(Episode 21) Souls Adrift… A Story of Misplaced Priority!

(Episode 21) Souls Adrift... A Story of Misplaced Priority!

The children had to stay with the commissioner since no one had gone to claim them despite all the adverts they put up. The commissioner knowing the kind of person Joseph was started taking steps on how to curtail any counter attack from him. He called the help of Human Rights activists and told them the story of the children in whose mouth it was also confirmed. Abiodun had become well enough to talk and through him, the whole incidence from how he treated his mum to how he allowed his wife to ill-treat them became known. Adelove.com and other bloggers soon started publishing the story and it went viral.


Morenikeji: “Sister talk now. Why are you hesitating? Do you want to remain hidden forever?”

Morenike: “Of course not but I don’t think it is time for me to come back yet. Please you need to understand”

Morenikeji: “What are you talking about? I am just asking you to come and see us then you can go back to wherever you are at” she was becoming agitated.

Morenike: “What I intend doing is not to show up and then disappear again.  I want to prove to my husband that I can amount to something too with or without him. he has doubted and treated me less for too long. I can’t show up and still be the way I left”

Morenikeji: “So I guess its about your pride anyway? Did I tell you how your kids were the last time I went there?”

Morenike: “Well you did not reply so i’m assuming they are in good hands”

Morenikeji: “You surprise me sis. Abiodun had been locked up without food and water the day I went there. Kemi looked so hungry and malnourished I felt like crying when I laid my eyes on her. But do you know the funniest thing? I was thrown out like a piece of rag by the officers guarding the house when i demanded to see Abiodun no matter what. Your children are in prison in case you don’t know”

Morenike: “Oh Jesus! No way!” she clutched the phone with her two hands, afraid it would fall off due to how much her hands began to quiver. Her airtime soon got exhausted but her sister called her back immediately.

Morenikeji: “You there?”

Morenike: “Yes I am. Were you joking earlier? Tell me my children are well taken care of please” tears fell off her face is quick succession.

Morenikeji: “Why will I joke with a thing like that? Am I a kid?”

Morenike: “I am at Giwa” he revealed tearfully. “When are you coming to get me? I will direct you on how to reach me”

Morenikeji: “I am coming right away”

She ended the call and turned back only to find her husband standing at the doorway…

Adeniyi: “Was that your sister?” he asked incredulously.

Morenikeji: “Yeah”

Adeniyi: “I am so sorry to hear everything happning to her and to think I also supported her leaving this house. I am sorry dear. Don’t worry; we will get her children back. That man is in trouble and to think I respected him as an elder brother”


Andre: “Uhm… erm…of course I like her too” he finally said after what seemed to be an eternity.

Colonel Olanrewaju: “Oh good then. Jessy did you hear that? he said he likes you too” he announced as if his daughter had no power in her ears.

Jessica: “I know dad” she replied happily.

Adetiroye: “I wonder why you people are so happy. you hvent even asked him the real question yet. Anyone can like anyone, it is a normal thing” he said coldly.

Junior: “Oye aren’t you done eating?”

Adetiroye: “Aren’t we all here to interrogate our brother in law to be? Let’s carry on but please we should hit the nail on the head as soon as possible. I have things waiting to be done”

Junior: “I believe it should be left to Andre now to make the next step in that regard. He is a man and no one should tell him what to do. isn’t it so Andre?”

Andre: “Yeah of course you are right” he said hurriedly, a little relieved he wouldn’t be asked the big question.

Colonel Olanrewaju: “It is settled then. We shall wait for the outcome of today’s discussion then. Count yourself as one of us  now Andre. You are welcome here whenever you want okay?”

Andre: “Okay sir! Thank you very much”

He took his leave after sometime and downstairs, he and Jessy stood beside his car, staring at each other.

Jessica: “I noticed your hesitation in there Andre” she finally broke the silence. “Is it that you don’t like me or what?”

Andre: “Hey! I like you a lot. I like you very very much and I have begun to make plans in my head but not when I have nothing like this. I want to be able to take care of you in my own terms. I want you to have a man you’d be proud of and I am working towards becoming that man. So I just need some little time okay?” he cupped her face in his arms. Colonel Olanrewaju stood by the window watching them closely. At that point, he was assured that she hadn’t made the wrong choice. The boy was no gold digger, just calculative.

Jessica: “I am so proud of you Andre” she said with an emotion-laden voice.

Andre: “Mary can you hear that? She is proud of me” he thought smiling down at her.


Mary: “Honey I don’t think we are going to win this case. I think you should withdraw it” she said to him one early Saturday morning.

Joseph: “Withdraw it for what? My children were taken away right under my nose and you are asking me to just let it go?” he shot her a look of incredulity.

Mary: “So are your children more important than me?” she said placing a hand on her chest.

Joseph: “Dont go there. Don’t even go there at all”

Mary: “Really? You can really open your mouth to tell me that?”

Joseph: “Oh blood of Jesus Christ. What have I said so wrong now? Okay do not be angry. You know you are more important to me than anyone in this earth” he tried drawing her close but she shrugged him off.

Mary: “Please don’t use such words with me. I know where your heart lays” she complained bitterly and just then, his phone rang making her halt her sulking. He picked it and after listening for some time, the expression on his face changed and became sombre immediately.

Joseph: “Oh no! I am done for” he grasped his head in his two hands.

Mary: “What is wrong?”

Joseph: “My very good friend at work jut called now to tell me my name is in the list of those demoted from their posts. I am almost at the bottom of the ladder now”

Mary: “Oh no! But why? Why will they do something like that?”

Joseph: “I don’t know. The funniest thing is I was the only one who was taken down that low. How can I be getting a demotion at this age when I am already planning my retirement? God why me” he stood up and started pacing frantically around.

Mary: “Could this be what that prophet meant when he said his crown was already shaky? Oh no! Is he going to become poor now or what? I don’t think I can ever be with a poor old man. That will be over my dead body. I am sure he has some money saved at least? I know how to get it of course and then the document to this house will be mine soo too. I will get as much as I want before he hits the rock bottom” she thought, not minding the distressed state of the man.

Question: How will she get what she wants from him? has his crown finally fallen off?

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  1. Men !!! Mary is so going to regret her decisions. I can’t wait to see her expression when she sees that Andre is established and married to a more classy babe. Unfortunately for her, she’ll leave empty-handed if not thrown into jail

  2. Mat will cunningly get it from Joseph, jus hope he doesn’t fall 4 it dis time. His crown already fallen, more problems to cum 4 dem. Am happy 4 u Andre.

  3. Keji ‘s husband is too good. Does these kind of men still exist? Mary, how can someone be so materialistic and money worshipping yet very lazy to work out money? Some ladies baffles me. Mary will go back to the prophet it another means to get what she wants.

  4. His crown fell a long time ago..
    Yes @Goodness,good men still exist I know this because I married One.. He love unconditionally.

  5. And his glory already left him.what do you except?.He that find a wife finds a good thing&obtain favour from God.Crown, glory,favour,everything has left him….
    As for Mary,yet to unfold inside cooler,loosed,loosed,loser

  6. Y is it that when the story is getting to an end, adelove start bringing d story short. Must d story get to 24 episodes? Pls change jarie

  7. Joseph crown has fallen tipetipe Mary u won’t get any dime from his property cos it belongs to those children ur punishment dey do press up I sorry for you oooooo

  8. You never see anything yet Joseph… As for Mary I pity her end coz its going to be so shameful n disastrous… Don’t bite d fibers dat fed you coz d wicked will never go unpunished

  9. this story seems to be one of the best, ever since I became a fans of Adelove. the story is going the way it I like it. things are turning round so fast for good now. not waiting for last episode for a rush conclusion. like morenike has been vindicated from the evil plan of mama lebechi, the kids getting help at last, nikeji being assured of love from her husband, Andre getting favour and true love. as you can see now, Mary could now see that things may not going to be the same again. this is how it ought to be going. not waiting till the last episode before the wicked paying for their misdeeds and by force summary of the story only in the last episode.

  10. I don’t think it’s not something easy for to get what she wants because she has already champed him. He is now a yes Ma stuff to Mary and has no reasons to reject to what she demands from him. And his crown finally falling off.

  11. Mary’s game is over she will so shocked that her so call husband is in big mess that she can’t get anythinng from him Joseph crown has already fallen the moment he sent his wife out of the house

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