(Episode 23) Souls Adrift… A Story of Misplaced Priority!

(Episode 23) Souls Adrift... A Story of Misplaced Priority!

Adeniyi: “For my good baba? My father would have sort for what made happy, what gives me peace and he knows polygamy no matter how good a man is at it can never be peaceful. What I am trying to say is, I already have a wife and I am content with her. we took a vow of for better or for worse on the altar and you were all present there. I am not going to turn my back on my wife just because of an issue which is not impossible for God to handle” he squeezed her quivering hand even tighter.

Iyabeji: “We are not asking you to turn your back on her, we are just asking you to marry another wife who will bear you a child”

Adeniyi: “And who is the doctor that told you my wife can no longer bear children?”

Iyabeji: “She is has gone beyond her prime already. I doubt she still sees her monthly visitor and besides, in her family, they don’t bear more than two children”

Adeniyi: “And who is the judge of all that? are you God? Are you the one who made her? do you create children? How sure are you that it’s I who needs medical attention? Will you advise her to marry another husband if that were to be the case?” he watched patiently as they both exchanged confused looks.

Olori Ebi: “Hmmmmmmm so you mean we are only wasting our saliva? You cannot accept Akanke as a second wife?”

Adeniyi: “With due respect sir, I am saying you people should mind your businesses while I mind mine. You all have your families and none of your sons are polygamous in anyway. Give Akanke to one of them and leave me to live my life in peace”

Iyabeji: “I think your wife has bewitched you” she suddenly shot up to her feet, fuming at Morenikeji.

Akanke: “My husband please do not cast me away like this. I have already set all my hope, dreams and aspirations on this marriage” she went closer to him, knelt in front of him and placed her hands on each of his knees.

Morenikeji: “Honey I think I have to leave you to your family reunion now” the girl touching him made her boil within. She felt that if she didn’t leave the place, she might end up dismembering her with her bare hands.

Iyabeji: “Ah! In your mouth Morenikeji? You want to walk out on us?”

He tugged at her urging her to have her seat pleading with her with his eyes.

Iyabeji: “Nooo leave her to insult us” she shook her index finger at him.

Adeniyi: “Go and sit down Akanke, you have no place in this house not to talk of my life. You are still too young, go back home and weave other dreams, pick up your aspirations where you dumped them and you hope will come alive again. You people can find your way out right?”

He drew his wife up with him and together they walked out of the house.

Morenikeji: “That was epic but I’m afraid you were to loose with words with your family” she put on a worried face.

Adeniyi: “You are my number one family now dear. They are just hungry aunts and uncles looking for an ally to plant here. Worry not your pretty head and make sure you bring big sis home” he raked hi fingers through her well permed hair and spanked her on the buttocks playfully as she climbed into her Kia Rio.

Morenikeji: “Weldone sir” she giggled, igniting the car engine.


Looking at him sprawl across the bed, for some reason irritated her to the bones.

Hai. How do I run away from this old disgusting man o. And to think I didn’t even save much. Whichever way, I still have the prayers of the prophet to bask on. He can still do whatever I ask. She thought to herself then tapped him roughly on the shoulder. He opened his eyes, checked the bedside clock and turned his head sadly to the other side.

Mary: “Arent you supposed to be getting ready for work?” she asked remembering that by that time he would have been clutching his briefcase and heading to his car.

Joseph: “Didn’t I tell you? I was dismissed from office. The decision was taken during the board of directors’ meeting. They investigated me and found me guilty of fraudulent activities”

Mary: “Hei! What fraud o. Who did you defraud?” she asked with her hands on her head.

Joseph: “Even I cannot explain it. I cannot think of anyone I defrauded. It is probably because of the bribes I gave some of the directors for my reinstatement. It was a trap and I fell into it” he found himself sniffing loudly. His world, everything he had ever worked for was crashing down right before his eyes and he knew not how to help himself. all the people he trusted in high places had already turned their backs on him. the fact that he was making wave in the news as a bad father and husband compounded issues for him.

Mary; “You are joking aren’t you? Okay then. Please sit up. There is something I need to discuss with you” she tapped him on the shoulder yet again.

Joseph: “I am listening”

Mary: “No I need you to sit up. It is very important” she persisted stubbornly.

He sat up.

Joseph: “Now what?”

Mary: “I want you to will all your properties to me including this house”

Joseph: “What?” he was dumbfounded at her boldness.

Mary: “Yes that is what I want”

Joseph: “Why will I do a thing like that when I am still alive? Besides having those are what I am relying on for survival right now so why will I will them to you? You don’t even have a child for me and for the record, they are all in my wife’s name. I had signed an agreement with my lawyer that no matter how much I insist or threaten him in the future that he was not going to change it. It can never be changed”

She felt like someone had tied a heavy tone around her neck and plunged her into the deep blue sea.

Mary: ‘It can never be changed? Not even for me?”

Joseph: “Not even for you. Wait! Are you using jazz on me? You were so sure that I would agree, why will you even request for a thing like that if not that you trust in some fetish means?” he asked in open-eyed amazement.

Mary: “I was just thinking of the love we share o nothing more”

Joseph: “Good! Now come and lie down beside me” she hesitated but her pulled her down forcibly, making her cry out in pain when their heads collided.

Not being able to understand why he will refuse her something that crucial at that point in time. As soon as it was 12pm, she headed for the Prophet’s place again. She met him in a prayer session with someone in his inner chamber and had to wait at the sitting room for him. after what seemed like an eternity, he and the lady who wore a tight fitting blouse exposing most of her huge breasts stepped out giggling at each other awkwardly. As soon as they saw her, they quickly composed themselves while the lady pulled up her blouse to cover up her heavy duty breast properly.

Prophet: “You are welcome sister. When did you arrive and who opened the door for you?” he asked after seeing the lady off to the door.

Mary: “One small boy like that did. I need your help prophet”

Prophet: “I can see that. Come with me to the holy chamber” he said and led the way. It wasn’t the office he had attended to her in the first time she had gone there but a room with a mosquito net hanging over the bed and numerous books, candles and statutes littering the floor. The room wa dimly lit thereby unnerving her.

Mary: “Why don’t we go to your office instead?” she asked looking around as he made her sit on a chair opposite his bed where he had climbed to, folding his legs in front of him.

Prophet: “This is where I carry out all my serious cases” he replied, straightening his long beard. “So what is the problem?”

Mary: “It is my husband. He no longer listens to me and you did a prayer for me in that regard some time ago. Please what is going on?”

Prophet: “Ah! You haven’t been coming back to renew the prayers? He will regain his senses now. God is not a magician or don’t you know? You have to keep praying for it to keep working but you relaxed too much. You never even came back to show appreciation”

Mary: “I am sorry. Please help me renew it very fast. This is very urgent. It is a matter of life and death” she sounded desperate and she knew it, she knew he might want to take advantage of her desperation.

He ordered her to go on her knee, she did and he began to sing and gyrate uncontrollably. He called the names of numerous angels, spoke in unknown tongues and rounded up his prayer in the name of Jesus, ringing the bell three times.

Prophet: “Shout seven alleluias” he ordered and they both shouted it. “Now your case is settled already. I will do another prayer for you but this time, you will have to bring 100k since I have many spirits to appease this time around, they must leave your matter, you will be victorious”

Mary: “Hundred thousand naira? Where do I get that kind of money from? I haven’t even saved up to that yet. Please reduce it o”

Prophet: “It cannot be reduced except you are willing to do the prayer on the bed here. I have to do it while dancing inside of you. You will be victorious. This is the most potent of all the prayers and it never expires” he said and started speaking in tongues, looking at her with an half closed eye.

Question: Being that desperate, do you think she will allow the prophet dance inside of her on the bed? Or use another means to get what she wants?

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  1. Every charm has an expiry date the crown wasn’t for her so it has expire no matter what nothing can be done abeg prophet dance inside her wela if at all kill herself who cards??

  2. The man that God gave to her, she rejected him because she is greed and desperate little girl. Now see where her desperation has landed her. She will surely allow the prophet to sleep with her because she is a wicked lady and she will die during the process. What’s is not yours can never be no matter how you try to get it and you cannot bite the fingers that fed you.

  3. Mary is a desperate woman, she can do anything the prophet told her to do because desperate situation calls for desperate action.

  4. A desperate woman can do anything to get what she wants. So she will give in to his proposal by sleeping with him. Allowing him to dance makosa inside of her.

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