(Episode 15) Chasing Shadows…Travails of a Sojourner on the Smiling Coast!

“Ha!” Matilda screamed as she saw Mariama and Wendy entangled in each other. She shook her head, feeling so disgusted as she saw the room littered with varieties of sex toys and some hallucinogens. Mariama and Wendy quickly detached.

Wendy: “Hey! You did not tell me you are coming here?” she asked, feeling a tipsy.

Matilda: “What is this?” she asked, touching the base of her nose to clean a white substance she suspected to be cocaine.

Wendy: “what is what?” she asked pretentiously, sniffing her nose.

Matilda: “The white powder on your nose?” she replied, eyeing her irritatingly.

Wendy: “Oh, it’s nothing” she replied, scratching her head and twitching her neck.

Matilda: “That is by the way. I am not here for you. Kindly call me Mariama” she said, supporting her waist with her palm and shaking her legs vigorously like some troublesome busy-body woman ready to pick a fight.

Wendy: “Why do you want to see her? And by the way, why did you not knock on the door before barging in like that? Don’t you know?” Matilda hushed her.

Matilda: “Hey, hold it! Don’t I know what? That it is rude, when you two were busy wasting your life here? where did you and your husband or wife, I am sure you will be the wife, because it is so glaring that she is the boss here, controlling everybody controllable, when I knocked the door? I knock so tey my knuckles dey hurt. And you are here asking me JAMB question. See I am not here for play play at all. Just call her out for me, before I bring down the roof of this house” She fumed, facing her palm up to hush her friend.

Wendy: “Are you done?”

Matilda: “What do you mean by am I done? Call out the whore for me, or else!

Wendy: “Or else what? Or else you will report to the police? I asked you what happened, you refuse to talk. You stand here ranting and raging like a mad woman who broke loose from chains. See if you are not ready to talk, the door is wide open” she revolted, pointing to the direction of the door.

Mariama came out to meet to the ladies when the noise became unbearable.

Matilda: “It’s even better. Here she comes”.

Mariama:  “Why the noise? Matilda, why are you going berserk like a bitch that has gone amok?” she asked insultingly in a low tone.

Matilda: “so, I am mad? Is that what you are trying to say?” She beat her chest indicating if she was the one Mariama was referring to.

Mariama: “I need you to look around, who is the odd one here? Who is the one being outrageous here?” she asked, swirling her index finger in a circular motion.

Wendy: “I tire o” she replied in eyeing her friend.

Mariama: “if you know you have nothing to the table, I wold rather you leave before hell breaks loose. You barged into my house, fine I gave you the audacity to come in anytime you like but not to create nuisance in my own house. so, if you have nothing to say or if you are to ready to spit whatever it is that is stirring your polluted guts up, get out of my house” she yelled, shutting her eyes and pointing in the direction of the exit.

Wendy: “Okay, I apologise on her behalf, Mariama. Kindly forgive her for my sakes.” She pleaded.

Matilda: “Hmmmm, it is well. Na me cause am. But let me pour out my mind before I leave. Madam Senghor or what do you call yourself, I never knew you were a wolf in sheep’s clothing. So, you saw death and decided to push me into it. Your intent are known to me now: you never mean well for me”

Mariama: “Can someone get this bitch out of my house before I change my mind right away. You are trying my patience Matilda” she yelled at her, speaking through clenched teeth.

Wendy: Matti, whetin dey worry you sef? You chop winsh, abi wetin sef?” she fumed at her friend, lifting her legs up with the muscles on her calves stretching up.

Matilda: “See, what have I done to you that the best thing to pay me back with was to offer me as a sacrificial lamb to a sadist?” She spit out her mind.

Wendy became numb as she heard this. She looked at Mariama and back to Matilda, with her mouth wide open.

Mariama: “What the hell are you talking about? She asked, looking bewildered.

Matilda: “Please, I hate pretense. Don’t play dumb with me woman. Will you tell me you don’t know Justin; the Toubab you introduced to me?

Wendy: excuse me, somebody should make all these clear to me. I don’t understand. Toubab, Justin. What is going on?” She asked, looking bewildered

Mariama: “Oh, she is talking about Justin. The white guy.” She replied casually.

Matilda: “This devil incarnate pushed me to a predator. The guy is a sadist!” she pointed at Mariama almost poking her nose.

Wendy: “Sorry, how did you two meet?

Mariama:  “Justin told me he liked her, so, I match-made them. Did I do anything wrong?” she asked rhetorically.

Wendy: “But…

Matilda: “But what? Oh, I see, so, you too know the guy is a sadist? If only you knew what I went through in the hands of this vagabond son of a bitch.” She said after reading the expression on her friend’s face.

Wendy developed an instant irritation towards Mariama.


Two weeks after the brawl, Wendy went to pay her friend a visit in her apartment.

Wendy: “Matilda, trust me, I know nothing about what transpired between you and Mariama. How can I convince you that I am not a party to what happened?” She said, feeling guilt.

Matilda: “Never mind. It is all settled now. I have forgotten the issue sef.

Wendy: “I feel really bad, and betrayed that Mariama could hook you up with such a person”

Matilda: “You know him?” she asked, looking curious.

Wendy: “Too well.

Matilda: “Okay. Nneka” She called her middle name, looking downwards.

Wendy: “Yes.” she replied, looking amazed, wondering why she addressed her with her middle name. “Is everything alright?”

Matilda: “I believe we are adults here, so, we are not too big or old to talk to each other. Are you bisexual?” She asked, looking straight into her eyes.

Wendy: “Hmmm” she chuckled.

Matilda: “And you take drugs too? See, I am not claiming holiness here, but I just want you to know that all these hard drugs have dangerous effects on you. The aftermath is dangerous and life threatening.

Wendy: “Thanks for your advice” she replied, brushing the questions off. “I need an assistance from you. Will you do it?”

Matilda: “What assistance is that? I hope this one will not send me to my early grave or even where I don’t want to be at the end of the day like others I have put myself into?” She asked feeling suspicious.

Wendy: “Na you sabi. Na deal I wan give you. It involves five thousand US Dollars.” Matilda’s ears widened, with the lobes spreading wider than normal, as she heard the amount involved. She forgot the past and jumped at the offer again, not minding the dangers involved.

Matilda: “What is the deal about now? Tell me, my ears are itching already” She asked eagerly.

Wendy: “There is this Lebanese that…” Bukayo interrupted her as barged into the room without knocking.

Question: “Will this be the end between Matilda and Mariama?

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  1. This Matilda self is greedy. She is getting more and more involved in this thing. Her problem no be only more but greed. She go soon regret am.

  2. it seems so Adelove this episode is not straight forward oooooo, Matilda met Wendy and Mariana in both each other arms why is now Matilda looking for Mariana again when she is there with her any sha next episode please

  3. It should be but Maltida don like money now.. So if there is another deal of huge money, she will jump to d offer Evn if its Mariama.

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