(Episode 18) Souls Adrift… A Story of Misplaced Priority!

(Episode 18) Souls Adrift... A Story of Misplaced Priority!

Jessica: “I really like how diligently you work Andre. You know what I even like the most? Your name” she giggled as they sat at the balcony of her family house in the GRA.

Andre: “You are making me feel fly ma’am. It has been just a week. You cannot judge my character just in a week now” he took a sip of the red wine in his hand.

Jessica: “I know but I see honesty in you. I am a good judge of character so I know what I am talking about. Even my dad has taken a liking to you in some way” she glanced at him through the rims of her glasses as she flipped through the fashion magazine she was using to keep her mind off him a little.

Andre: “Oh really? Just within a week? I am very happy to hear that”

Jessica: “I just hope you will keep being this way. Who knows? Something better might come of this driving job of yours. Do not look down on it or on yourself, just continue taking your job seriously and you will have a reason to make merry someday. Keep being honest”

Andre: “Thank you madam. I will keep your words  to heart” he replied curtseying awkwardly on his started chair.

“This guy seems o different from all those gold diggers I have met in the past who only want to use me to fill their pockets. Can you imagine how composed he is? By now he should have making advances at me but he isn’t. I am even praying for him to, i don’t know for how long I can holdwithout asking him out first. He is so handsome, my dream man” She thought.

“God I feel so hot, I wonder why she keeps looking at me that way. I cant wait to be out of here in order not to fall into temptation. She is my benefactor and I must never do anything to make her lose her trust in me. I really like her but I must work hard first to become someone she will be proud of later. I must be able to give her heaven on earth right? Oh my God! I need to stop this line of thought before it starts showing in my eyes” he shift uncomfortably on his seat, downing the content of his glass in one gulp.

Jessica: “Are you okay?” she asked when she noticed his discomfort.

Andre: “Oh sure! I’d love to take my leave now. It was nice spending time with you”


Mummy Lebechi: “Please help me to beg him. remember we are friends” she pleaded with Morenike who was still too stunned to utter a word.

Morenike: “So now you know we are friends? Before I was just a thief” she retorted, walking out of the church.

Mummy Lebechi: “I just didn’t know what came over me. Please help me”

The people around saw her pleading tearfully and wondered why it was so. They expected Morenike to have been the one pleading that way.

Head Usher: “Something looks fishy with these two. The accused looks relaxed and almost relieved while the accuser looks troubled. Are you thinking what I am thinking?” he asked his assistant who stood by his side at the door front, watching the two approaching women.

Asst. Head Usher: “I think that woman was trying to frame her friend. I wonder what could have pushed her to something like that” she said adjusting her pink pashmina.

Head Usher: “What else if not jealousy? The way she was talking, I just knew something was not right. I am glad the just has been vindicated. This is just like the case o Haman and Mordecai. God let my accusers become the accused by their own schemes in Jesus’ name o”

“Amen” she replied hushedly as the two women passed them by.


Joseph: “Yes I know the way women can be is the reason that officer must be dismissed from office. If it were to be your wife, what would you have done? She claims he assaulted her and that is what I will believe”

The commissioner looked at him and wondered what could be the reason he was the way he was- unreasonable.

Commissioner: “If it were to be my wife, I’d investigate the matter properly. I will find out if she is really maltreating my children or not except we are both in it together. Look at your children indeed, they look malnourished and weak. If I were you, I will be looking for ways to compensate that officer for helping my children because to me, the evidence is there. Ever since you decided to start dating that small girl, a lot has changed about you. I will advise you to man up and stop dancing to your wife’s tune” he said, standing up.

Joseph: “please get out! You seize being my friend from now on. Get out!” he barked from where he sat. “Idiot wants to teach me how to run my home, you who can’t even run your little office yet. Nonsense!” he cursed as the commissioner took his leave from the house but not without withdrawing the officers guarding the house.

In his office the next day, the officer stood at attention in front of his huge desk which had nothing but his name plate, Nigerian flag and a newspaper on it. He loved his desk neat and always tried not to pile up paper works on it.

Commissioner: “I want to believe you really didn’t assault that woman but I must still investigate the issue my own way. What really happened?” he asked after asking the officer to be at ease.

Officer: “I must tell you the truth sir. Your friend Mr Ogedengbe is not in his right senses. I am sorry to say that sir but…”

Commissioner: “No offence taken, continue please”

Officer:  Thank you sir” he said and narrated the ordeal of the children in the hands of their step mother in details which was the reason he decided to start buying food for them.

Commissioner: “Ehn ehn. This is unbelievable. What should we do about the whole thing? The children need to be taken out of that house. I knew their mother and she was a nice, respectful woman. I wonder why he had to send her out. We must do something even if it’s for her sake. I know that man will fight us tooth and nail but we have our own power too don’t we?”

Officer: “Yessir we do. They children don’t even know where their mother is. No one knows where she is”

Commissioner: “That is unfortunate. Not to worry, I will see what I can do about their predicament. It pays to be good, good people reap the reward of their goodness one way on the other someday” he said and dismissed the officer who left grinning from ear to ear. He was more than impressed with the way the commissioner was handling the whole case without any form of bias. Someone else in his shoes could have hauled him out of his office at the behest of Mary.

“I guess we still have good men in high places in this country anyway or is it grace speaking for the children?” he muttered as he went back to his post.

The next day, some officers were sent to get the children out of the clutch of their father and their step mum…

Joseph: “What is this supposed to mean early this morning?”

Officer: “It has come to our notice that your children are being abused by you and your wife and so we have been ordered to get them” he looked him straight in the eye, a gesture he dared not try before.

Joseph: “You guys must be out of your right mind. My own children? You have missed it” he said trying to stop one of the officers who had already scooped Kemi into his arms and holding Abiodun already.

Abiodun: “Officer please let’s go fast” he said tugging at the one holding him. he had fear in his eyes, fear that his father will find a way to get them back.

Question: Is the commissioner doing the right thing? Wouldn’t this escalate into bigger problems judging from how influential Joseph is?

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  1. The commissioner still considers him a friend after all,if not,he would have been arrested and thrown to jail with his devilish wife..God never forgets his own.God bless that officer for helping those children out..

  2. the commissioner is doing the right thing nothing will go wrong except if Joseph and his devilish wife wants to end in prison which I know that is where they will both ended

  3. What Joseph and his wife Mary did was child abuse so they needed to be arrested and thank God for the commissioner for helping the children

  4. The commissioner did well typical of police they keep molested children in their custody before the case is charge to court plus he did it for the sake of the kids mum who was very respectful to him chaiii that Abiodun statement that Says officer pls let go fast made my day plus he just gave the officers more power to their elbow now am liking this story jare brain washed Joesph will thank the commissioner later for using force to remove his kids out of harms way now that Joesph has lost his glory (wife) n his crown (kids let expect the worst to happen to him intact those rubbers will so much deal with him ehhh plus Mary will finish him good d kids are not there to suffer what they didn’t caused

  5. Just getting more interesting… I know God will fight for the children and their mother..kudos commissioner..take the kids away abeg…

  6. The commissioner dd the right thing and nothing is going to happend to d decision of d commissioner no matter how influencial joseph may be. NEXT…

  7. It might escalate into bigger problem but i think victory belongs to the just at-last


  8. For once, the commissioner is on the right track.
    It’s about time Joseph loses his wealth,.
    Thank God for Andre, things are beginning to look up for him.
    Imagine falling in love with Jessica and getting married to her, Mary sorry for you

  9. it’s true, there are still better men in high place. the commissioner have an insight, beyond friendship to allow justice prevail.

  10. The commissioner did the right thing by saving the helpless children from bondage. And I am 100% sure nothing will happen considering the office the commissioner occupies, despite Joseph influence in the society.

  11. This is by far the most touching story I have read here, I can’t imagine one she devil will do this to my girl n boy, I can kill them for it.

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