Senator Ita-Giwa advocates for national unity

Former Senator from Cross Rivers State, Florence Ita-Giwa, has addressed issues that are perturbing the country’s unity, peace and progress, during the week in Lagos.

On behalf of the Concerned Women and Mothers of Nigeria Organisation, she highlighted the different issues that causes these disturbances and gave possible solutions.

Speaking on IPOB, she recalled the disasters caused by the previous civil war as a result of the same issue and dreads for its re-occurrence.

She firmly said that the unity of Nigeria is non-negotiable and cautioned the agitators to be rather diplomatic.

“We most passionately call on all such persons to stop forthwith. No nation on earth has ever survived two civil wars. As mothers and grandmothers, we stand resolutely for the unity of Nigeria. To keep Nigeria one is a Task that must be done.”

She also requested for the government to review past reports on the subject of restructuring; putting out an example of devolution of power as suggested by Abdulrahman Okene.

Regarding the economic crises, she employs the government to strengthen the national currency which is affecting international trade and emphasized that the prompt execution of the national budget will go a long way in stimulating the economy.

“Since the government is still the major catalyst of economic activity in Nigeria, the delay in implementing the national budget has the effect of stifling economic activity”.

Furthermore, she commended the government for deploying the armed forces to the different countries. However, she said it is pertinent the human right be protected and proper rules of engagement respected by the troops.

Senator Florence highlighted the issue of climate change, advising the government and the citizens to be mindful of the effects of being nonchalant about the environment.

She said the floods occasioned by the overflowing river banks, desert encroachment, as well as coastal and gully erosion incidences of the recent past are as a result of our not taking adequate measures to mitigate against Climate Change.

“Specifically, we insist that the dredging of major water ways be scrupulously done at the recommended intervals to mitigate against rivers overflowing their banks”

Finally, she spoke about the violence and molestation that assails women and children daily thereby, calling on the Security agents and judicial authorities to reinforce the penalties on the villains whom she referred to as cowards. Also, she rendered her sympathies to the refugees and plea for the authorities to hasten the return of the refugees.

Senator Florence was accompanied by former Deputy Governor of Lagos state, Honourable Kafilat Ogbora, as well as other women of high caliber.


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