(Episode 8) Chasing Shadows…Travails of a Sojourner on the Smiling Coast!

Wendy:  so, what do you intend to do now? Or will you go back to Alhaji? That is even too late, we might get you a better client within twenty-four hours that will pay you well. So, the ball is in your court.” She suggested, holding her hands.

Matilda looked blankly into space as her friend dished out series of suggestions of how she could make quick money within twenty-four hours to send home. She stood up sluggishly, shuffling her feet on the floor and held on to the door knob, looking back with the hope of her friend calling her back to give her the money. She left without uttering a word as she shook her head sideways.

Wendy: “I have tried my best for her. This is the best I think a friend can do to help her friend, or isn’t it better to teach her how to fish than feed her with the fish all the time?” She soliloquised.

Matilda’s eyes became heavy with tears like a pregnant sky ready to birth as she got to her room. She shut the door behind her and sank into her bed. There and then, she began another round of wail. She wailed till her voice failed her. Her mobile phone rang consistently, but she ignored the calls. It was her sister, Mercy who kept buzzing her phone. She was in absolute despair, stuck in between yielding to her friend’s advice to standing firm on her decision. However, she remembered how her mother had suffered to raise her and her sibling after their father’s demise.  She picked up her phone, held it up to her face with her trembling fingers.


Majula and Mariama were engrossed in a discussion when Wendy entered the apartment.

Wendy: “Hello ladies” She greeted smiling as she entered the living room.

Mariama: “how are you baby girl? You are looking radiant. Welcome” She complimented her kissing her on both sides of her cheeks.

Wendy: “Thanks for the compliment. Majula, how are you doing this afternoon? Is there any gist for us?” she helped herself to the seat facing Majula.

Majula: “Everything is in order. Trust me I always have something for you girls.

Wendy: “Wow! That means I came at the right time. So, let it out. What is the latest?” she said, stretching out her neck to listen to the gist.

Majula: “Okay, let me start from my last trip to Guinea-Conakry. I met this Indian called Khan, that man was such a dumb. We exchanged contacts, after he told me he would be in the Gambia with his business partners. So, he lodged in a hotel. I went to meet him there, and that was the end of the story.” She laughed waving wad of dollars at their faces and other valuables she carted away from her victimised “client”

Wendy: “Wow! Wow! I am short of words. How did you do it? You must be smart Majula?” she asked, looking amazed as she saw the gold wrist watch.

Mariama: “Wendy, so, you could be asking small Majula how she did this?”

Wendy: “Of course, I need to ask her. Look at it, we all know how these Indians operate. They are very smart and stingy, and ultimately they use jazz, so tell me how you were able to do it without being caught. Or have you started seeing a Marabou (spiritual doctor)?

Majula: “I don’t need no Marabou. All I need is here” She said, pointing her index finger to her head.

Wendy: “Okay, I will have to come to you then for more tricks and the bait to use to get these stingy Indian clients.” She chuckled.

Majula: “I am always at your service. But, be ready to pay” she replied, and they all chuckled.

Mariama: “That is by the way. Wendy, how is your friend, Matilda, faring? Did she like the offer? She asked, looking curious.

Wendy: “Her case is even one of the reasons I am here. Would you believe she rejected a big fish that Aisha gave her?

Mariama: “Are you serious?” She asked, looking so shocked.

Wendy: “Of course. I kid you not. She declined the offer.

Mariama: “Why? What came over her?”

Wendy: “She said she can’t spread her legs for an absolute stranger to get in between. And as I speak she is in dire need of money to treat her sick mother back home in Nigeria.

Mariama: “Oh, poor girl. I understand how she feels. Give her some time to think over it. I have a strong feeling that she will definitely yield eventually.

Wendy: “It is left to her. I have tried my best as a friend. Nobody will tell her to succumb when Gambia begins to show her its real colour. Her rent will be due in no time. So, by then her eyes will be open.

Mariama: “Just be calm with her. She will definitely succumb.


The head of Investigative department of the National Agency Against Trafficking in Persons combatting the fight against trafficking, Mr Dawda, was addressing the officers in charge of the team investigating human traffickers in the country in his office.

Mr Dawda: “Yes, Bello, can I have reports of the latest improvement from your department in recent times.

Mr Bello: “there has been a drastic improvement sir. Just this week alone, some human traffickers were arrested on the Gambia- Senegal border in an attempt to cross into the country from Dakar. Also, there intelligence officers working under cover in some strategic places across the country. I believe very soon, the acts will be curbed and the culprits shall be made to face the law.

Mr Dawda: “okay, good. How about the ladies you are investigating? He asked another officer standing right in front of him.

Officer: “okay, from the reports reaching me sir, these ladies are smart and hard to get, but a couple of investigators are working undercover disguising as part of them, so, from there, it will be easy to penetrate into them as this will enhance our further investigations on them.

Mr Dawda: “I need actions from you guys. I hear information from different sources that these ladies smuggle girls from Liberia, Dakar, Free Town even from far away Nigeria into this country illegally. So, this means a whole lot of work for your team. You have to be at alert all day, spread your tentacles and no information is a waste, nor should be jettisoned. You have to be on the look out all the time. That is by the way, how far have you gone with the investigation of the deceased girl that was poisoned?

Officer: “My team is working on it sir”

Mr Dawda: “Okay, is the investigation forthcoming? “

Officer: “Yes sir. The doctor is willing to help with the series of tests conducted on her before her demise.

Mr Dawda: “Okay, perfect. No stone should be left unturned in this hunt panel. None of them shall go unpunished” he fumed banging the table.

He dismissed the meeting and the investigators left to their different duty posts.

Question: What sort of help is Wendy rendering her friend? And how will the investigators uncover the human traffickers?

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  2. Wendy is helping her friend by fixing her in her type of business which is prostitution….The human traffickers will be unveiled by the police by planting their people amongst them..

  3. Wendy is not helping her friend at all,she is a useless friend, Is this how to help her after all her friend&family have done for her.
    Anyway, if Mat can hold on to her faith,&do meagre job,with time,she will scale through..

  4. I don’t blame Wandy that much she is just trying to help her Friend….. IS REALLY WHAT ONE HAVE THAT HE OR SHE CAN OFFER. But I seriously blame her for not telling the poor girl the Nature of what she will do should she agree to come to Gambia.
    Maltida should be Prayerful and refuse her friends Offer.
    God Never Closes a Door wIthout Opening Another.
    Ladies that are desperate to travel abroad hope this story is teaching you Something???


  5. Wendy want help her friend only if she succumb to her bid. And am insinuating that Bukoya may be one the officers on undercover mission to trail Wendy and co. illegal activities in Gambia.

  6. Wendy is giving maltida Wat she has to offer…but she should have told her about Wat she’s coming to d Gambia 4 even B4 leaving Nigeria. Bukayo is an undercover.

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