(Episode 11) Chasing Shadows…Travails of a Sojourner on the Smiling Coast!

Bukayo was in the balcony of one of the storey buildings in the guest house when Matilda entered the compound the following day after she had left her “client”. She looked tired as she struggled to climb the stairs.

Bukayo: “Matilda, what is wrong with you? You look stressed up” she asked, as she moved towards the stairs to help her up.

Matilda: “I am fine” she replied, with a wry on her face as she held the banister of the staircase tightly to gain support.

Bukayo: “Are you sure you are fine as you claim? You don’t look okay at all”

Matilda: “yes, I will be fine when I take my pills. I am just a little bit indisposed.

Bukayo: “Okay. But let me help you to your room. You could slump with the way you are walking” she held her hand round her waist and moved towards her mini flat.

Few minutes afterwards, Mercy called her sister…

Mercy: “Hello sister”

Matilda: “Yes, how nah?” she asked casually in a faint voice.

Mercy: “We are fine o. I just say make I holla. I don see the alert”. She said, feeling elated at the other end.

Matilda: “Okay, nice. Just make sure you people pay the money on time so that the doctor can start the procedure.

Mercy: “Of course now. But wait o sister, you sound dull. Is anything the matter?”

Matilda: “Nothing. I am well. Just feeling tired” she replied yawning.

Mercy: “Okay. I for fear. Thank you so much o sister. God shall bless you more abundantly.

Matilda: “Amen. Thank you. You can leave now. I want to rest.

Mercy: “Okay, later now”. She hung the call.

Matilda fought lay in bed on her back staring at the ceiling. Her eyes were wide open with tears rolling down from the corner of her eyes soaking the pillow. She bit her lips in regrets, wondering why life was not in her favour.

Matilda: “For how long will this last? Living a miserable life. Me, a whole graduate of Computer Science, selling my body as a means of livelihood. Isn’t it ridiculous that I left the whole of Nigeria to come to this so called country that is not even as big as my state back home to be a corporate sex worker? Hahahahha” she chuckled and kicked the bed stool at the tail of the bed. “For how long will I do this? I can’t tell. I can’t believe I am into this, when I strongly despised and called girls that did this back then on campus all manner of names. Little did I know that I would end up as an international prostitute. There is no need seeking forgiveness from God, let me just continue like this till Jesus comes” she turned back in bed, buried her head under the pillow and wept till her tear gland dried up.

She got out of bed after a satisfactory round of weeping. She went to Bukayo’s flat after a cool shower.

Bukayo: “Hey, come in” she ushered her in. “I do believe you are fine now?’ She asked grinning.

Matilda: “Yeah. I was not myself the other time. I had a lot going on in my head. I needed to relax. That’s all.

Bukayo: “Okay, if you say so.

Matilda: “So, what’s up? No lectures today?” She asked after wondering why she was still indoors at such an hour of the day.

Bukayo: “Not really. I have an evening class.

Matilda: “Okay, it’s good then. Can we stroll out?”

Bukayo: “To where?

Matidla: “Just around, maybe to the beach or some cool place?”

Bukayo: “Okay, if that is what will make you feel good.

The two left the room afterwards and walked down the sandy Fajara golf quarters to the beach side.

Matilda: “Wait a minute, can you see that?” She pulled Bukayo backwards, pointing in the direction of a Dutch lady in her mid-sixties entangled in a romantic hug with a black skinned guy who was in his early twenties. “Can you see those two?”

Bukayo: “Yes, how about them? Do you know the guy or the lady?” She asked casually.

Matilda: “From where will I know them? I am just calling your attention to them. It seems they are in a romantic relationship with the way they are. Isn’t it?”

Bukayo: “It seems or they are? It is glaring they are, of course”

Matilda: “But, is she not too old for the boy?”

Bukayo: “Look, everyone has their life to live. Live it the way it pleases you, and besides this is Gambia not Nigeria, we have tourists here year in year out, so, boys and girls of his age who have no one fending for them resort to such acts. It is even calm now. Wait till December or January period, that is the up season, when the country is usually flooded with tourists from all walks of life, then you will see more. This is not a new thing my dear. That is by the way, is there nothing like this in Nigeria?”

Matilda: “Yeah, I will not dispute the fact that there are cougars in Nigeria, but they don’t show it off like they do here. They are more discreet about it. Besides, how do you want people to view you, when you show off a boy who is young enough to be your last child if not your grand-son as your lover?

Bukayo: “See, these ones are Toubabs, so they are shameless and they are not like us Africans that are so cultural and traditional. I think I like some of their cultures and lifestyles. Not the weird ones, though” She smiled

Matilda: “Are you serious at all? Are you trying to say you like someone way younger than you are boning you?” she asked looking bewildered.

Bukayo: “Tell me, where is it written in any constitution or holy books that as a woman you can only be involved in a mutual relationship with someone older than you are?

Matilda: “Hmmmm, no. but, it just doesn’t go down well with me. Perhaps, my upbringing is having some kind of effect on me.

Bukayo: “So, I am the one brought up in a society where such is allowed or seen as a norm?

Matilda: “It is glaring my dear” she replied, gesticulating.

They headed towards a much calmer end of the shore of the beach where there were few fun seekers immersing themselves in the sea water for some therapeutic routines.


Mr Khan met with one of his friends, Mr Fouad, who was also an emigrant in the Gambia. He narrated the ugly experience he encountered with Majula to his friend who promised to help him seek revenge.

Mr Khan: “Would you believe the girl I met in Conakry stole gold wrist watch and some dollars from me?

Mr Fouad: “Really? That is so sad and very bad” he said, pitifully with. “What do you want to do about it?”

Mr Khan: “What will I do? Nothing! How do I get her? I don’t want to drag my name in the mud.

Mr Fouad: “Oh come on dude. Do you have her picture, maybe on your phone?

Mr Khan: “What will the picture of a whore be doing on my phone? I don’t have anything that is a form of identity other than her number, which she has refused to pick since the last time we met.

Mr Fouad: “fine, that is good. Let me have her number I will arrange how to get her. She must cough out the money she stole and the valuables. Not only that, she must pay for her acts. Karma”

Mr Khan: “How do you get that done?”

Mr Fouad: “Have you forgotten this country is so small, and I have all the people in my palms and I get what I want like this” he said, gesticulating; winking his eyes and snapping his fingers.

Mr Khan: “Hmmm, okay. I just need to get my gold wrist watch. It means a lot to me”

Mr Fouad: “Don’t worry. Calm down. Consider it in your hands, and if you don’t get it, she must surely pay for what she did” he said, laughing and rubbing his chest.

Question: “Will Majula not meet her waterloo in the hands of these Indians plotting evil against her?

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  1. Hmmm..let’s c how it unfolds,matlida should jst get out of dat country oo at least her mum is receivng treatment now, Na she police go first catch now

  2. This World is a small place and I hope if Khan really want to seek vengeance on Majula he will surely get her. She will pay dearly for stealing from the indians. Can’t wait for next Episode.


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