(Episode 21) Chasing Shadows…Travails of a Sojourner on the Smiling Coast!

Matilda summoned up the courage and entered her flat. She was home alone. The girls staying with her had all gone out. Later in the evening, she was in the kitchen preparing a fish pepper-soup when she saw a shadow cast on the window of her pantry. She peeped though the window and saw no one. She became scared, she went to the rear entrance of her kitchen and found out it was open. She looked through the courtyard and saw no one.

Few minutes afterwards, she was watching an entertainment news on E! when she heard the door leading to her pantry creaking. She reached for a kitchen-Knife, hid it behind her and stealthily open the door. Her heart thumped as she saw a cat lurking behind the base of her door.

Wendy: “Oh, onyeara! She kicked the cat and cursed it.
However, she was not convinced that there was no human being lurking around on the compound. She decided to go back into her room. At about 11.p.m, she was in her bedroom staring fixedly at the table clock on her bed table, breathing heavily and rolling from one edge to the other, when she decided to leave her flat for somewhere much safer for her.

Wendy: “I don’t think I can sleep in this room. I have to go somewhere safer and secure” She soliloquised as she sat up on her bed scrolling through her mobile device.
Few minutes later, she dressed up and left or Mariama’s apartment.

Mariama: “Hello, are you okay?” she wondered what had brought her to her apartment t such an odd hour. “Come on in.

Wendy: “My life is in danger. Io guess I am being trailed. She replied, panting.

Mariama: “Trailing you? Did you involve in any deal with anyone?” she asked looking startled.

Wendy: “It started this evening. I was at the shore to get fresh fish from my customer, then I saw this guy that came from nowhere asking me; buy my fiss. Buy my fiss” so, I told him I didn’t need no fish, be he insisted. I was on my way home when I sensed someone was trailing me. I saw the same guy again, but I am not sire because the other person I saw wore a cap, and the other guy could not have changed in just few minutes that I had left the shore”. She explained scratching her nape to be sure she was not hallucinating.

Mariama: “Are you sure of what you are saying or some kind of illusion, perhaps as a result of stress or what I told you about the agency?

Wendy: “Mariama, I am sure of what I’m saying.

Mariama: “Okay, if you are not being paranoid, then it means we have to act fast. Leave this country as soon as we can.”


Bukayo and were Matilda were engrossed in a chat when Wendy called to know how she was faring as she had left her to decide her fate and bear her cross.

Wendy: “Hello Matiie! What’s up?

Matilda: “You still dey? I be thin say you don gbez. Shebi you say make I find my square root, why you come dey call me again?”

Wendy: “Babe, no be like that nah. Yu suppose understand nah. My mind no dey at rest as I dey so. I just dey use one mind call you to calm my nerves. You no go believe sey na Mariama house I dey since two days ago? I no fit go my house?

Matilda: “Whetin happen? You dey owe rent?” she asked with a bit of sarcasm in her tone.

Wendy: “This one na serious gobe. E worse pass rent. I no go fit tell you for phone, you know remember whetin I tell you about monitoring spirit?”

Matilda: “Oh, I understand. No worry. So, where you come dey now?

Wendy: “Mariama’s house.

Matilda: “That one good nah. E no far. I go check you later. Be good” She hung the call and breathed heavily.

Bukayo: “I hope all is well?” she waved her fingers at Matilda’s face to catch her attention as she looked blankly.

Matilda: “Nothing. I just spoke with my friend.

Bukayo: “Which of your friends?

Matilda: “How many friends I get for here? This girl too dey like mumu mumu question” she muttered.

Bukayo: “Wendy?

Matilda: “How many friends do I have here? And how many do you see me with?

Bukayo: “Oh, I am sorry. That is by the way one of the guys that drink Attaya with Mukhtar all the time was asking me of her a couple of days ago or thereabouts.

Matilda: “Why? For what?” she snapped at her.

Bukayo: “Nothing. He only asked me where she lived” She replied casually.

Matilda: “And you told him?” she asked, with her pupils dilating.

Bukayo: “I know she stays in Bakau, don’t where precisely. So, I told the guy she stays in Bakau.
Matilda opened her mouth wide, and put her two hands over her head.

“Agh, which kind girl be this. This girl na mumu of the century o. Now I understand why Wendy is not in her house. So, this idiot told the guy where she lives. Wendy must not hear this. How I go do am now?” She muttered as she bit her index finger and looked at her with irritation.


Wendy and Mariama were in an Indian cuisine along the Fajara road for lunch, when a guy mistakenly poured a cup of coffee on Wendy as he bumped into her accidently.

Wendy: “Are you blind?” She fumed at the guy, lifting one leg up and stamping the other on the floor.

Guy: “Oh I am very sorry, madam. Forgive me”

Mariama: “Never mind guy. It is okay” she waved the guy off to avert any further brawl.

Wendy: “Why would you tell him to just go like that? He stained my outfit and you know how stubborn coffee stain can be” She nagged.

Mariama: “I will buy you a new outfit. I hope that settles it?”

Wendy: “You have just spoiled my appetite this afternoon. I don’t know why you never allowed me deal with the idiot. I would have dish out the worst insults to him this afternoon” She continued naggin while Mariama ordered the waiter to pack the lunch for them.
Mariama kept mute and ignored her as she nagged on their way to Mariam’s house.

Mariama: “You are not smart at all” She said, as they walked along the lonely road on a sunny afternoon.

Wendy: “Is that an insult or what?” she asked feeling angry the more.

Mariama: “Whatever you call it. Don’t you see?” She pointed on her eyes.

Wendy: “See what?”

Mariama: “That guy intentionally poured the coffee on you. I saw it. With my two eyes” she gestured.
Wendy looked back to be sure no one was behind them.

Wendy: “You saw it and still asked the guy to go without apologising?”

Mariama: “You have no idea how these people operate. He did that intentionally, because he knew it would upset you, and from there you two would ensue in an altercation, so, from there, they get into you. You said you are being trailed, right?

Wendy: “Yes, by unknown persons, but that guy at the restaurant was not the one I saw”

Mariama: “And you think they are foolish like you to bring the same guy your way? I decided to keep mute about it. I am being watched just as you are too. I have been sensing some strange movements around my house lately. So, I avoid public conversations or fights. That is why I asked the guy to leave, when you stood up to pick a fight with him. You have been here for quite a while, I expect you to have known how these people operate and get whomever they want to. I am leaving this country unfailingly in a couple of days, nothing can stop me from leaving. So, prepare your mind.
Wendy became dumbfounded as she heard what Mariama told her. She placed their packed lunch on the dining table and headed to the room.

Mariama: “Are you not eating?”

Wendy: “No appetite” she replied waving her fingers backwards.

Mariama stormed out of her room as she saw the girl she was still holding hostage in the house speaking with a neighbour in the compound.

Mariama: “Nadia!” She shouted her name.

Nadia: “Yes Ma’am!
Mariama held her wrist tightly and dragged her into the room.

Mariama: “See, how many times have I told you not to go out without my notice or authority?” she pulled her ear.

Nadia: “I went to get my clothes from the line”

Mariama: “You are such a bloody liar. At this hour, you went to get clothes from the line?” she asked, pointing to her wrist.

Nadia: “Trust me madam. I am not lying to you”

Mariama: “But I saw you with a neighbour”

Nadia: “Yes. He was asking me my name that he has not seen me in this compound before. That’s all”

Mariama: “Henceforth, don’t go out without telling me. And if you need anything the maid is there to get it for you. Am I cleared?

Nadia: “Yes ma!

The next morning, Mariama was in bed around 8 o’clock when a group of search team came knocking on her door. She leapt out of bed when she saw them through her window.

Mariama: “Wendy” she whispered her name tapping her in bed.

Wendy: “Yes, is anything the matter?

Mariama: “There is serious problem. Stand up and look through the window”

Wendy: “Ha!” Mariama covered her mouth with her hands.

Question: Who could have informed the officers of the victim Mariama is holding hostage? And will they escape the arrest?

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  1. Dumb babes, they are not even as smart as I thought,ever since the news broke they had the chance to travel out but their sins be clouded them…now it’s pretty late.

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