(Episode 14) Souls Adrift… A Story of Misplaced Priority!

(Episode 14) Souls Adrift... A Story of Misplaced Priority!

Gabriel: “I will do research on that but for now, let’s just find a way to get little money so we can at least patronize the brothels” he said taking a sip of his beer. When he looked around, he saw some group of young guys with their ladies round a large table. There were countless drinks in front of them, each guy had at least three bottles in front of him. He quickly pretended as if he wasn’t looking at them when his eyes met with that of a lady among them who tried smiling at him. He was ashamed beyond words.

Andre: “So how do we get the money?”

Gabriel: “We will rob people even if we have to” he said desperately. He needed so much to live the kind of lives those guys were living.

Andre: “I think you are going nuts. I am sorry but I don’t think I am interested in this heinous plot of yours. I am desperate but I refuse to do anything that will land me in jail later. How can you even suggest using drugs on innocent ladies just because they are prostitutes? Aren’t they human too? And now you dare talk of robbery. I am done with you please” he took a final sip of his beer and stood up abruptly.

Gabriel: “What do you mean by that? We both got a loan from the bank. Have you thought of how we are going to pay it back? Now you want to leave me in debt? That cannot be done”

Andre: “That is for you to deal with. I am leaving the company for you anyway. Make your plans come through and then pay the bank but I am out. I have spent money on it too but I don’t care anymore. Please don’t ever call me again or show up before me. You are a terrible influence” he had bent down whispering to him so people in the beer parlour would not overhear him.

Gabriel: “You will regret this Andre” he whispered back aggressively with veins popping out of his neck and forehead.

Andre: “I’d rather regret this than that. At least I know I am taking the right step” he said and stormed out of the parlour. As he was about to flag a taxi down, someone tapped him gently on the shoulder. He turned to see a lady smiling at him benignly. He was taken aback since he had never seen her before.

“Hi” he said awkwardly when he noticed she was out of breath.

“Hello” she replied holding her chest. “Sorry I am so out of breath, I had to run from the parlour to catch up with you. My name is Jessica but my friends call me Jessy” she introduced herself outstretching her hand towards him for a handshake which he took.

Andre: “I am Andre” he replied looking her up for the first time. She didn’t look like any of the ladies he had met in the beer parlour before. She was dressed in a corporate skirt and shirt which she had tucked in with a thin belt holding it together around her small waist. The skirt was just slightly above her knees flattering her already long smooth legs. Looking at her face again, he realised she was a sight to behold.

Jessica: “Uhmmm…can we probably find somewhere to sit and talk?”

Andre: “Oh sure but not that place again. Somewhere else will do”

Jessica: “Sure, I understand” she flashed him another of her innocent smiles that got him feeling captivated.


She kept praying as the pastor had instructed and also going about her business of buying and selling drinks on the streets without relenting. She knew getting her children back was her first priority but she needed money to do that, she didn’t want a situation whereby they would be made to wander the street with her thereby disrupting their education and mental stability.

Soon, members began to take notice of her. Many of them gave her cloths. Some gathered to contribute money to build her a store in front of the church so she could be selling her drinks there. She found favour before many and soon, she was able to register for a theology class in the University of Ibadan distance Learning centre there at Giwa.

Mummy Lebechi was a woman who had a store in the church and sold her wares to church members during or after service. She never had any competition until Morenike’s store was constructed. People began to patronize her more and because her own shop was outside the church, she also got customers from outside the church. She got very close to Morenike and became her close confidante. They would sit down inside Morenike’s shop talking about different stuffs.

Mummy Lebechi: “I noticed that when you are going to school, you lock up your shop and at this period, many customers come looking for you but I am not able to help at all. You know my own shop is inside the church and I only open it during service days” she said folding her wrapper into her huge laps.

Morenike: “Yeah”

Mummy Lebechi: “So I will suggest you start leaving your key with me whenever you are going out like that. I’d help with sales”

Morenike: “Oh really? You can do that for me?” she was genuinely touched.

Mummy Lebechi: “Of course! What are friends for?”


Morenikeji: “Thank you so much my friend. I am so grateful. I will be giving you the keys whenever I am going out of course. God bless you, may you find help and favour in unlikely places in Jesus name”

Mummy Lebechi: “Amen!”


Joseph: “What do you mean by that? He did wrong and that is what I punished him for” he said harshly.

Officer: “I now he did wrong but the punishment was just too much. Even we give our prisoners food and water”

Joseph: “Haven’t you seen children going on three days dry fasting before? Please help me carry him up before you start trading words with me” he ordered.

Useless man. If not for the fact that our boss has asked us to mind our business and not interfere in your family affairs no matter what, I’d have tossed you in prison for a week without food and water for this. The officer thought angrily as he scooped the fragile boy into his arms again. Just as he was about to step out, the boy stirred and opened his eyes.

Officer: “He is awake sir” he called out.

Joseph: “Oh good! Then you should drop him”

Officer: “Sir? But he still needs to be taken to the hospital”

Joseph: “All he needs is food. Where is Mary? Honey” he called in a loud voice.

Mary: “Oh you are back?” she robbed her eyes sleepily.

Joseph: “Please make tea for Abiodun and make sure he drinks it”

Officer: “I still think he should be taken to the hospital instead so he can get maximum care and attention” he knew Mary maltreated the children. He had helped them to harvest potatoes on several occasions and had even given them food secretly many times. He knew she was never going to take care of the boy as she should.

Mary: “Take him to the hospital with which money? So does a person who deserved a punishment get special treatment later? Please get out of here”

Abiodun suddenly remembered he had heard his sister scream from the kitchen and ran to her, forgetting his state. He checked her properly and on seeing no burns on her, he heaved a sigh of relief and slumped down breathing with difficulty.

Question: Is it really just food the boy needs? Is it advisable for Morenike to leave her shop in the care of her new friend?

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  1. Morenike shud b wiser dan dat atleast d betrayal she got 4 Mary shud hv given her small sense cos i knw she doesn’t hv sense. lolz. Abiodun needs more dan fud.

  2. Abiodun needs to be taken to the hospital… Morenikeji don’t even dear give your key to that woman Lebechi because she is already jealous of you..Joseph is just a useless fool under a spell though… as for Mary she will pay dearly when the time comes…

  3. I won’t advice Morenike to leave her keys to her new found friend. She should not trust her because she don’t know her Intention.


  4. D boy needs 2 b taken 2 d hospital as soon as possible,while itz not advisable 4 morenike 2 leave her keyz wit mummy lebechi cos d woman has an ulterior motive.

  5. Abbey suffered a lot from malnutrition, taken him to the hospital is the best idea, which I don’t think his father will. And is not advisable for Morenike to leave her shop to the new friend of hers whom she has just met. Who knows, her new friend may liquidate her petty business to render her insolvent due to the jealous of being her immediate competitor. And as for Andre, he has taken a right decision for him own good, hope the lady he just met might be his helper.

  6. Abbey suffered a lot from malnutrition, taken him to the hospital is the best idea, which I don’t think his father will. And is not advisable for Morenike to leave her shop to the new friend of hers whom she has just met. Who knows, her new friend may liquidate her petty business to render her insolvent due to the jealous of being her immediate competitor. And as for Andre, he has taken a right decision for his own good, hope the lady he just met might be his helper.

  7. Abbey needs medical attention too, along with balanced diet meal. It’s ok if that her so called friend I truthful n genuine like her but I doubt Mummy lebachi’s sincerity.

  8. Food and no motherly care.monikeji shouldn’t live her shop to a stranger she called friend or church member oh…trust no one!

  9. Abiodun needs more than food what he need now is hospital to take care of him. Morenike u still ave d heart to trust people despite what Mary did to u, open ur eyes she is jealous of u. I pray God speak to u b4 u leave ur keys 4 her

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