37 contestants set to battle for 200 million Naira in “The Labour Room Reality TV Show”

37 contestants set to battle for 200 million Naira in "The Labour Room Reality TV Show"

The ‘Labour Room’ is the first National Development Reality TV Show in Africa, strategically designed by the Nigeria Rebirth Foundation to activate the true super potentials of Nigerians as a nation.
37 housemates,  (who will be referred to as The Labour Room Governors)  – representing each State and the FCT will live together in one Mansion to discuss, improve on and formulate solutions to the critical issues that are confronting us as a nation for 60 days before more than 150 million viewers across the world:
These intelligent and introspective youths will, over a period of 60 days, analyze and x-ray the myriad issues bedeviling the Nigerian state (including but not limited to Unemployment, Leadership, Education, Poverty, Health, Economy, Unity, Aviation, International Perception, Conflicts) to articulate workable, sustainable solution-driven recommendations for reform.
Additionally, the program also seeks to promote unity in our great Nigerian diversity:
Housemates will be discharged or retained by their collaborative solutions (as scored by our independent panel of Judges) to daily challenges confronting the nation, the support gathered from their home states as well as votes from the television and online audiences.
Also, distinguished men and women, such as past Heads of State, current national and international Leaders as well as Captains of Industry will be visiting and meeting with the Housemates during the sixty days in the Mansion.
Please note that while the Labour Room National Development Reality TV show will highlight the personalities and capabilities of Nigerian youths applying their intellect and passion for their Country and their respective states, the show has been designed to entertain and capture imaginations across the country, the continent and the world.
The four finalist Housemates will emerge as Winners of the Labour Room Reality TV Show in a live Grand Finale event and will be awarded 200 Million Naira in Seed Capital – plus business and personal mentoring and coaching – to start and grow a local content Company to create jobs for youths and others.
Furthermore, The Labour Room TV Reality Show is giving away branded souvenirs and items to 30 lucky winners.
Solar Power banks, Rechargeable Fans and T-shirts will be won from Ellington Electric Products Nigeria.
Here’s what you need to do to win:
Step 1: follow us on all are social media handles
Instagram: @thelabourromng
Twitter:   TheLabourRoom
Facebook: TheLabourRoomNg
YouTube: The Labour Room
Step 2: Drop a line of comment on why you believe in a new Nigeria, mention @ThelabourRoom on twitter using the #labourroomng.
Let’s all come together and unite to #push a new Nigeria!!!


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