(Episode 17) Souls Adrift… A Story of Misplaced Priority!

(Episode 17) Souls Adrift... A Story of Misplaced Priority!

It is high time I started searching for my sister again. I don’t know for long all these will have to continue. Doesn’t she worry at all about her children? Or is she feeling like they are in good hands because it is Mary? Or did it look to her like her husband was in his right senses when she left? I am so worried here, I just hope she is okay wherever she is. She should even try contacting me if she already has a phone. I’m sure she knows my number offhand. Oh God! Please take care of my sister where she is.

Now I wonder how commoners survive in this country. Only the rich seem to live. Imagine Joseph flanking himself with police officers despite his numerous sins? The son of a bitch should be arrested for child abuse with his devilish wife rather than being guarded by the same law. I cannot even report him anywhere just because he is influential and has friends in the high places. And i cannot resort to using social media, that will be washing my sister’s dirty linen in public and I know she wouldn’t even like that. How I wish she is not so soft-hearted. Morenikeji paced around in her room, thinking about her sister’s situation.

Akanke suddenly burst into her room, singing and dancing happily.

Morenikeji: “What is all these? Do you know this is my room?”

Akanke: “You mean our husband’s room? Oh please madam! Once he comes back, I will be coming in here to share the bed with him anyway while you will have to go pinch in with the gateman or the gardener”

Morenikeji: “You case indeed is laughable. You really think that will happen? You really think my husband will ask me to vacate the room for you even for a night?” she was really amused by the girl’s naivety. “You think this life is a fairytale that all your romantic fantasies will become real?”

Akanke: “It will happen right here in your presence. You will be disappointed. I will advise you to start preparing your mind towards it now before it is too late”

Morenikeji: “I have heard you. Now can you leave my room? At least wait until it is your turn to use the room before you start barging in okay? Have a little respect for your elders”

Akanke: “Elders? And who is my elder in this house? You? Eheheheeheeh…just in case you don’t know, we are both equal in this house. Age is not by number, respect is not by age”

Morenikeji: “See I don’t have time for your childish rants this morning. You are not even the least of my problems so can you leave now?”

Akanke: “Well just so you know, my husband said he is coming back this week. I bet you didn’t know” she hissed and left the room.

Morenikeji: “These young girls will not fail to surprise me. It is either that they are looking for a home to break or a way to reap where they didn’t sow. Many of them don’t even want to invest in their futures, they just want a fast route to living big and it’s quite dangerous” she sighed and stepped out of the room too with thoughts of her sister still lingering in her mind.


Mummy Lebechi: “It is a lie o. She did not give me her key at all at all. She is just looking for whom to push the blames to. I have my own shop so why will i want to take care of her own sales? This is not making sense to me sir. The money was found in her shop so why am I here with her?”

Pastor: “She said that you did not give her the key?”

Morenikeji: “Well I did but if you don’t want to believe me then I will leave the church on my own. I have been thrown out of my home and my children’s life so being thrown out of here will not hurt at all compared to the former. I have found favour in God’s sight in this church and I believe I will continue to find it elsewhere too. God knows I have no reason to steal from him, I had no intention of stealing is the reason I started hawking on the streets in the first place. I will take my leave now sir. Thank you for everything” she said and stood up to leave.

Pastor: “Sit down there. I am not done talking” he ordered and she obeyed.

Mummy Lebechi: “Pastor don’t let her deceive you with her tears. Thieves are known to be good actors”

Pastor: “Mummy Lebechi, your words have proven a lot to me and I have gotten to the conclusion that you want the woman out of this church probably out of jealousy or something else I cannot really pinpoint for now. It is you who planted the money there to implicate her right?”

Mummy Lebechi: “Ah no ooo. I am innocent o” she went on her knees and tears started to flow immediately.

Pastor: “You cannot lie to the Holy Spirit you know that. have you forgotten the story of Ananias and Sapphira? Can you remember how they ended up for lying to the Holy Spirit? Do you want to end up like that?”

Mummy Lebechi: “Ehn no sir. Please I am sorry. It was the work of the devil”

Morenike: “Hmmmmmmmmm”

Pastor: “You almost made an innocent woman suffer disgrace and for what? I am not going to treat this with kids’ glove. I will make sure you regret your action to the fullest. I am not God so I am not that merciful” he said and dismissed the two of them after apologizing to Morenike for not believing her on time.


Commissioner: “So you mean you have been misusing your office all along officer?” he asked, his protruding stomach making him uncomfortable on the sofa.

Officer: “Ask the children sir, I did not touch her. I only prevented her from slapping me”

Joseph: “How did you prevent her from slapping you if not by touching her? Mr Okon see this your boy is a liar. A terrible liar”

Commissioner: “Officer, you are to report to my office tomorrow by 11a.m. I will know what to do to you by then”

Joseph: “You mean you don’t know what to do to him yet? I am filing a case against him and I will see to his dismissal”

Kemi: “But daddy, that uncle did not beat aunty. It was aunty who wanted to beat him” she said sadly.

Abiodun: “She tried slapping him for saying he bought us food and when he dodged it, she held his shirt and started screaming. Please don’t dismiss him” he pleaded.

Mary: “I will not blame you. Didn’t you plan the whole thing with him? Honey, I will leave this house if nothing is done about this issue. Imagine your wife being physically abused by a mere police officer” she said and stormed out of their presence.

Joseph: “Little kids, I don’t want to hear anything from you again except you want to be beaten to a pulp this night” he shot them an angry look one after the other.

Commissioner: “Hmmmm. I think we have to go about this with caution” he said after dismissing the officer and the children.

Joseph: “Meaning?”

Commissioner: “You know the way women can be. We need to investigate this properly before taking rash actions. I see some truths in what the children said. The girl is too little to lie like that. please you need to calm down so we don’t punish an innocent man. You know what it means to be dismissed from the force”

Joseph: “Hmmmmmmmm…”

Question: Should the pastor forgive mummy Lebechi for her treachery? Will Joseph listen to the commissioner?

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  1. The pastor have to expose Lebechi in order not to cover evil in the house of God. But come ooo, Adelove how come you’re asking me whether Joseph will listen to the commissioner as if Joseph na my brother abi friend? Bia Adelove take time oooo. wetin concern me with such stupid and wicked man called Joseph?

  2. The pastor will not forgive mummy labechi she is she devil if the pastor has not use wisdom to follow up the matter that is how morenike will be out of the church just like that mummy labechi need to live the church premisis Joseph will not listen to the commisioner his under spel he doesn’t know What his doing

  3. Pastor should make sure she pays for her sins, what if the pastor was not in the spirit to hear the Holy Spirit? It’s better for Joseph to listen oooo.

  4. Mama lebechi should not be forgiven,unless she confess all her conspiracy against innocent Morenike AND if not that the brain box of Joseph has been scatter by the devil mary he we listen to commisioner advise.RIDE ON ADELOVE,WITH YOUR BLOG LONELINESS IS STORY.goodmorning house. NEXT…

  5. The pastor needs to forgive her, but she should be made to confess to the congregation. Nike needs to be careful with her.
    Joseph won’t listen.
    The commissioner will be implicated for child abuse

  6. The pastor needs to forgive her, but she should be made to confess to the congregation. Nike needs to be careful with her.
    Joseph won’t listen.
    The commissioner will be implicated for child abuse

  7. The pastor should forgive her but drive her out of d church. Joseph will listen to d commissioner if probably Mary isn’t there or aware.

  8. This episodes are becoming shorter o.
    Somebody should come to these children’s rescue nah abi nah so them go dey suffer?? Commissioner biko look into the case before punishing an innocent man o. Corruption everywhere.. The commissioner positioned men to guard a man that abuses his children yet he couldn’t arrest him because they are friends.. Lol so pathetic. But want to sanction an officer because he was accused of wanting to harass Joseph’s wife?? Oshi radarada

  9. Hmmmmm….. No offence should go unpunished. Mummy Lebechi should be punished according to her offence. For now, I don’t think Joseph will listen to commissioner.

  10. The pastor should forgive her but dismiss her from hawking in the church premises. She’s just being jealous. Joseph should listen to the commissioner advice oh

  11. The pastor should forgive her a good punishment for such action. Mr Joseph will never agree with the commissioner.


  12. I believe the innocent policeman will be vindicated. this issue cursed by Mary may turn against them as the police will carefully give details of what is going on with the kids to the commissioner during investigation.

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