(Episode 13) Chasing Shadows…Travails of a Sojourner on the Smiling Coast!

Mariama and Wendy arrived three weeks after their trip to France.

Wendy: wow, what a success. I feel real good. The shopping, sight- seeing and beauty routines. I am so grateful for your generousity Mariama”.

Mariama: ‘it is my pleasure dear. I will do anything for you girl. I am happy that you are happy as well. That is by the way, isn’t Majula supposed to be here at least today. Or will she tell me she is not aware of our arrival?”

Wendy: “I thought as much too. I have not heard from her since we arrived last night. You can dial her number to find out why she is not here today” She suggested, stretching forth her hand to hand her the phone.

Mariama: “I will not call her. She will explain to me as to why she is not here to see us after she refused to show up at the airport last night.

Wendy: “Don’t jump to conclusion yet nor get upset. You are yet to know why she is not here. Give her the opportunity of explaining herself before you conclude on what to do to her”

Mariama: “Just because of you. I am doing this for your sakes” she winked at her, as she dialled Majula’s number, but the automatic voice mail said in Wolof: “the number you have just dialled is switched off”

Wendy: “Is she answering her call?” She asked enthusiastically, raising her head up from the French magazine she’s flipping through.

Mariama: “No. it is saying switched off”

Wendy: “Switched off?” she asked, looking puzzled

Mariama: “Yes, I have dialled it twice, it kept repeating “switched off”. Perhaps, you can as well redial it on your device”.

Wendy: ‘No.  I don’t think it is necessary. You already dialled it several times. So, I redialling it on my device will not make any difference. And besides, I do no doubt you”

Mariama: “I am not saying you doubt me. I just want you to redial on your own device to be certain her phone is the one that is truly switched off and not some network issues. That’s all”

Wendy: “Okay. If you insist. I will” she picked her phone, redialled her number severally but all to no avail. She looked at Mariama, who tilted her neck to one side resting on her shoulder, and opening her eyes widely with a facial expression indicating; I- said- it.

Wendy:  What could be wrong with her line?’ She asked looking a bit worried.

Mariama:  Her line or her phone? Or maybe she’s travelled?

Wendy: “I doubt. She never said anything about travelling before we left. And even if it was impromptu I am sure she would leave message behind. She is not that kind of a person”

Mariama: “So, where could she be?

Wendy: “Let us hold on for a couple of days. If she doesn’t get in touch with any of us, Kololi is not a lion’s den nor a forbidden land for us two to go. So, we can always check on her”

Mariama: “Okay. Let’s wait till tomorrow and see what happens afterwards.


Two days later Mariam and Wendy decided to go to Majula’s apartment to check on her. They found the door to her apartment under lock and keys, so this got them worried and wondering where she could have been to, without notifying any of them. Mariama looked at Wendy giving her a what-is-happening kind of look.

Wendy: “She is not home. Her lines are switched off. Where the hell could she be?” She asked feeling frustrated.

Mariama: “Hold on, something must be wrong somewhere, let’s ask her neighbours, perhaps they have idea of her whereabouts or something you know, we never can tell”. They moved to the flat next to Majula’s.

Wendy: “Hello! Anybody in?” she knocked on the door. A young lady in her late twenties came out to them. “Yes, good day. How is the morning?” She greeted

Lady: “Yeah, the morning is fine. Jërëjëf (thanks)” She replied, holding the handle of the door. “How can I help you, young ladies?” she asked looking at them with surprise.

Wendy: “Okay, we are here to see the lady living in the next flat” She replied pointing in the direction of Majula’s flat. “We checked on her there, but her door is under lock and key”

Lady: “Oh, you mean Majula?” She asked, stretching her neck from the spot she maintained and pointing her finger towards the direction.

Mariama:”Yes, Majula.

Lady: “You have not heard?”

“Heard what?” Mariama and Wendy asked in unison.

Lady: “She is dead” she said without a cringe in her voice.

The two ladies looked at each other, dumbfounded for few minutes. Mariama held Wendy’s wrists with both hands and opened her mouth wide.

Wendy: “How? How, di di did it ha-ppen?” She stuttered, squinting. However Mariama could not speak. Her voice failed her. She just remained numb and quiet as the lady narrated what she knew about the story.

Lady: “Nobody really know what happened. She was found dead in her room, few days after the whole compound was engulfed in foul smell. Her flat was broken into by the neighbours after alerting the police and her bloated body was found in the room.

Mariama: “How did it happen? Was she killed or what?” she eventually spoke after she was able to find her voice. She swallowed the saliva hanging in her dry throat as she asked the lady tons of questions.

Lady: “From the police and the neighbours, who broke into her flat: it was alleged that she drank poison, because they saw a bottle of poison on a table beside her bed. So, apparently, she poisoned herself.

Mariama: “But what could have led her to do such?” she asked

Lady: “I am sure that question is not for me” she asked cheekily.

Mariama: “Oh, sorry. Never mind” she waved her fingers at her.

Lady: “Okay, excuse me. I need to attend to something inside” she shut her door on the ladies.

Mariama: “But, what could have prompted or led Majula to take poison. That is suicidal.

Wendy: “The best adjective to qualify her act” she shrugged off her shoulders as they entered the car.

Mariama: “What a world” she thought out loud, and ignited the vehicle and drove off.


Mr Campbell, the head officer of the investigating unit on crimes was seated in his office going through some heap of files on his table, when a junior police officer, Mr Osman, entered his office, tendering a file to him.

Mr Osman: “Sir, here is the result of the autopsy test carried out on the lady that was found dead in her apartment in Kololi” He handed the test result to him.
Mr Campbell: “Okay, thanks” he said, balancing his eye glasses on the bridge of his nose to have a clear view of the result. “Good. This will help the investigation to a certain level”.

Mr Osman: “Yes sir.

Mr Campbell: “Okay, you can file it and make sure you keep me abreast of any improvement you and your team make on the investigation” he stretched forth his hand and handed the result to him for record keeping.

Mr Osman: “Okay sir. But sir…”he turned back to speak to him

Mr Campbell: “Yes, what is that?”

Mr Osman: “I need to call your attention to something sir”

Mr Campbell: “What is that?

Mr Osman: “I would like to call your attention to the autopsy result. There is a similar case the human trafficking department is handling currently, the case of one Aminata that was poisoned.

Mr Campbell: “Yes, I am aware. What has it got to do with this?

Mr Osman: “I discovered through the doctor that the same poison detected in Aminata’s blood stream was also what the deceased took sir. But, she took hers in large quantity, the reason the effect was so rapid in her thus acting rather fast, damaging some vital organs after spending days indoors. Apparently, there must be a kind of correlation or link between the deceased. Who knows whether the same killer forced the lady to drink the poison?

Mr Campbell: “Hmmmmm, very thoughtful of you” he said, biting the bottom of his eyes glasses.

Mr Osman: “Just from my observation sir.

Mr Campbell: “Okay, just make sure you and your team work hard to get to the roots of the matter

Mr Osman: “Okay sir”

Question: “What could have transpired between the two deceased that claimed their lives by the same poison?

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  1. Can’t really say o but am sure dey were both in prostitution buizness, even likely to b friends wen they r both still alive.

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