(Episode 9) Chasing Shadows…Travails of a Sojourner on the Smiling Coast!

Mercy: “hello sister. Good morning.

Matilda: “Yes, morning. How mama dey?” she asked feeling a little bit indisposed.

Mercy: “I was expecting your call yesterday after I told you about mama’s situation.

Matilda: “see, Mercy, things are yet to work out as I had thought they would. I am trying my best to get something to send to you guys. But how I wish you were here with me, then you will understand what I am facing here. I can’t hear mama is between life and death and fold my arms like it is none of my business. But, it is because of the way things are here. This country is so small. It is not like Nigeria at all.

Mercy: “sister, I am more disturbed than you. You know I am the one here with mama, and I see how she is. She is not conscious at all. I weep each time I remember her situation. Lying almost lifeless in the hospital. Mama is not in good shape at all. Or do you want me to snap her and send you the picture?

Matilda: “e don reach that level. Babe chill, na wa for you o. you no even dey reason with person at all. You come dey talk like ay I get money and I no wan send.

Mercy: “Sister no vex. Na how the thing dey make me talk like that..” the line went off at the other  end. “This line don cut again na wa o” she grumbled as she checked the screen of her mobile device and found out she actually ran out of airtime. Her brother, Marcus walked up to her outside their house in Agege are of Lagos state.

Marcus: “How far? You don speak with sister?

Mercy: “Yes” she replied wearily.

Marcus: “Whetin she talk?”

Mercy: “Nothing. Na same old story; no money. She never see job and the likes. The matter sef tire me.

Marcus: “hmmm, this is serious. How we wan see money before tomorrow?

Mercy: “Same question I don dey ask myself since.

Marcus: “Hmmm, it is well”. He breathed heavily, shaking his head and looking downwards.

Matilda was equally disturbed at the other end. She was in total dilemma and decide to do the unusual. She dialled Wendy’s number several times without response. She became more frustrated after several failed attempts.

Matilda: “Why this babe no dey pick her call?” She asked rhetorically throwing the phone on bed. “I am sick of all this. I am tired. Me. a whole me, becoming a sex trader, trading money for sex. No, this is too much. If I had known I would have listened to Joseph, when he persuaded me to be a little bit patient. But out of desperation and frustration here I am trading money for sex. Oh no. I am doomed. But Wendy, you did not try at all. You never told me this is what you are bringing me here to do. If only I had listened to this same Joseph, I wouldn’t have ended up in this mess” she lamented regrettably, remembering how she had shared the idea of travelling with her boyfriend, Joseph.

Joseph: “I don’t want to sound like a killjoy, but I will advise you take your time before you jump at the offer. Not all that glitters is gold. And besides, the country in question is not even as good as Nigeria, so, why leave your comfort zone in search of greener pasture where there is actually none? Water you own land here and be fruitful.

Matilda: “thank you very much. Chief adviser, no be here you dey when I finish school dey find job? Tell me.

Joseph: ‘see Matilda, the issue is not you travelling. The issue is that what will you do when you get there? Because, from my findings, this country you are talking about has nothing. I repeat nothing. their currency may be a bit stronger than ours, but their economy can’t be compared to ours at all. Just get is straight.

Matilda: “wait, let me ask you a question; what did you have in geography in your WAEC?

Joseph: “Why are you asking? What has that got to do with the topic of discussion?” he asked, looking startled and wondering why she deviated from the topic

Matilda: “No, answer me first” she insisted.

Joseph: “Okay. I had B2” he replied, still wearing a puzzled look.

Matilda: “Oh I see, no wonder. I knew if you did not make an A, then you must make something almost similar, because your knowledge of geography is so broad that you know everything about the whole of Africa, from the confluence of Niger to basin of Congo and Zaire, to the gulf of Guinea. I am very sure you answered the part of WAEC question that talked about Senegambia. See if you like preach from now till thy kingdom come, me, I have made up my mind and no turning back. If the decision doesn’t go well with you, stand up, hug a pole or you kiss the wall” she spat on the ground and freaked out of her concerned boyfriend’s presence. He called her back, but she turned deaf ears to his calling.

All the words re-echoed in her head, sounding so loud as though, they were being spoken to her ears.

Matilda: “The deed is done. I have to brace up” She stood up to go to Wendy’s house after several attempts of failed calls.


A group of teenage girls were lined before Mariama in her apartment by a young lady who had just arrived from a trip to neighbouring countries.

Mariama: “Hello my lady. How did your trips go?” She asked addressing her with a bit of sarcasm.

Rachel: “Beautiful. I had a great time in my trip.

Mariama: “Nice, so what next? How about the girls, are they around?”

Rachel: “Of course, you can always count on me. Let me get them for you” She went outside the apartment to get a group of five girls waiting in her jeep. “Hello girls can I see you in?” She ordered the girls and they all followed her in.

Mariama: “Wow! This is lovely” Mariama commended Rachel on a job well done as she sighted the girls.

Rachel: “I told you that you can always count on me any time any day.” She boasted.

Mariama: “Okay, can you start the introduction now please?”

Rachel: ”Oh, sure” she stood up and introduced the girls one after the other. “Okay here is Nadia, Betty from Monrovia, Mary from Guinea-Bissau, Belinda and Finda from Freetown. So, the choice is yours. You can pick anyone you desire.

Mariama: “Okay” she sighed and stood up to have total assessment of the girls. “You are not bad” She held Nadia’s wrist turning her round and checking her backside and dentition. “I pick this too” she pointed to Belinda who is tallest and prettiest among them all. “So, what is the deal?” she asked, clasping her palms together.

Rachel: “You know how we do it now, Madam. It is cash and carry.

Mariama: “Okay, no problem. I will write you a check.


Matilda decided to go to Wendy’s house after she refused to pick her call.

Matilda: “Hello, anybody in?’ She knocked on the door, but a lady in her mid-twenties opened the door. “Hey, Edna it is you. Good day. How are you doing?”

Edna: “Yes, I am fine Matilda. Come in”

Matilda: “Before I come in is Wendy in?”

Edna: “No. you did not meet her on your way?” She asked, pointing to the direction of the exit.

Matilda: “Would I be asking of her from you if I met her?

Edna: “I am sorry. I asked because she had just left for Fajara.

Matilda: “Did you mean my house?”

Edna: “No. Mariama’s house. She said she was going to pay her a visit.

Matilda: “But, I have been dialling her number all day, she is not answering my call, so, I wondered if I have offended her.

Edna: “Oh, I can’t say anything about that. Maybe she was not with her phone at the time you called”

Matilda: “Okay, thanks. I will go to Mariama’s house. Hopefully, I will see her there”. She stood up and left.

Edna: “Okay, better.


At Mariama’s house, Rachel had just left when Wendy arrived. She saw the girls seated at the dining room.

Wendy: “Wow, these ladies are pretty” She said, drooling.

Mariama: “Yeah. You can always count on me for quality” She chuckled.

Wendy: “Yeah, I trust you for that. But???” She paused, squinting.

Mariama: “But what? Speak up now” She smiled

Wendy: “I hope they will not take my place?”

Mariama: “Oh no, come on girl. Your place is well secured and intact. In fact you came here at the right time. These ones are not staying here” She whispered, looking at the girls’ direction to be sure they were not listening to her conversation.

Wendy: “Oh, where are you taking them to?” She asked in a rather low tone.

Mariama: “The pretty one is going with us to France, I will start arranging her papers as soon as possible.

Wendy: “What about the other one?”

Mariama: “I will still think about it, maybe Italy or so.

Wendy: “Okay. They moved inches apart after they heard a knock on the door.

Mariama: “Hey, Matilda. How are you? Welcome, come inside” she ushered her in.

Matilda: “I am fine, jërëjëf (thank you)” she grinned.

Mariama: “Oh, you are learning fast. Have your seat”. She pointed to the seat right beside Wendy.

Wendy: “How do you know I am here?” She asked, looking surprised.

Matilda: “This is not fair at all Wendy. Would you tell me you did not see my missed calls?

Wendy: “My phone was not with me at the time you called. That is by the way, how did you know I am here?

Matilda: “I was at your house now.

Wendy: “Oh, I see. Edna told you my whereabouts?”

Matilda: “See, I have come to see you for the previous discussion. I am in” she gave in eventually.

Question: Is Matilda making the right decision by giving in at all? 

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  1. She isn’t, but there’s nothing she can do, she can’t sit down and watch her mother die. She’s desperate.
    I see one of these two chosen as undercover cops

  2. Of course her decision is wrong but then she doesn’t Av a choice her mum is dying…now dat she has decided to do it she shld jst do it and get money for her mothers treatment after which get oout of dat country and go bck to Nigeria before police catch her ooo,desperate situation calls for desperate measures
    Greetings to u all..

  3. See, d girl is just lost. Dont know what to do n trying to save her dying mother. Just that b4 heading to wendy’s plc, she should v tried talking to Bukayo on it.

  4. She is not making the right decision at all. BUT NA CONDITION MAKE CRYFISH BEND.
    But she should have talked to Bukayo before taking any step.


  5. She is not, but she has no choice considering the circumstances surrounding her. Wait ooo…. has she forgotten Bukayo ni?

  6. In life pray not to be frustrated cos u might make d same decision too. As for me i will do anything to save my mums life even if it means fucking over and over again. Life no dey smile at all and is not as if anybody is willing to help in any way. Poverty is a bastard.

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