened the door 4 them,wondering y the robbers want Joseph 2 make a choice wen dey should all pounce on dat snitch ( Mary)

  10. Mary the scheming bitch has planned it all using Abiodun name to cover up Mary want to finally remove his shaken crown he will choose his daughter to be molested

  11. It must ve been Mary who open the gate for them as a planned work. He might choose Kemi claiming it his brother that open d gate for them

  12. It can never be Abbey, its jus a coincidence n I think it’s Mary’s handwork n planned work to frame Abbey. I hope Joseph choose Mary but wit d way o things, he is likely to choose Jem.

  13. Ade, please don’t tell us is Kemi they choose because I am getting tried of your stories of raping innocent under age girls. Please for the first time, change your stories and make us happy. All this is planned by Mary to destroy the little boy.

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