(Episode 23) Chasing Shadows…Travails of a Sojourner on the Smiling Coast!

Mariama was packing her luggage alongside Wendy when she heard a knock on the door.

Mariama: “Who could that be again?” she raised her head from the bag she was zipping up to attend to the person at the door.
She had paid relieved her maid of her duty, and she was left with only Wendy and Nadia in the house. She peered through the door hole to know who was at the door before opening.

Mariama: “Yes, how may I help you?” she asked her ex-husband, William who had come to ask of their sons again after she had secretly sent them to her cousin who was based in the UK.

William: “will you let me in first?” he asked, as she refused to open the door to let him in.

Mariama: “As you can see, I am busy. Cleaning the house. So, no entry for you” she replied, holding on to the door knob.

William: “Okay, nice. Can I see the boys?”

Mariama: “Not today. You may come back next week.

William: “Next week?” he asked smiling and shaking his head.

Mariama: “Yes, next weekend.

William: “Till then. See you later” He turned his back and entered the taxi that brought him to his ex-wife’s apartments.

Wendy: “Who was that?” she asked from the living room.

Mariama: “Will!” She replied as she as she buried her face in her palms.

Wendy: “Oh, I see. For the kids right?”
Mariama nodded, indcating yes to her questions.

Wendy: “So, what did you tell him?” she asked, looking curious.

Mariama: “I told him to come back next week” she replied as a smile escaped from the corner of her mouth.

Wendy: “Wow! You are just too smart. And when he gets here next week, he shall see perhaps new occupant or vacant apartment. “She clapped her hands and gave her friend a high-five as the two of them giggled.

Mariama: “Hurry up! Hurry up! We have limited time to leave here. It is past 11am and I want us to leave here soon. Have you called the driver” she checked the time on her gold wrist watch.

Wendy: “I am almost done. Yes, he is on his way”

Mariama: “Awesome.” There was an absolute silence in the room for a few seconds, as the two stared into each other’s eyes.

Wendy: “Mariama,” she broke the silence, looking face down as she twisted her fingers.

Mariama: “Yes!” she responded calmly in a rather low tone.

Wendy: “I want to say this as time might not permit me when we leave here and also before the driver arrives. I love you. I appreciate your unflinching support from the very first day we met. (She remembered few weeks after her arrival in the Gambia and she was at the salon to make her hair along Kairaba Avenue.) I really appreciate how you took me in like you had known me before, and helped reshape my life, when I thought it had no direction but then and there you came to rescue me. I really appreciate. But it is just so sad that we are departing unceremoniously. However, I believe we will meet someday in a better place.”
They hugged each other passionately.

Mariama: “It is my pleasure girl. Be good. We will always see when things have been settled” she hugged her again, sniffing her nose on her nape to inhale the sweet fragrance of her cologne.

Mariama: “Okay, let’s wheel the box outside. I think the driver is here”

Wendy: ”Oh that is true. I can hear him hoot.” She replied as she peeped through the window.
They both went out to meet the taxi driver.

Wendy: “Bello, welcome. Kindly help us with the boxes” she requested as she struggled to wheel one of the luggage out of the flat to the lawn where Bello parked the car.

In less than five minutes, Bello drove off on the street until he was out of sight.


Matilda went to see Bukayo’s uncle in his office at the largest telecommunications company in the country.

Matilda: “Good morning” She greeted the caramel skinned plump lady at the reception.

Receptionist: “Good morning young lady. How may I help you?” She replied as she raised her head up from the Formica desk in the reception.

Matilda: “My name is Matilda Okeke. I am here to see Mr Haffner, the MD”

Receptionist: “Do you have an appointment with him today?”

Matilda: “Yes, he asked me to see him in his office by 10 am today”

Receptionist: “Okay, you can have your seat while I reach him” She pointed to the perforated aluminium bench in front of her while she dialled the Managing Director’s office line.

Receptionist: “Okay, you can go. Do you know his office?” She asked Matilda who stood up heading towards the staircase.

Matilda: “Oops! No, I don’t. I am sorry, I was about to ask you.

Receptionist: “Okay, his office is on the last floor. You can use the elevator. Follow the landmark when you get to the aisle. Just read the inscriptions on the doors. His secretary will attend to you.

Matilda: “Okay thanks.” She left the reception feeling so excited.  She prayed quietly as she ascended on the elevator.

Matilda: “Hello good morning!” She greeted the secretary to the managing Director.

Secretary: “Good morning. How may I help you?
She introduced herself again as she had done at the reception downstairs.

Reception: “Okay, hold on let me get to him”
Few minutes later she was ushered into the office afterwards.


Mariama and Wendy were chatting and giggling in the back seat of the car while Nadia sat beside the driver in the front.

Wendy: “Wait a minute” She tapped Mariama who was laughing hysterically at the joke she had cracked. “This car has been trailing us for some time now. I thought it would follow the other lane, when it got to the roundabout, but now, it is trailing us.” She said as she swivelled her neck to the back, looking at the vehicle behind them through the rear windshield.

Mariama: “Are you serious?” She asked, looking back.

Wendy: “I am not kidding.

Mariama: “Oh goodness. These people are trailing us truly” The duo became restless in the car.

Wendy: “Bello, drive as fast as you can. We are almost late. And besides it seems the car behind is trailing us Hurry up” She yelled at him.
Bello looked through the mirror to have a rear view of the vehicle to confirm what she had said. He drove as fast as he could on the dusty road raising cloud of dust behind until the vehicle came out of sight.

Wendy: “Oh, thanks goodness. Was scared to my bones” she panted touching her chest with her hand.

Question: “What happens next and will Matilda find favour?

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  1. Maltida might come face to face with the first man they pimped her to whom she fled from.
    Let her go home to her people in peace.

    Wendy and Mariama will be caught at the airport. Bello is taking them to the slaugter.

  2. God wi’l help Matilda and she will obtain favour
    as for Wendy and mariama the law of kamal will court up with them

  3. matilda will get the job it may come with a price. Wendy and mariama will be caught at the airport.im still suspecting the driver Mr bello. we await final episode to unfold more mysteries except the story is going to have a part 2 like the curse ndishi

  4. If they escape from the car trailing them, they won’t escape the ones waiting for them at the airport cos those ones trailing them most hv been communicating with another set somewhere to block them. Yes Matilda will find Favour there…

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