(Episode 22) Chasing Shadows…Travails of a Sojourner on the Smiling Coast!

Mariama: “Sshhhh. Don’t attract attention to here please.” she hushed her and covered her mouth with her hand.

Wendy: “What do we do next?” she asked, trembling.

Mariama: “Hold on. Just stay put here. I will be back” She left for the door.
The officers at the door kept banging the door.

Mariama: “Hey! Hold on. Don’t break my door please” she opened the door for them, shielding her face with her palm from the reflection of the sun rays.

Officers: “How is the morning madam” he greeted, smiling.

Mariama: “Fine. Thanks. Yes, what can I do for you?” she asked, frowning at the officer.

Officer: “I am Henry Fowler.” He waved his identity card at her. “I am here with my other colleague to conduct a search on this compound. There is an information that some persons are harbouring illegal immigrants in this vicinity according to an intelligence source. This is not the only place we are searching, my colleagues are in other flats and houses. So, don’t think it is a monopoly search on your flat”

Mariama: “Okay, can I have any warrant authorising you to do so?

Mr Henry: “Of course!” he handed over the search warrant to her.

Mariama: “Okay, you are welcome.” She ushered him in. “Here is my friend and my maid. I have two kids but they are out of the country currently. So we are just three in the house” she introduced Wendy and her maid –Aisha to the officer.

The officers searched through the whole house and found no one besides the three. Few minutes after the search, the officers left still feeling sceptical as they sensed something had gone amiss.

Mr Henry: “Okay, madam, thanks for the opportunity granted on to me and my team”. He appreciated her and they both exchanged handshakes.

Mariama: “My pleasure officer.” She slammed the door behind him and his team.

Wendy: “Wow! Mariama! You are too good and smart. How did you do it?” She was awestruck at how Mariama played her game to avoid being caught by the officers.

Mariama: “When I say respect your elders and mothers, don’t question why you should. I been long in the game yo!” she replied raising her shoulders high and feigning an American accent.

Wendy: “I admit you are my elder. In fact I take a bow” she laughed as she kowtowed for Mariama.

Mariama: “You are honoured” she touched her head.

Wendy: “Tell me. How did you do it? I am still in shock. I was trembling as the officers were ransacking the whole house violently. But, when I saw you looking calm and not even flinching, then I knew I had little hope. You were so calm as though everything was under your control. What am I even saying, you were under control of course, otherwise, we would be saying another story entir;ly by now.” She praised her raising her hands up in tight fists.

Mariama: “Last night, I was about to go to bed, when I saw the girl chatting with a neighbour, so, I sensed danger was lurking around the corner, and I hid her last night, thinking today I will something about her.

Wendy: “Wow! That’s is very smart and intelligent of you.

Mariama: “Of course, in this kind of situation one has to be hyper-sensitive. Let your nose be laid down and your eyes at your back, all your body parts have to be alert.

Wendy: “I am getting more tactics from you day by day. This is added to all the ones I have learned before.

Mariama: “That is by the way, I will be leaving the country in two days’ time, you know, this is a serious period for us. We have to act fast after escaping this.

Wendy: “Wow! What a great coincidence. I will be leaving for Ghana too, same day. I will be there for a couple of months before I proceed to wherever I want to.

Mariama: “That is nice. So, preparation starts now” She moved towards the room to get her luggage.

Wendy: “I will miss you.” She said to Mariama, hugging and kissing her passionately.


Mr Henry gave feedback to his boss, Mr Dawda, about their search at Mariama’s house.

Mr Dawda: “Hello Henry. You are yet to give me report of the search conducted this morning. Or you people did not carry out the search?” he asked, with his heads bowed downwards, flipping through a file of documents on his table.

Mr Henry: “Sir, we did”

Mr Dawda: “You did?” He raised his head up, looking at Mr Henry. “But, I am yet to receive reports on it. Or don’t I deserve to be updated on any improvement you guys have made so far?

Mr Henry: “We conducted the search as I had said. But, no illegal thing or persons were found in the house we searched”. He replied, looking downwards.

Mr Dawda: “How can you tell me that? After you mailed me last night that the girl was in her apartment.” He fumed at him, banging the table and straining his eyes at him.

Mr Henry: “Yes, I did. I was shocked as you are when we got there and found no one.

Mr Dawda: “Oh, I see. So, you are now becoming a traitor right?

Mr Henry: “not at all sir. I am loyal to the oath I swore. But, sir, as we all know, the lady is very smart. I am sure she outsmarted us. She acted faster.

Mr Dawda: “Oh, come on, Henry. Just listen to yourself. How could you say the lady was smarter thatn you? That is a lap on your face and your profession.

Mr Henry: “Give us some more time. We are not relenting. I believe very soon, she and her cohorts shall be made to face the law.

Mr Dawda: “Can I give you a year or forever? I think that will be okay. I am sick of give us more time. Henceforth, no more time, I give you twenty-four hours to carry out the legal apprehension. And no more stories. You can leave!” he waved his fingers off, and rocked his chair to back him.


Matilda decided to open up to Bukayo about her situation as she was becoming stranded after her friend had called to tell her that she would the leave the country any moment. But she never disclosed the day she would be leaving.

Matilda: “Hey Bukayo, can I confide in you?” she asked, holding her hands.

Bukayo: “Of course, you can. I wonder why you always find it difficult to tell me your mind.

Matilda: “Fine! I am in a serious dilemma” she spoke softly, sniffing her nose.

Bukayo: “Talk to me. Is anything the matter?” She sat up in chair and paid a rapt attention to her.

Matilda: “My friend is leaving the Gambia soon. I don’t know how soon, though, she told me she would be leaving as soon as possible. And you know she is the only one I know here, she engineered my coming to this country all in the name of a green pasture that is not real. And now that she is leaving I am confused don’t know what to do or which step to take. That is why I am telling you this, perhaps you can help out.

Bukayo: “How do you want me to help out? Go back to Nigeria if things don’t work out as you had planned it initially.” She replied casually.

Matilda: “Ha! It is not as easy as you think. The shame won’t allow me. I can’t go back to Nigeria and start all over again form the scratch. Ha! That is not possible”

Bukayo: “You keep saying it is not possible. What do you want me to do about it? Besides, here is not your country, even if you spend one million years off the shores of your motherland, you will always go home someday, except if you are a vagabond”

Matilda: “I accept all insults from you. I asked for it

Bukayo: “Get it clear. I am not insulting you. I am only bring forthright. So, what do you want me to do for you?

Matilda: “Good. I need you to help me out with job. I have my CV here with me, so that one will not be a barrier.

Buakyo: “You are funny. I am a student for crying out loud. What do I know about job yet? And besides, I am not an agent that gives job for people.

Matilda: “See Bukky, I now you can help me out of this situation for me to ask you, you should know I know you can help.

Bukayo: “Really?!” She asked looking amazed.

Matilda: “Yes! I know. You can.

Bukayo: “Okay, I am listening. How can I be of help?

Matilda: “Good. You remember that your uncle you kept talking about that is the MD of a telecommunications company?

Bukayo: “Yes, I remember. How about it?

Matilda: “I did computer science in the university. And I believe I can work there too. Please, help me out. Don’t let me be put to shame” She knelt down, rubbing her palms against each other and weeping.

Bukayo: “Oh, come on. Don’t do this. I will talk to my mum to talk to talk to him. So, let your mind be at rest.

Question: How will the agency uncover Mariama after an ultimatum of twenty-four hours by their boss, while the hunted is about to abscond from the country?

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  1. I wonder why this Maltida girl never had the sense to ask bukayo for job all this while.
    well, I guess it’s part of the story sha

  2. what if bukkayo is a spy too? I have a feeling aisha will betray Mariana by opening up to the search team led by Mr Henry ,Wendy and her lover boss mariama will b apprehend at the 11th hour as they plan to flee the country cos definitely immigration agents will alert them about people planning to leave the country. Matilda will get a job via bukkayo and remain in the country .

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