Tsav reveals ‘the dangerous person’ in Buhari’s government

Former Commissioner of Police, Lagos State, Abubakar Tsav, has called for the removal of Minister of Women Affairs, Mrs Jumai Al-Hassan from President Muhammadu Buhari’s government.

He said this in response to her open support for the presidential ambition of former Vice-President, Atiku Abubakar.

“What the woman did was not good. Although she is entitled to her own opinion, and has the right to support any candidate of her choice, but it is not possible to serve two masters at the same time”, he told newmen.

“This woman is still in Buhari’s cabinet, but now she is openly declaring her loyalty to Atiku, what does that tell us? That’s complete disloyalty. She should have been given the red card. I even expect her to have resigned before being fired. I don’t know what she is still doing in Buhari’s cabinet. She should resign honorably.

“What Nigerians or even members of Buhari’s cabinet and Mr President may not know is this; Jumai Al-Hassan has become a big security risk to Buhari’s administration. She should go.

“The danger of retaining her or allowing her to still hang on Buhari’s cabinet is that for the administration, there is hardly any secret that can be kept again because the possibility is that anything discussed at the cabinet or the caucus meetings, Jumai Al-Hassan can go and reveal it to her godfather, Atiku, especially where matters affecting Atiku’s interests are involved.

“Al-Hassan should be sacked because she can no longer be trusted especially where issues involving Atiku and Buhari are at stake.”

Tsav also gave his opinion on the anti-corruption crusade of President Buhari.

“The war against corruption is going on fine. Unlike before, fear of Buhari has now made Nigerians wary of corrupt practices. They know that if they get caught, they will face the music.

“But my worry is that this war against corruption seems to be selective. So far what we have been seeing is the arraignment of more PDP people while APC members are hardly touched.

“Corruption involves everybody; It should not be seen as if members of President Buhari’s party, APC are being spared. What we are witnessing now is that when some politicians are put on trial for corruption, it would look as if the trial is going to be pursued to a logical conclusion but the moment such politicians defect or decamp to APC, that’s the end of the trial.

“Are they even telling us that APC members are not corrupt, especially those of them that decamped from PDP to APC? The only difference between APC and PDP is Buhari. The moment you remove Buhari, APC and PDP are the same. The moment you remove Buhari from APC, then APC and PDP are the same.”


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