(Episode 12) Chasing Shadows…Travails of a Sojourner on the Smiling Coast!

Mariama and Wendy went on a trip to France alongside with Belinda (the girl brought to her from Freetown by Rachel).

Mariama: “Hurry up. It is time we left to the airport before we miss the flight.

Wendy: “Madam, calm down. I thought the flight is 10pm and this is just 7pm, so, why the rush? She asked as she applied another layer of tomato red lipstick on her slim lips. She smacked her lips making a pouting sound.

Mariama: “I never made a wrong choice for choosing you. You turn me on and get me drooling each time I see you” She flirted with her looking at her seductively from the dressing mirror in her bedroom. (Wendy had passed the night in her residence to prepare for the trip)

Wendy: “I guess that is a compliment.

Mariama: “This is more than just a compliment” she moved closer to her, grabbing her bum with her hands. “Oh, so soft and fleshy. You’re specially designed” She whispered making a mockery moan.

Wendy: “We are running late” she whispered quietly into her ears, pecking her right ear.

Mariama: “Oh, that’s true. Where is this girl?”

Wendy: “Which of the girls?”

Mariama: “Belinda”

Wendy: “What is she going to do for you?”

Mariama: “To wheel the luggage out of the room for me”

Wendy: “Okay, I see. She should be in the living room. Call her.

Mariama called on Belinda to wheel her luggage out of the room for her.

Wendy: “Okay, we are good to go.

The two left the room to the parking space in Mariama’s apartment. The taxi driver- Bello was waiting for them in the car.

Wendy: “yes, Bello, we are good to go. You have to drive as fast as your wheels can go, our flight is 10pm and this is 7pm. We have a long journey to travel. So, drive as fast as you can” She instructed looking at the wrist watch fastened to her wrist.

Bello: “Okay, no worries.”

In less than few seconds, the vehicle was out of sight.


Majula was comfortably seated in the hotel room with Fouad sipping a glass of red wine oblivious of what awaited her fate.

Mr Fouad: “Enjoy baby” He cajoled her to eat more of the grilled chicken on the table before them, as he tickled her.

Majula: “Thanks Fouad. How about our agreement?

Mr Fouad: “Don’t worry. I shall settle you as soon as I can. I will not delay any transaction at all” He replied, grinning.

Few minutes afterwards, Majula undressed while Fouad was in the rest room to check up on himself. He came out twice of his real figure, after he had swallowed some stimulant pills. She became awestruck at what she saw. Her pupils dilated when she looked at him from the mid-region of his body downwards. The sight of his penis standing erect and firm made her tremble. He jabbed her to himself, smooching her buttocks and kissing her neck down to her chest passionately. He dipped her teats in his mouth. She moaned faintly with pleasure as he poked her vulva. Few minutes afterwards, Majula was in climax when he pulled out and sat upright in bed. He made a sound and in the twinkle of an eye Khan with two giant furry dogs of American breed. He chuckled as he saw Majula lying nude in bed with her two legs spread apart like a pregnant woman in labour.

“Hahahahahah, you are surprised to see here right?” Mr Khan smirked at her in bed. She quickly reached for the duvet to cover her unclad body, but Fouad snatched it away from her.

Mr Fouad: “You think you are smart right, Majula? You have forgotten that this country is too small for what you did. You robbed my friend and brother here simply because you two met in Conakry and you thought he is new here in Banjul and will or might know nothing about here?” He fondled her boobs and spat on her.

Mr Khan: “I have given you the dollar you stole from me, but I need my gold wrist watch. Let me have my wrist watch right now or else, I will strangle you to death.  He threatened her, pointing a pistol to her head.

Majula: “I don’t have it here with me” she replied in a shaky voice trembling at the sight of the two fierce dogs wheezing and drooling.

Mr Khan: “Where do you have it?” He snapped at her.

Majula: “In my house”

Mr Fouad: “Where do you stay?”

Majula: “I stay at Kololi”. She replied. And Mr Khan looked at his friend with an expression depicting where-the-hell-is-she-talking-about?”

Mr Fouad: “Oh, very close by, that is not far.

Mr Khan: “Okay, good. But before then, my dogs would like to have a taste of that fleshy mountain, you know I give them left overs from whatever I eat”. He gestured.

Majula jerked her long legs in bed and folded them up to her chest, assuming a squatting position. She motioned to the other end of the bed close to where her briefs are lying on the floor.

Mr Khan: “Don’t you dare move an inch or I pull the trigger” He threatened her cocking the pistol.

Majula: “Hold on. I will…”she paused to swallow the saliva hanging in her dry throat, waving her hand at him.

Mr Khan: “Good of you” he laughed hysterically, releasing the dogs to have a taste of her flesh.

The fierce dogs pounced on her, wetting her body with the fluid dripping from their saggy jaws. The two dogs took to turns one after the other on her, while the two friends sat down observing the animals in action. She became so weak afterwards that she could hardly lift a finger. Mr Fouad pulled her out bed to her feet and she stood face-to-face with him in an upright position.

Mr Khan: “Dress up and let’s leave for your house” He ordered her throwing her dress to her face. She slumped back to bed. But, Mr Khan pulled her up again, dressing her up. The two friends helped her to their car parked outside the hotel room, walking side by side with her in their middle to avoid prying eyes or people from suspecting them.

In about five minutes, they arrived at Majula’s apartment at Kololi. She wobbled on her feet to the door of her apartment while Mr Khan and his friend, looked on as she fumbled with the key into the key hole on the door. She entered her room and brought out the gold wrist watch that she was almost killed for and handed it over to them. Mr Khan smiled broadly like someone who had just hit a jackpot, treasuring the watch as though, his life depended solely on it.

Mr Fouad: “I told you. I told you, you would get your wrist watch”.  He boasted, patting him on his back.

Mr Khan: “I am so indebted to you, Panju. He addressed him by his first name, as he held the watch up in his palms admiring it like it were some treasury chest.

Mr Fouad: “oh come on. It’s my pleasure. You can always count on me. And you” he faced Majula pointing his index finger at her: “in your next life, you will not take what does not belong to you”. He said and they both left her at the door, groaning in pain.

Majula shook her head and bit her finger regrettably as she watched the men drive off. She cursed them mumbling some incoherent words under a foul breath. She looked at her body and felt irritated as the ugly event recurred I her memory. She vomited on the floor of her room as she remembered how she was forced to kiss the dog, exchanging saliva with animal at gun point.

She became repulsive to herself and felt humiliated. She crawled to her bedside and gulped down the content in a small amber coloured bottle. She held her stomach and laid on her floor awaiting death.

Question: Do you think Mr Khan and friend were justified by their barbaric acts towards Majula over the valuables she stole from him?

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  1. Since she knew she cannot stand herself with d fact dogs slept with her, she should av allow them to kill her rather than killing herself

    • She shouldn’t have agreed.She should v allowed them do their worst instead of going through that torture and still end up killing herself.

  2. They went too far,stealing is nothing compared to the inhumane act,she’s a human for crying out loud not an animal, God have mercy,those people are monster’s

  3. NAwaoo they didn’t do well at all by allowing dogs to kiss and sex the girl… they would hv punish her in another way nah… hmm

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