(Episode 14) Chasing Shadows…Travails of a Sojourner on the Smiling Coast!

Few weeks after Mariama and Wendy returned from France, they switched to their normal life, going about their daily routine and business, after mourning Majula for a short while. Wendy planned a picnic with the ladies in order to hang out and share thoughts with one another. They all sat on the mat laid on the beach, drinking, eating and giggling. They were all in a state of euphoria, attracting other fun seekers attention to themselves with their laughter.

A middle aged man walked towards the ladies. He stood directly opposite Mariama. She stood up almost immediately after seeing him.

Mariama: “Hey. Justin. You are still here?

Justin: “Yes’, as you can see” He replied, spreading his arms apart and screaming on top of his voice as the noise from the sea current was interfering in their words.

Justin was an American tourist who visited the country more often especially during summer for vacation. He was one of Mariama’s friends whom she pimped girls for. She wondered why he was still in the country as summer vacation had lapsed at the time they met on the beach.

Mariama: “Okay. Can we move further a bit, to somewhere calm?” they both moved to a bamboo shed roofed with raffia leaves.

Justin: “How you doing?” he asked, looking at her seductively.

Mariama: “I’m good” she replied, grinning and twisting her neck sideways.

Justin: “Good. It’s quite an age. I have not heard from you.

Mariama: “It works both ways. I did not hear from you either. You know I was shocked when I saw you few minutes ago. I thought you had gone back to the States.

Justin: “I will be leaving next week. But before then, can you make arrangement for me?”

Mariama: “Hmmm, that will be a bit difficult for now. I have no one in mind as of now. So, nothing for you”.

Justin: “Are you sure?”

Mariama: “What is am I sure? I have done this for you countless times, so, I know when I have girls available or not”

Justin: “What about your girlfriends?” He asked, looking in the direction of Wendy and Matilda.

Mariama: “Oh, that?” She pointed in the direction of the ladies.

Justin: “I think I like the taller lady”

Mariama: “That is Matilda

Justin: “You know her name. So, a deal?”

Mariama: “A deal!” she replied and they both stood up.

Few hours after the picnic, they all left for their various apartments. Mariama and Matilda went home together since there apartment are few metres away from each other. She talked to Matilda about Justin. Matilda was somewhat reluctant to take the offer, but she gave in when Mariama cajoled her, more especially when she heard his nationality- an American. She jumped at the offer.

Mariama: “So, where will you be tomorrow?”

Matilda: “Where else other than my room. I have no job yet you know”. She replied and they both giggled.

Mariama: “Okay. That is nice. My friend says he likes you”

Matilda: “Your friend? I don’t know any of your friends other than Wendy”

Mariama: “Justin, the guy I chatted with on the beach

Matilda: “Oh, that Toubab?”

Mariama: “Yes, his name is Justin. What do you think?”

Matilda: “I am, I will think about it” She replied disinterestedly.

Mariama: “Justin is a cool guy. Besides, he is an American” Matilda’s ears became wider as she heard he’s an American. She smiled and nodded in agreement to Mariama’s offer.

Matilda: “I think I will give it a trial. Let’s see how it goes.”

Mariama: “Okay, good. I will arrange how you two will meet.

Matilda: “We shall see and discuss more about it later” she replied and they parted ways.


Justin and Matilda met few days afterwards.

Justiin: “Come in” he ushered Matilda into his hotel room.

Matilda: “Thanks.” She replied sitting at the edge of the bed.

Justin: “Welcome. Feel good and comfortable” he assured her, sitting rather close to her in bed, with his breath smelling of ginger beer.

Matilda: “Thanks.

Justin: “Okay, give me a few minutes, I will be back” He entered the bath room.

Matilda sat still in bed, wondering what could have kept Justin for so long in the bathroom, as she did not hear any sound of someone defecating or bathing. She became worried and frightened as she had suspected that something was up his sleeves. She began to imagine all the horror movies she had seen in the past. She shrugged off her shoulders and squinted to come back to normalcy after wandering in thoughts for a while. “Whetin this guy dey do for bathroom since? For the past fifteen minutes now, he never come out. E dey born for inside bathroom? And no sound dey even dey come out from the place sef?” She soliloquised, checking her wrist watch every second.

Few minutes later Justin came out of the rest room, looking so fierce, with his eyes red hot and almost popping out of sockets. His cheeks blushed. And Matilda wondered what had become of him in just a few minutes that he had spent in the bathroom. She shifted to one side of the bed trembling. But, she concealed her feelings. She did not want Justin to know she was panicking.

Justin: “You are still dressed?” He asked, as he yanked off his shirt and unzipped his trousers’ zipper. He moved close to Matilda and thrust her to the bed. She laid on her back, while Justin violently ripped her blouse from behind. He turned her to face him while he tied her two hands and legs to the bed. She groaned in pain as he forced his way into her. “Please, I beg of you, don’t kill me” she pleaded, wailing in agony. All her pleas fell on Justin’s deaf ears. He hit her harder, pushing and pulling out of her.

Few minutes afterwards, he untied her. Matilda looked at him wondering what he was up to again as he sat up in a chair, both of them were unclad. He placed her in a squatting position, pulled her hair to his lower abdomen. He jabbed her head back and forth after forcibly placing her mouth on his groin, while he poked her genitals with his big toe.


Matilda became so frustrated while she was in her room. She felt depressed and cursed everything and every human around her. She wondered and questioned what she had done to be treated unfairly by life.

“I have only read about sadist in books. Seen them in movies, so, I could fall victim of one?’ she asked rhetorically beating her chest. Now I am beginning to believe that an average white man is a psycho, I don’t care if it stereotypical to say that, with what I have encountered with one, it is enough to change my mind set about them”

She turned from one end to the other in bed, feeling disturbed as what she termed as “ugly sexual experience” replayed in her memory. She covered her ears with pillows trying to erase the incidence from her memory. Some incoherent and incomprehensible words re-echoed in her head. She began to feel some hallucinations.

She stood up abruptly, picked her a pair of trousers and top, dressed up and headed out. She was almost hit by a vehicle as she reached the junction of her street. She stood up looking in different directions of the usually lonely road of the South Street on Fajara road. The white sandy road was a bit wet, there had been a light shower few hours ago, so, the atmosphere was misty and engulfed in petrichor.

She headed straight to the Mariama’s house. She met no one in the living room that was unlocked and she wondered as this was uncustomary of Mariama to leave her door ajar. She checked through the living room to the kitchen and no one was in. She decided to check her in her bedroom after hearing some faint sound from the room.

Matilda: ‘Where has this lady gone to?” She asked rhetorically. “She can go to hell for all I care. She will meet me here today, and I will dish out the piece of my mind today” she said as she shook her legs crossed at ankles vigorously.

She became impatient and went to check her bedroom. She opened the door to her bedroom without knocking. However, she met the shock of her life with what she saw. She yelled and covered her mouth with her two hands.

Question: “What could Mariama be doing behind closed doors to have shocked Matilda?

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