( Final Episode 24) Chasing Shadows…Travails of a Sojourner on the Smiling Coast!

Few metres away, Bello pulled over as the car jerked on the road to fix a fault.

Mariama: “Hey, what is it again?” She asked as the guy alighted from the car raising the bonnet up to check if anything was wrong with the engine of the car.

Wendy: “What is the problem again o bros.? she stood beside him under the scorching sun.

Mariama: “this is one of the things I detest about commercial vehicles and drivers. They always disappoint in dire time. If carburettor is not faulty, they will run out of fuel” She nagged.

Wendy: “What is the problem? Why are you not responding?”

Bello: “I am sorry. It is just a minor problem. I will fix it in less than five minutes” He replied as he hit a spanner on the engine of the vehicle.

Mariama and Wendy leaned on the boot of the car while the driver fixed the car. In less than a couple of minutes of waiting, Wendy dragged Mariama and ordered Nadia to enter the car.

Wendy: “Wait a minute, this car has resurfaced again?“ She held Mariama’s wrist and entered the car after she sighted the car was two hundred metres away from their spot.
Fortunately, Bello was able to fix the car.

Mariama: “Hurry up. Wendy hop in” She yelled at Bello who fumbled with the car keys as he attempted to ignite the vehicle.

Wendy: “What the hell is the problem again, Bello? Do you want us to get killed? You have eyes, you can see we are being trailed and the junk you call car is giving us a hell of time.

Bello: “Calm down, madam. You can see I am trying my best. Are you blind?” He fumed at her.
Wendy became startled opening her mouth wide in shock of what she had just heard. She looked at Mariama, who shrugged off her shoulders indicating you-heard-him-right kind of look. They all kept mute while Bello drove on.

In an hour’s time they arrived at the airport. Wendy looked at Bello irritatingly as he lifted the luggage out of the car boot.

“Hmmmmm, na wa o. If no be condition wey make crayfish bend, this idiot will open his mouth and insult me. I no blame you. I will make sure you pay for what you did today if we accidentally meet again. Idiot” She muttered and hissed out loud as she stood behind him while he carried the luggage one after the other.

Bello: “okay. Here we are. “He swung his arms back and forth.

Wendy: “You can have your money”

Bello: “It is not complete” He replied after he had counted the money.

Wendy: “How is it not complete? How much am I supposed to give you?

Bello: “Three thousand Dalasi. And I have two thousand here.
Wendy was about to argue with him, when Mariama winked at her not to cause another fuss so as to avoid attention.

Wendy: “Okay. Here it is. You can have it” She handed him the money.

Mariama: “Okay, let’s move.

They both left for their different departure wings as their destinations differed.

“Good day madam. Can I have your passport” The immigration officer at the desk requested Mariama’s passport. She raised her head up when she saw the passport size photograph on the passport and whispered to the officer sitting next to her. Mariama’s hands became cold, as she looked round the airport in dark shades and her head covered to her shoulders with a black pashmina.

“Mariama Senghor” A male’s voice called her from the back tapping her shoulder.

Mariama: “Yes, who is that?” She swivelled around to see who the person was. She was startled as she saw Mr Henry and her maid, Aisha.

Mr Henry: “You are surprised to see me here?” He grinned and snapped his fingers.
Few other persons joined her with Nadia, whom she had held hostage prior to the time of her escape. Mr Henry ordered her arrest.

“Move. You this fucking foreigner” The officer thrust Wendy forward at the entrance of the departure wings.  Mariama looked in the direction to see who had just been arrested she and Wendy’s eyes met. And they both nodded.

Mr Henry: “Thank you very much. I really appreciate you Mr Konte. This is a job well done” He shook the driver, who worked as undercover for the agency outside the airport.

Wendy and Mariama looked at each other with surprises.

Mr Konte (taxi driver): Another surprise?” He asked rhetorically as he adjusted his shades on the bridge of his nose. “I am Agent Konte. I have another bunch of surprises for you when you get to our office” He chuckled and they all entered the car and drove off to the office.


Matilda left the office to the house and met Bukayo waiting earnestly for her at the lounge.

Bukayo: “Oh, thanks goodness. You are back?” She asked rhetorically. As she stood up to receive Matilda.

Matilda: “Yes, as you can see.” She replied spreading her arms apart and grinning.

Bukayo: “How did your meeting go with him?” She asked lifting her toes up the tiled floor.

Matilda: “Hmmmmm,”She heaved and turned her head downwards, staring at the floor with a puzzled look…


The agents alongside the apprehended traffickers arrived at the NAAPTIP office.

Mr Dawda: “Hmmmm, Mariama Senghor. Eventually, you are here. So, you could fall in our traps despite your smartness. No matter how slippery a cat fish may seem, the head is always there to hold. I really appreciate you guys’ efforts. i know how cunning this lady could be, but you have proved to me that you are all intelligence officers truly. You did a wonderful job. And Henry, no more threats henceforth” he chuckled and all the officers in the room laughed. “But, no rest for you all yet, until the country is purged of people like these that are still operating underneath. And I thank you as well Mr William. You also made this possible and easier for my team, therefore, you deserve to be equally appreciated. You are highly appreciated. If only other tourists can act like you did, all this would not be happening to our women and girls. Thank you so much” He appreciated Mariama’s ex-husband who also helped in the arrest of his ex-wife after he had reported her to the agency, the week of his first visit to his wife’s that Rougi came to visit Mariama. He sensed Mariama was still involved in the shady deals, which was one of the reasons he divorced her when she was still in the UK. She had worked with traffickers from across Africa when she was in the UK –She had trafficked in girls to the UK from different countries in time past using them for sex trafficking.


Bukayo: “Come on speak. Stop keeping me at suspense” She asked Matilda feeling curious.

Matilda: “He said there is no vacancy. But he has a Nigerian friend who is also a head of operations service in a telecommunication company in Nigeria that needs a computer scientist. So, I will be leaving for Nigeria soon”.  She raised her teary eyes up and smiled.
The joy inside of her knew no bounds. She hugged Bukayo passionately and they both headed to their favourite relaxation spot –the beach, walking hand in hand.


Wendy and Mariama were arraigned alongside other human traffickers while Nadia was placed in the SOS village of the country after which she was reunited with her family.

Matilda returned to Nigeria to assume the new job she found through Bukayo’s uncle. She got herself an apartment of her dream on the island in less than six months of her relocation to Nigeria. Her uncle apologised to her and her mother after returning all their entitlements to them.


Many a time humans run faster than their destinies and God’s prescribed time for us to shine. They chase shadows forgetting that everybody operates on different time zones. Patience is virtue. Be hardworking, prayerful, stick with what you do and are good at, if it does not yield, believe someday it will pay off. Stop chasing shadows.
Moreso, beware of that offer! Baits are attractive to the eyes, but the aftermath is death. Put God first before taking that step and decision.

Yeah, I believe we all enjoyed the story? Thanks to all of you that have been following up since the beginning of the series, your data shall not run dry, lol! Those that have been commenting from the very beginning, and those wey waka pass too, *winks* you are equally appreciated. Bless you loads and lots of love. Stay cool this weekend, enjoy but stay safe.
Have a blissful weekend! XoXo.

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    • God’s time is always the best…when you do not wait for God’s will/time,you must definitely go the wrong way chasing shadows actually

  1. Indeed chasing shadows…..this is the problem with most of we Nigerians, we leave our dear country to look for what is not available in other countries, instead of helping make Nigeria a better place

    Kudos adelove and crew

  2. I really gbadun your story Adelov patience is paid. waiting for another interesting story. Happy weekend Adelov nd crew.

  3. You guys are too much. For me this story is the most educative. I wish that more young people will read this story and learn to be patient and put God first. You can never go wrong with him. More greese to your elbow adelove and crew.cheers

  4. Am No longer surprise at ADELOVE and their CREATIVE MINDS……. I won’t stop blessing the Day I came across this BLOG in my face-book wall. I LOVE YOU ADELOVE AND CREW. I JUST CANT WAIT FOR YOUR NEXT BOMB BLAST TOMORROW.


  5. adelove thanks 4 d wonderful story is a learnable one, nigerian is better dan sm of dis abroad village we re hearing, d name of d country is even saying no green pasture, becs Gambia means go nd come back, any way kudos 2 u guy nice one

  6. I was right with my guessing. congratulations to Matilda at least she got a good job even if she had to return home.i knew I aisha will betray her boss. good story ,we hope fir a better one

  7. All that glitters is not gold. It is important for us to place our priorities right. It is good to listen to advice from people around us no matter how desperate we are. I learnt a lot of lesson from this episode

  8. Nice story…. I have learnt to be patient in all I do, be hardworking and wait for your time with the believe that one’s destiny can never be denied but delayed. And is not all that glitters is gold. Thanks Dammie for this wonderful and life centred story. Kudus to Adelove and crew.

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