(Episode 2) Chasing Shadows…Travails of a Sojourner on the Smiling Coast!

Few hours after the lunch at the beach, Matilda and Bukayo headed back to the guest house…

Matilda: “you said you are a medical student if I may recall?” she asked as she played with lump of sand she packed in her hand from the beach.

Bukayo: “yes, don’t I look like one?” she asked, smiling.

Matilda: “no, not at all. Why would you think that way?”

Bukayo: “don’t mind me, just pulling your legs.

Matilda: “what level are you?”

Bukayo: “did you mean the year I am?’

Matilda: “yes. Or you people don’t call it level?”

Bukao: “I am in my pre-med year, will be in full med by January, just few months away. But I want to travel to the UK to complete my schooling.

Matilda: “wow! Your parents must be rich then?” She asked, looking at the tall skinny dark skinned lady counting her steps in the sinking sand with a glowing skin, glistering like glass under the scorching sun.

Bukayo: “hmmm, rich you mean?” She asked, chuckling, with her full round and perky boobs bouncing under a white Kalvin Klein T-shirt that had been drenched by the salty sea water.

Matilda: “abi, whose parents send their wards to the abroad to study medicine of all courses if they are not rich?” she said, pronouncing the word “medicine” like some ambiguous word that can’t be understood, opening her mouth wide.

Bukayo: “see you. You are so funny and impossible” She replied smiling broadly revealing her sparkling white dentition complemented with a darkish brown gum.

Matilda: “hmm, it is true nah. Hmmm, see you. You think say na beans to send one pikin go study for UK, and again medicine of all courses.” She replied jokingly.

Bukayo: “it seems there is more to this, you keep mentioning this medicine as though it is some big course meant for the intellectuals. You know what? I like you. The way you speak your pidgin, it kind of mesmerises me”. She said, looking at Matilda with the corner of her eye.

Matilda: “thanks. I grew up in Lagos and I am Ibo, so, what do you expect? I like you too. You have a nice skin” She complimented her, staring at Bukayo’s spotless thighs, as straight as a broomstick.

Bukayo: “thanks a lot. You will tell me a lot about Nigeria, their guys and anything you feel I should know.

Matilda: “yes, I will. But after you must have told me about yourself and the Gambia.

Bukayo: “that is not a problem” She replied, as they both entered their flats.


Matilda sat up in bed, as she dialled her sister’s Nigerian line to speak with her mother- Bukayo had taken her to a small super mart across the road to get her a sim card.

Matilda: “hello Mercy! It is Mat” She quickly spoke to save her sister the stress of asking whom the caller was also to save airtime.

Mercy: “Agh, sister. You don land?” She asked out of excitement.

Matilda: “No, I still dey sky. Na from there I dey call you.” She replied sarcastically. See question o. whetin e be like for your eyes? How Mama sef and Marcus?”

Mercy: “dem dey room, make I give them the phone?”

Matilda:  Mercy, when you go stop to dey ask mumu mumu question? Before nko. Na you I wan speak with before?

Mercy: ”e don do, make I rush go inside go give her the phone. Mama! Mama!” she screamed, running into the house to hand her mother the phone.

Matilda’s Mother: “ogini? Why you dey shout my name like that?” she asked her over excited daughter.

Mercy: “Na sister Matilda dey call o mama” She snatched the phone from her.

Matilda’s Mother: “Matilda, how you dey? You don land? Na how many hours journey? How the place be? You don see Wendy? How she dey? How the place be nah?” She asked, feeling so excited, dancing round on a spot, raising her voice for any eavesdropper to hear she was conversing with her daughter who had joined the “league of  abroad people”

Matilda: “Mama, how many questions you wan make I answer at once. I can’t even remember one at all. Anyway, I called to let you know I have arrived safely o. I arrived like 3 hours ago. The country no too far like that” she replied, tilting her head backwards at the other end and rolling her eyes like a child dying of convulsion.

Matilda’s Mother: “okay, ehn. Ehn.  Thank God o. I am happy you landed safely. And please o, Mati, remember to always send us money o. make una work hard o, you hear? Greet Wendy for me.

Matilda:  mama, pray make I see job first nah. This one wey you dey ask of money when I never even gain ground for the country so, I no understand o. But, don’t worry I no go forget una. Where Marcus dey?

Matilda’s Mother: “e don go play ball as usual nah.

Matilda:  okay, tell am say I call when he come house. I go call una tomorrow or so”. She bade her mother well and hung the call.

Matilda: “hmmmmm” she sighed, as she sat on the bed with her hands resting backwards as millions of thoughts ran across her mind.


Wendy arrived from Dakar, the capital city of Senegal a week after Matilda’s arrival in the country. She came straight away to the guest house she had arranged for her friend before she travelled to Senegal.

Wendy: “eh, Mukhtar, good afternoon. How nah?” She greeted the care taker outside the house, drinking the local Gambian locally brewed tea- Attaya, with his friends.

Mukhtar: “eh. Madam Good afternoon o. Long time! Welcome” he returned her greeting as he poured himself a cup of Attaya from the small metal kettle on the coal tripod in front of them.

Wendy: My friend dey inside?” she asked, pointing in the direction of the pedestrian gate that leads to the garden in the house.

Wendy had a head-on collision with Bukayo as she got to the gate. She almost lost balance. Bukayo, who swiftly moved to the other side on the narrow entrance, lifted her up before hitting the ground.

Bukayo: “oops! I am sorry” She replied, holding her forehead with her right palm.

Wendy: “I am sorry, young lady” She apologised.

Bukayo: “oh, no worries. It’s okay”.  She replied, looking back, shaking her head.

Wendy knocked on the door that has R16 on it among the number of rooms lined on the balcony of the second wing of the guest house upstairs.

Matilda: “hold on. I am coming”. She replied, shuffling her feet on the floor as she moved towards the door. “agh!” she screamed covering her mouth with her palm as she saw Wendy.

Wendy: “Matilda!” She jumped into her, leaping up to hug her, rounding her fiend’s shoulder with her hands. They hugged each other tightly, that they almost choked in each other’s warm embrace.

Matilda: “wow! Wendy, look at you. You are now a big woman o. now I can see why everyone here calls you a big madam” She teased her friend, turning her around to have a total look at her. “See as your skin dey shine. See you hair” she complimented her, touching her 24 inches long and silky Brazilian hair extension. “See your Gucci bag, your Prada sandals. Hmmm, Omalichanwa, see as you dey bling bling. Everything just dey shine. Even your cologne dey smell money. My friend, this country dey treat you well o. e dey show for your body. Show me the way, nna in. biko” She teased her, showing off her thick Igbo accent.

Wendy: “allow me enter first nah. You don analyse me finish, see you. My friend na God o.” she said, as she sat into the bed, moving the neck of her dress back and forth, blowing air into her body as she. “You no on fan?” She asked, looking up at the ceiling.

Matilda: “hmmm, make I on fan for this cold?” She asked rhetorically.

Wendy: “it is hot nah. Abi you no dey feel heat?” She asked, using her hand to fan her body.

Matilda: “girl, I dey feel cold o. you no see sey this place be like island, e dey cold well well?”

Wendy:  oh, I see. Don’t worry you will soon get used to the environment” She said, smiling as she stared at her friend. “so, tell me nah, how your journey be?’ she asked, sitting at the edge of the bed, sticking her neck out like a tortoise from its shell.

Matilda: “I really enjoyed myself o. the air attendants treated us well, like kings and queens. I arrived here in less than 4 hours, the place sef no even far. And I met the taxi driver at the airport waiting for me with his big card board raised above his head as if to say im dey protest”. She explained demonstrating.

Wendy: “yes, I did that, you know I did not know I would travel. The journey was impromptu. One of my clients called me, so I had no choice than to quickly travel to Cape Verde, and from there I went to Dakar. So, that is why I took long to come back” She explained, smiling broadly like someone who had accomplished all her dreams in life.

Matilda: “hmmm, my friend, the traveller. Show me the way biko, make I dey go obodo Oyinbo like you too nah” she said, looking pitiable.

Wendy: “no worry. Very soon now, you go join the league of the big girls. It is just a matter of time and commitment.

Matilda: “see, I ready to work any work you get for me. You kukuma know sey I no be lazy person”.

Wendy: “hmmm, calm down, your body too dey hot. Make I show you places first, make I show you round.

Matilda: “agh, one of your neighbours don show me few places around. The medical student wey dey stay next door. She took me to the beach behind here” she said, pointing backwards.

Wendy: “ehn ehn, is that all?”

Matilda: “she took me to Bakau, Kololi and I followed her to her school. We went to some places.

Wendy: “don’t worry, I will take you to where it is happening. Where the big fishes of the smiling coast chill out. You never see anything yet. You just take your time and relax, at the due time, we shall move round. I need to relax, I am so tired. I just felt I should see you unfailingly today, since you got here, so, you won’t feel abandoned and lonely. Na today I jut dey enter town. You big for my hand.  If na anyhow person, I no dey commot house the day I arrive from any of my trips, especially impromptu one like this” She replied, standing up to take her leave.

Matilda: “you don dey go? You no even wan spend time with me?” She asked, holding her wrist adorned with a 10 karat gold wrist band.

Wendy: “you no dey hear whetin I dey talk since? I never enter my house as I land for Gambia na here I head to straight, I wan rest for today. We go see tomorrow. I dey go house”. She said as she held on to the door knob.

Matilda: “okay, before you leave, I just want to say a big thank you for bringing me out of this poverty. Words alone can’t express my gratitude towards you. May the lord bless you and the works of your hands” She prayed as her eyes became heavy with tears.

Wendy: “hmm, prayer warrior, thank you. What are friends for? Besides, you are not just a friend to me. You are like a sister now, and I will do anything for you.  Abi you don forget whetin your papa do for me when we dey school that time? She asked, snapping her fingers, indicating a long time ago.

Matilda: ‘hmm, you no dey forget things sha that one don past abeg. Forget am” She said as she led her on the small passage way to the staircase.


“Aminata, no do this to me. look at my face, look up” Aminata’s mother shook her vigorously, screaming on top of her voice in the front yard of their kunda- their family compound in the Manjaikunda area of the Gambia. The mother raised to the busy road in her wrapper loosening half way below her waist. She waved at the taxi that drove past her.

Aminata’s Mother: “Taxi! Taxi! Taxi!” She waved with both hands to numbers of taxi, but none stopped. However, after several attempts, a lanky taxi driver stopped. “Driver, please, my child is dying I need you to take us to the hospital”

Taxi Driver: “which hospital?”

Aminata’s Mother: “Westfield”

Question:  Will Wendy be able to help her poverty stricken friend out as her friend – Matilda had thought?

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