(Episode 5) Chasing Shadows…Travails of a Sojourner on the Smiling Coast!

Mr Khan was deeply asleep in his hotel room, snoring like someone suffering from a respiratory problem with a wheezing sound. Majula- a lady in her mid-twenties had just knocked the Indian merchant off, after several rounds of sex. She shoved the business man aside as she reached for a towel lying on the tiled floor of the hotel room to cover her nakedness. She checked the time on the small clock on the bed table, it was 10 am. She went to the bathroom to clean up. She got out of the bathroom five minutes later, and Mr Khan wan still snoring in bed.

“hmmmm, this thing really worked on this man”. She whispered quietly as she dressed up. She forced her skinny legs into the long black skirt reaching her ankles, wore a tomato red lipstick. She smacked her lips as she turned towards the mirror to have a look at herself before she headed out of the room.  She packed as many wads of dollars as her medium sized purse could contain from the man’s brief case, and left with other valuables.

Majula: “despite all your boasts, that was how far you could go, when your mates were going six, seven, eight rounds, and I would still not be satisfied. Going wishy-washy like some immature teenager who has just started fucking.  And he was just pushing up and down as if he was doing press up. Hahahah, me Majula, you want to dare my sexual prowess? Next time, when you hear Ma, you would have run miles before you realise it is mango that is about to be mentioned” She boasted, beating her chest. She hissed and tiptoed out of the room, wearing her scarf and black shades.


Wendy and her friend, Matilda headed to Mariama’s house after the bank transaction.

Wendy: “Calm down. No worries. Everything is settled and in control. Don’t panic, Mariama is a lovely lady, she will always provide something good” she assured her friend, who looked so worried and her face overwhelmed with doubts as they drove on the lonely road to Mariama’s apartment.

Matilda: “Okay. I believe whatever you tell me. Thanks so much my friend.

Wendy: “I have told you times without number to stop all these your thank you thank you. What are friends for?

Matilda: “Okay. I will change ma” She chuckled.

Wendy: “Okay, let me pull over. We have got to the place. You can come out. Here we are.

The two got out of the car parked in front of Mariama’s duplex.

Wendy: “hello! It’s Wendy” she knocked on the door, and a teenage girl opened the door for her.

Girl: “hey Aunty Wendy. Good morning.

Wendy: “Good morning Aisha. Is your madam in?”

Aisha: “Yes, you can come in” she ushered them. “Let me call her out for you. She is in the bedroom.

Wendy: “Okay, thank you so much.

Matilda: “Wow! This lady must be super rich. Loot at her living room, so big and well furnished. I am very sure all these furniture are imported” she exclaimed upon seeing the chiefly decorated living room.

Wendy: “Hmmm, she is a big lady o. why do you think I stick with her ever since I got here? She has been a wonderful person, in fact she is Godsend.

Matilda: “Her husband must be stinkingly rich then”. She whispered, covering her mouth with her palm as though that would prevent the words from echoing.

Wendy: “Hmmm, husband or what did you just say? She is not married at all o. she has two kids who are based abroad. Her husband is British, so apparently as you see her she has a dual citizenship. The woman is swimming in money. Forget this one you are seeing, this is just the smallest of her property. And I like her because she is such a lovely and nice person”. She sang Mariama’s praises to her friend.

Mariama: “hey my ladies. How is the morning? You are all looking gorgeous”. Mariama greeted as she entered the living room, looking stunning in a black ankle length silk robe embroidered with gold sequin from the neckline to the hem of the dress.

Wendy: “you are always dazzling. You make me drool and wet each time I see you my lady” she teased the lady seductively, rolling her tongue.

Mariama: “that is a beautiful compliment to fuel me for the rest of today. How are you my dear?” She faced Matilda, whose mouth was wide open. “I hope you are enjoying the smiling coast?” she asked stretching forth her well manicured hand, painted with French nails and grinning – she does this to every one she meets for the first time, to reveal her gold tooth next to her canine. “

Matilda: “yes, I am very good ma! She greeted shaking her, as she stood up bowing her head courteously.

Mariama: “Oh come on young lady. Stop that. I am more of a modern woman. Save me all the African styles” she chuckled, waving her fingers backward, indicating that she wasn’t pleased with the way Matilda bowed her head.

Wendy: “Okay, it seems you are already taking over Mariama. You did not even wait for me to introduce”

Mariama:  okay, my lady. I apologise. You can make it formal” She smiled, relaxing into her sofa.

Wendy: “Okay, Mariama, this is my friend, Matilda, from Nigeria, whom I discussed with you. And Mati, there is the big madam of the smiling coast, my all in all. My beneficiary and saviour, she is Mariama Senghor” She introduced the two to each other, rolling her eyes and twisting her neck like a meningitis infested bird.

Mariama: “okay, nice meeting you Matilda. You are welcome to my humble abode, and it is my pleasure to welcome you in. Feel free to come here anytime, any day. I repeat anytime any day” She said, spreading her hands wide.

Matilda: “thanks so much, Mariama”

Mariama: “Exactly! That is how I want to be addressed, Ma- ri- a- ma. No ma” they all laughed

Wendy: “Okay, back to business, Mariama, this is my friend that I told you about. So, I have brought her today. You two have met, so you can talk things out now” she said, turning away from them, to watch the morning news on a cable television network.

Mariama: “okay, Matilda, you are safe. No worries for you. I have spoken with a friend on your behalf since Wendy talked to me about you, so, I will give you her contact, so, you two can talk”

Matilda was over joyous as she heard about the offer. She leapt for joy, and almost knelt before the ‘boss lady, but she quickly controlled herself.

Matilda: “I really appreciate you, Mariama. Only God can reward you.

Mariama: “it’s my pleasure dear. Where do you stay or you are also living at Bakau like my sister here?” she asked, eyeing Wendy, and smiling.

Wendy: ‘I don’t know what my area has done to you. Or is it a crime to live in Bakau?” she asked rhetorically, facing her palms up and laughing.

Mariama: “oh nothing. Just that you have the money but you don’t want to spend it”

Wendy: “She does not stay in Bakau. In fact she stays here in Fajara.

Mariama: “wow! Wow! Wow! That’s awesome. You have joined the leagues of the big girls when you have not even spent much time here? So, where in Fajara are you lodging?”

Matilda: “The guest house close to the beach.

Mariama: “Everywhere in Fajara is close to the beach, which part?”

Wendy: “Let me help her out. She stays in the white house close by. After the golf apartments.

Mariama: “Wow that is just a stone throw from here.

Wendy: “Yes, I did that on purpose, to make her feel comfortable here on the island. Her apartment is a walkable distance from here.

Mariama: “That is nice. Like I said earlier, feel free to come here at anytime. This is your third home now I guess, after yours, Wendy’s, mine is next. If I’m not around, my maid will always be, so the home is yours”.


Aminata’s mother was weeping profusely as she sat on the bare floor of the clinic. Her eyes were red hot and clouded with tears as she looked blankly and helpless. The nurse walked up to her to console her.

Nurse: “See, wailing will not help solve the problem at hand. You too should try and go look for money, this substance in your daughter’s blood has eaten deep into her organs and they are already damaging some vital organs which if care is not taken, you might start spending another huge amount of money, and I am sorry by then it might be too late.

Aminata’s mother: “no body is willing to help. This girl was the one providing for us all before she fell sick, I am a widow. I don’t have any job. Nurse, help me in any way you can within your capability, I will refund as soon as my daughter gets well.

Nurse: “There is nothing I can do to help’.

A junior staff nurse beckoned at the nurse to come from the ward next to where she was.

Junior Staff: “I am afraid, that girl has packed up”. She whispered to her ears so.

Nurse: “Oh no” She covered her mouth with her palm, opening her eyes widely as she turned round to look in the poor woman’s direction.

Question: Eventually, Matilda is about to secure a job, how will Matilda find her new job offer?

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  1. She might not like it at first but might be forced to like it, or alternatively, knowing Adelove with their ability to twist storylines, it might not be what we expect, but might end up inclining towards it

  2. I guess this has to do with lesbians and prostitution….
    Following what Majula is doing I know they are all in the same job. That job is Prostitution nothing more nothing less. And I don’t think she will agree based on her previous JOB-HUNTING TALE
    But she is now Far from Home.
    She might have no choice but to do as they wish.


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