(Episode 19) Souls Adrift… A Story of Misplaced Priority!

(Episode 19) Souls Adrift... A Story of Misplaced Priority!

After the evening service that day, the pastor called a meeting of the ministers and there, he told them what had transpired between Morenike and Mummy Lebechi that afternoon. Many of them were shocked since they had known Mummy Lebechi for a long time and had come to see her as family. She and Morenike were summoned into the pastor’s office again.

Pastor: “Since I am not supposed to take the decision by myself, I have called the ministers and told them what you did this afternoon. I told you I was not going to treat this issue with kid’s glove” he said with all seriousness. To mummy Lebechi, it was as if a bombshell had been dropped on her head. She never knew the pastor would want to take the issue that far. She placed her hands on her head as the ministers turned their disappointed looks on her.

Mummy Lebechi: “I am sorry pastor. This will never happen again” she went on her knees.

Pastor: “Now you ant forgiveness? Have you forgotten what the bible said in the book of proverbs 13: 6? That righteousness keepeth him that is upright in the way; but wickedness overthroweth the sinner. You acted wickedly, you almost stripped an innocent woman of her honour and means of livelihood but here you are asking for forgiveness? Weren’t you the one clamouring for her to be thrown out for stealing? Now you didint just steal, you alo tried to use it to implicate another and for that there must be a punishment”

Mummy Lebechi: “Please sir, it was the work of the devil, I just didn’t know what came over me”

1st Minister: “Isnt that how we all lie against the devil? We conceive a sin in our hearts, carry it out without thinking and then later, we blame the devil for our own follies. Hmmmmmm” he shook his head.

Pastor: “So we have decided to close up your shop. You will no longer be allowed to sell something inside the church again. I was never in support of someone having a store inside the church anyway if not for the children who goes out during service to buy one thing on the other; I would never have allowed it. Now that Madam Morenike has a shop outside which will not require the children crossing the road, I think it will be a good thing to close up the one inside. You have proven yourself unworthy so we shall strip you of the good you have been enjoying in this church”

Mummy Lebechi: “Ah! I am finished o. Sir you know my husband is not that financially stable and I have to contribute to the upbringing of my children. Please pardon me sir”

Morenike: “Pastor please forgive her. I think all that is needed is for her to learn her lesson which she has. I believe it will never happen again sir. Please do not close up her shop for the sake of her children” she also went on her knees with tears in her eyes. She remembered her own children and could not hold the emotion any longer.

2nd Minister: “Yes pastor, let’s give her another chance but her shop should be closed up for two months after which she can reopen it. She cannot just go scot free like that Madam Morenike. This is a house of mercy but the heart of man is continuously evil. She has to experience the implication of her action”

Pastor: “I think that is a good suggestion. Good one minister”


Mary: “Honey do something they are taking them away” she tugged at her husband who stood on a spot as one of the officers aimed a gun at his chest.

Joseph: “What do you want me to do?  don’t worry, they will face my full wrath soon. I will be charging the office of the commissioner of police to court for abducting my children at gun point” he said.

Officer: “We are ready for you sir. We already knew it was going to get to that. we will fight law with law. Just make sure you don’t fight dirty. You are not fit to be a father. I am a witness of you and your wife’s negligence, mental and physical abuse of the children who came out of your bowels. The children themselves are a living proof so bring it on” he said, dropped the gun and went after his comrades who were already waiting for him in the van with the children.

They were both taken to the commissioner’s office since there was no other pace they could stay at for the moment.

Commissioner: “Little children, how are you doing?” he asked smiling at them. One look at Abiodun and he knew the boy needed urgent medical care.

Kemi: “I am fine but my brother is sick” she replied sadly.

Commissioner: “Yes I can see that. don’t worry, he will be treated here okay? I have a personal doctor who will be here as soon as I have called him. your brother will be fine” he assured her.

Kemi: “Thank you sir. Abbey come and lie down on the chair you hear? Doctor will be here soon” she led him to the longest settee in the office and helped him to lie down with the expertise of a mother. The commissioner watched them and wondered how a father would neglect such adorable beings. He quickly put a call through to his doctor without taking his eyes off the duo.

Commissioner: “Will you like to eat anything?” he asked after ending the call.

Kemi: “Abbey do you want to eat?” she bent by his side.

Abiodun: “I am not hungry yet. You can eat you hear?”

Kemi: “He said he is not hungry but I know it is because he is sick. When i am sick, I don’t eat too but mummy always force me so I will force him too” she stood up to relay the message to the commissioner who smiled fondly at her.

Commissioner: “Your mummy really taught you well. Do you have any aunt or uncle around?”

Kemi: “Yes aunty Keji we don’t know the way to her house”

Commissioner: “Hmmmm. Okay! I will see what I can do” he said then summoned one of his boys to get them food and lucozade boost for Abiodun who had begun to shiver on the chair.


As soon as the officers left, he and Mary got ready and went over to his lawyer’s to sue the commissioner of police’s office.

Lawyer: “Welcome Mr Ogedengbe. What can I do for you?” he asked smiling but stopped when he saw his smile was not reciprocated.

Joseph: “I haven’t come here to smile at you in anyway. I here to file a suit against the commissioner of police for abducting my children under false accusation” he said as they both occupied the two seats opposite the lawyer.

Lawyer: “Commissioner of police? This is huge, I mean it is going to be huge” he smiled inwardly as he imagined the amount of publicity that case was going to get him. he made up his mind to win it at all cost.

Joseph: “Yes”

Lawyer: “So what was the accusation he levelled against you?” he shifted o his chair, almost sitting on one buttock.

Joseph: “That I and my wife are emotionally and physically abusing the children. Is it possible for me to abuse my own children?” he raved.

Lawyer: “Of course not. How can it be possible? Were the children eager to follow them or forced to?”

Joseph: “See leave that story aside. If you cannot do this job, tell me now so I can carry my case elsewhere”

Lawyer: “Of course I can. Do you have anyone who can stand as a witness?”

Mary: “I am the witness of course” she replied sharply.

Question: This will be huge indeed. Do you think Joseph has any chance of winning the case?

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  1. Hahahahahahaha, he has lost already, the lawyer should collect as much money as he can, as this might be the last time he’s representing him

  2. He can’t win the case. I see Joseph losing so much money on the case and finally losing his job as a result of the negative publicity that will be attracted.
    Andre, man-up and propose to Jessica before I come and do so

  3. How can he win, d lawyer should just collect his own money o. The kid will tell their tale, the policemen dat guided his house. Even d report of d doctor will finish him & wicked Mary. Their mother will learn it through d news. Joseph & wicked Mary should eat their last supper bcos they are on their way to prison

  4. Adelove, I don’t know where you are getting this story from, but I tell you I’m crying already for this children as if it’s realy happening somewhere that I know, may God help us from the hand of bad women

  5. I can’t stop laughing at Joseph’s foolishness.. So gullible.. For Mary,I cover am for you inside cooler very hot.
    Andre,summons courage okay.

  6. Please don’t let Mary end up being mad. Let her surfer a painful, disgraceful and slow death. While morenikke shouldn’t forgive joseph

  7. Why do I feel like this is a hungry lawyer??? Lol.
    Well I hope these children can get the justice they so deserve now that they are out of there, Abbey hold on, help is on the way. I want Mary to suffer a slow painful death.. Joseph doesn’t deserve a second chance morenike so don’t go all soft on him. Well I can’t wait

  8. Who dash monkey banana, Joseph can never win the case against commissioner of police because his action is to save the children.

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