(Episode 20) Souls Adrift… A Story of Misplaced Priority!

(Episode 20) Souls Adrift... A Story of Misplaced Priority!

A week later, true to Akanke’s words, their husband returned from his sojourn but to Morenikeji’s consternation since he hadn’t told her of his impending return. She went to him as he unpacked his bag, bringing out numerous lady stuffs which she wasn’t sure who he had gotten them for.

Morenikeji: “Welcome back dear. But what is all these? Why didn’t you tell me you were coming back today? I’d have come to pick you up at the airport” she sat beside him on the bed.

Adeniyi: “It was meant to be a surprise my dear. No hard feelings at all” he replied throwing one arm across her shoulder.

Morenikeji: “A surprise but you told your new wife about it?”

Adeniyi: “Ah! Do I smell jealousy there? Besides, new wife? I haven’t acknowledged her yet” he said grimacing.

Morenikeji: “So are you trying to say that you won’t accept her?”

Adeniyi: “Well that is what I told my people but the kept proving stubborn as usual and I expected you to have at least asked me about it. Why didn’t you?”

Morenikeji: “I didn’t want it to seem like I was trying to impose my will on you. Well, she is not that bad, you should consider her since I might not be able to have any child for you again”

Adeniyi: “Says who? My dear, I am not cut out for polygamy. If you are unable to have another child then we can just adopt one or two. Children is children, all it takes is just the ability to take care of them, show them love and affection whether you gave birth to them or not. We are in this for better and or worse. That was the vow we took on the altar many years back.

Morenikeji: “I am so touched honey. I am blessed to have you” she leaned on his shoulder while he placed a light kiss on her forehead.

Adeniyi: “You are my wife forever and nothing will ever change that. don’t ever talk of running away again. Not to worry, I have plans for you which my coming home this time around is mainly to bring it to actualization. You will be happy I promise”

Akanke suddenly burst in, wearing a micro mini bodycon gown which accentuated all her curves in the right places. She had on a makeup which Morenikeji knew she must have gone to a professional makeup artiste to have done. The girl was already living big.

Akanke: “Welcome back husband” she greeted smiling coyly.

Morenikeji:  “I told you to always knock while entering this room”

Akanke: “Husband, I came to ask you what you will eat and when i’m to pack into this room” she fluttered her artificial lashes at him.


He found out that he was making more money from driving than he had ever imagined before. In a day, he made close to fifty thousand every week which was a total no brainer compared to his twenty-five thousand naira salary as a teacher. That day, he drove happily in his Toyota Corolla uber car to Jessica’s place to give her the 10% weekly due she had asked for and was directed by the gateman to the main house. Her dad Colonel Olanrewaju and her brothers were around. The atmosphere looked a little serious as they all sat around the dining table without touching their foods.

Jessica: “Hey you are here at last. We have all been waiting for you. Please have your seat here” she ushered him a seat opposite hers and next to her elder brother Junior.

Colonel Olanrewaju: “you are welcome to our home Andre. Feel at home” he greeted and ordered the cook to serve him too after which they all began to eat the steaming hot amala and ewedu with goat meat.

Junior: “You look so fit and handsome Andre. Now I know why she wouldn’t let us hear word in this house” he cast his sister a knowing look.

Andre: “Thanks to you all. I am honoured to be here” he replied feeling uncomfortable and lost.

Adetiroye: “You are welcome” the last son said swallowing a morsel o amala at the same time.

Andre: “Thank you” he replied smiling. He noticed the striking resemblance between the two guys and their father. If not or his greying hair, one could mistake them as triplets. They were all well brought up single-handedly by their father after the death of their mum.

Colonel Olanrewaju: “I noticed my daughter here brooding sometime ago and when I asked her, she made me know she actually liked someone but didn’t know how to tell him. she will be twenty eight this month and her continuous singleness is becoming a thing of worry to us”

Junior: “And she told us how responsible and hardworking you are though you have some financial hurdles but you are one with a great potential. Is that true?”

Andre: “Yes of course” he replied shifting uneasily in his chair.

Adetiroye: “I think the question you people should be asking him is if he likes her too. I cant have anyone treating my little sister wrongly, i will take the person’s head first” he said without looking at anyone of them. He was a very blunt person and wasn’t one to hide his true feelings in anyway. To him, Andre looked like a playboy.

Jessica: “Oye! Please can you tuck your tongue in mbok? We know you love me already so you don’t have to be such a blatant show off” she said and they all laughed except Oye of course.

Adetiroye: “I have said my own”

Andre: “Oh God! What are these people up to? I don’t think I am ready for all these just yet. It is happening so fast and I don’t think I like it. How do I get out of here? If I succumb to their will now, wont they make my life hell being as penniless as I am? I am just a driver for Chrissake!” he thought as they exchanged playful words with Oye.

Colonel Olanrewaju: “So do you like my daughter or not?” he finally asked.

He looked at Jessica and was looking at him excitedly, probably expecting a yes from him. his gaze went to Oye who was still busy with his food without even a glance up at any of them and then at the rest of the two who were eagerly waiting for his reply.


Some days after the incidence with mummy Lebechi, she bought a Nokia torchlight phone with a part of her savings. She was tired of being incommunicado and needed to hear about her children. The only person she could call was her sister whose number she knew offhand. She paced around the backyard of the church as she waited for her sister to pick the call.

Morenike: “Hello Keji’ she quickly said immediately she picked it.

Morenikeji: “Ah egbon mi (my elder sister)” she exclaimed incredulously.

Morenike: “How are you doing Keji?” she asked close to tears.

Morenikeji: “How could you leave like that? aren’t you worried about your children at all? Don’t you want them back in anyway? Couldnt you have waited to fight for your children? Are we not important to you at all” she asked in one breath, unable to hold her emotions.

Morenike: “I didn’t abandon them. I was just too incapacitated to fight for them. How are they?” tears suddenly began to flow down her eyes when she remembered the tears on their faces the morning she had gone to see them.

Morenikeji: “I have seen them just once since you left. I am not allowed near the house anymore. Please where are you? I will come pick you right away even if you are in another city so please tell me where you are”

“I don’t think I want to go back just yet. I haven’t accomplished enough yet. Will their seeing me now be the best for them? I know they must be better off with their father” she thought as her sister waited for her reply.

Question: It’s like Andre is going to say no o, Is it advisable for him to accept their proposal yet? Will Morenike tell her sister where she is?

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  1. I think it’s good if Andre says no so that they won’t c him as a gold digger. When he knows he is well to do, he should propose to jessy from his heart. And for Morenike, this is d time for her to come out of hiding n fight for her children.

  2. If Andre reject their proposal i swear i will give him a hot slap that he will live to regret in his life. And as for morenike, i think its time for her to go back and see her children. Cos if she is thinking of making money first, she can’t be richer than Joseph.

  3. Andre will say No he thinks her ppl are coming on him too strong just cos he his financially handicap due to his egolistic feelings Nike won’t disclose her location yet until she gets to read abt the kids issue on news

  4. They’re not taking advantage of Andre Genius.
    Andre needs to be wise is his reply, he can admit liking her, but point out that he can’t enter a relationship just yet.
    They’ll respect him the more for it.
    Nike need not tell Keji yet

  5. They’re not taking advantage of Andre.
    Andre needs to be wise is his reply, he can admit liking her, but point out that he can’t enter a relationship just yet.
    They’ll respect him the more for it.
    Nike need not tell Keji yet

  6. They’re not taking advantage of Andre.
    Andre needs to be wise is his reply, he can admit liking her, but point out that he can’t enter a relationship just yet.
    They’ll respect him the more for it.
    Nike need not tell Keji yet

  7. They’re not taking advantage of Andre.
    Andre needs to be wise is his reply, he can admit liking her, but point out that he can’t enter a relationship just yet.
    They’ll respect him the more for it.
    Nike need not tell Keji yet

  8. They’re not taking advantage of Andre.
    Andre needs to be wise is his reply, he can admit liking her, but point out that he can’t enter a relationship just yet.
    They’ll respect him the more for it.
    Nike need not tell Keji yet

  9. interesting… Andre should take his time before accepting their proposal.. she should tell her sister where she is.

  10. I think Andre should not abruptly accept the proposal, he needs time to think about it and use wisdom to answer their question tactically and democratically, because he was caught unaware by them. As for Morenike, she should come out of her hidden place and fight for her children.

  11. The police should reach morenikeji fast nah. Andre is feeling pressured but I think he should follow his heart and tell them how he feels.wanting to do her bids or say what she would love to hear because he wants to be in her good book might only complicate things.

  12. Andre should not accept the offer yet but later propose to jessy (so far he like her already, from there they can decide what next). Morenike please this is the right time to get your children back with your sister’s help and that of the church through prayer. Kudos adelove

  13. i am just suspecting them, maybe they are up to something, Andre should think twice before accepting the proposal though he love Jessica.

  14. Andre shouldn’t accept jus yet n as 4 Morenike, don’t think she will tepl Kej where she is but may meet her up somewhere.

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