(Episode 10) Chasing Shadows…Travails of a Sojourner on the Smiling Coast!

Wendy: “Yes! Now you are talking. We can talk now. I deliberately not answer your calls when you called. Not that anything was wrong with my phone or I was far away from it. I just did not know what to discuss with you again. It is even good you came here. You make the right decision of coming to this place”

Mariama: “Okay, Matilda. I understand how you feel. But things are quite difficult these days. Wendy told me about your sick mum. I will loan you the money to take care of her medical bill. But, you will pay me as soon as you get your pay. Is that a deal?”

Matilda: “Thanks so much, Mariama. God bless you abundantly” she appreciated her, with tear gathered in her eyes.

Mariama: “It is my pleasure, dear. No don’t do that” She consoled Matilda who tried to fight the tears back.

Wendy: “It is okay Matilda. Your problem is halved now. So, brace up and be strong for you and your family” she persuaded her patting her back.

Matilda: “Hmmm, thank you” she replied casually. She cursed the day she accepted Wendy’s offer of coming to join her in Gambia. She cursed the day she ever knew her as friend. She boiled within her, and wish she could tear her apart with her fists, as she remained still in her seat looking at her irritatingly as Wendy laughed at what she seemed was too boring to be a joke that Mariama cracked.

Mariama: “Okay, to make things fast. Matilda, I will hook you up with someone else, as you know that Aisha is out of the country. So, I will fix something good for you.

Matilda: “Okay, thank you” she replied, disinterestedly.

Wendy: “What is it now? Cheer up. Your case is settled” she teased Matilda, lifting her lower jaw up.


The team investigating the death of Aminata went to the hospital where she was admitted before her death.

“Hello nurse. Good afternoon” Mr Henry greeted the nurse at the reception desk.

Nurse: “Yes, good day sir. How may I help you?” she requested politely.

Mr Henry: “I am Henry. I was here last week to see Dr Turner, but he asked me to come back today.

Nurse: “Okay. I remember. You can sit there. Let me call him” She pointed to a metal bench across her desk while she dialled the doctor’s office line.

Mr Henry: “Okay, thank you.

Nurse: “Okay, you can go. He is in his office.” She said, after she had spoken with the doctor on phone.

Mr Henry: ”Thanks.

Doctor Turner: “Welcome Mr Henry. Have your seat”

Mr Henry: “Yes, thanks.

Doctor Turner: “I am sorry, I kept you waiting. I have been busy all day.

Mr Henry: “No problem. I understand the nature of your job.

Doctor Turner: “Okay, concerning the deceased lady’s medical information you requested, it is against the ethics of this profession to disclose any client’s medical information to unauthorised persons without the client’s authority. It is to be kept confidential. But, I am doing this because of who you are, most especially when the client in question is no more. I will have to explain certain things to you, since you may not understand the medical jargons. From the tests conducted on the deceased, we discovered that she was poisoned. The substance was a slow one that would have to swim through her blood stream and from there begin to damage some vital organs. It is not something that kills quickly like that. It takes a longer period before it begins to manifest and eat deep into her system.

Mr Henry: “Can you please tell how long the poison would stay before it would begin to manifest?’

Doctor Turner: “It depends on the quantity injected into her blood stream. But, from what her mother said, she had been sick for a month before she was rushed to the clinic that day. She said, they thought it was a minor case that they could treat at home, that is self- medication, until it got out of hands when she passed on a particular day and she was rushed to the clinic. So, apparently, the poison must have been injected in her body for like two to three months or thereabouts before she became ill. She must have been feeling some mild symptoms though” He explained while Mr Henry listened with keen interest jotting some vital information in a small note pad in his hand.

Mr Henry: “Okay. Thanks so much Doctor. I will get back to you, when the need arises.

Doctor Turner: “I am at your service. But, one more thing Mr Henry’

Mr Henry: “Yes, what is that?”

Doctor Turner: “What do you think could have led to the lady being poisoned, because a lady whose mother could not afford to pay her medical bill, what deal could she be into, that would lead to her being poisoned?” he asked with his face engulfed in curiousity.

Mr Henry: “That is the mystery my team and I are trying to unravel. Soon, the truth shall be revealed. Thank you once again Doctor Turner” He shook his hand and left the office.


Matilda met Mr Khalil, a Lebanese merchant proceeding her hook up with another pimp.

Mr Khalil: “Come in. have your seat” he ushered her in to his hotel room, pointing to a leather single sofa beside the bed.

Matilda: “Thank you.

Mr Khalil: “Yeah, feel free. I am sure you will make me feel good today. Anyway I trust Mariama, she has never disappointed me. So, your own will not be a different case. Oh sorry, forgive me, what can I offer you? Food, drink or what do you want?” he asked, rubbing his bare chest, with his pinkish nipple resting under his few inches protruded belly.

Matilda: “I am okay.

Mr Khalil: “Oh come on. Don’t tell me you are shy. Feel free. It is a free world” He said, spreading his arms apart.

Matilda: “Oh no. I am not Mr Khalil”. She replied giving an insincere smile.

Mr Khalil: “My name is Khalil. Call me Khalil. Give me a few minutes, let me shower”.  He entered the bathroom while Matilda sat still in bed, wondering what lied ahead of her.

Matilda: “Hmmm, it is well. I no know whether na my nose this one go say e one fuck. See, any how, my own be say, make e give me money. Na money be my problem right now. The man sef get as e be, as e fine reach, e mouth dey commot saliva as he dey speak. Na that e yeye mouth e go say e wan use kiss person for mouth so? Hmmmm, asawo (prostitution) no be work o. na so so different size, shape, colour, length, go dey drill just one hole, tell me how the hole no go explode? Eh I don suffer so. Poverty no be better thing at all”. She soliloquised showing irritating facial expression.

Mr Khalil: “oh, you are still dressed?” he asked, wondering why his client was still fully dressed. Come on, go in and undress.

Matilda reluctantly undressed in his presence revealing her spotless glowing skin and curves.

Mr Khalil: “You have a beautiful skin. I love that. African girls are blessed with good shape. I like that” He smiled, fixing his gaze on her backside.

Matilda: “Thanks” she swivelled round, smiling.

Mr Khalil: “Okay, come closer, but don’t you think you should have a drink at least?  Energy drink will be good”. He insisted, and this got Matilda worried as to why he would insist on her taking some fluid before going into the acts.

Matilda: “Okay. No problem, if that is what you want.

He stood up with his third leg swinging sideways like a pendulum on its stand as he wobbled in between his legs towards the fridge.

“This is good” He said, as he brought out a chilled can of Red Bull energy drink.

She gulped the content of the can in less than one minute.

Mr Khalil: “Good” he smiled again, showing his caffeine stained teeth.

He pulled Matilda closer to himself in bed, grabbed her backside, balanced the butt on his thighs, sniffed on her nape as he stroke his fingers in between her hair extension, kissing her spine passionately with his other right index finger poking her belly button.  He fondled with her bosoms from behind, lifting her waist with his hands in an upward motion like a local blacksmith bellowing a furnace.

Question: “is it the best decision for Matilda to trade for money with her body to get her sick mother out of coma? And is Wendy truly helping her friend?

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  1. Hmmmmmm she finally accepted the deal…..
    Wandy is such an Evil Friend.
    I hope nothing is inside the drink Khaill gave to her.


  2. What do you expect from Wendy? She can’t be using her own body to make money for Matilda. It’s left for Matilda to decide what she wants.

  3. Hmmmm such is life and we’re responsible for our decision
    you don’t expect Wendy to be trading her own body for money just to feed Matilda? No na!!!
    She has made her decision and who know maybe after doing this her mum might die

  4. God have mercy! Matilder don’t u think coming back to Nigeria would have been better! AIDS is real, Wendy would have been a good friend if she connected her friend to a better job than this Ashawo stuff.

  5. This is very heart breaking. Am worried about the drink though. Hope it’s not poisoned. I also think this guy may meet her a virgin and it may change everything.God help us

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