Woman kills teenage boy who impregnated her daughter and wanted to move out with her

Woman kills teenage boy who impregnated her daughter and wanted to move out with her

A Georgia mother is said to have shot and killed a teenage boy after finding out that he got her daughter pregnant and wanted to move to Wisconsin, police say.

Paw Law, 57, was arrested and taken to DeKalb County Jail after the shocking incident that left 17-year-old Nyatole Eh dead.

The shooting happened on October 8 at an apartment complex on East Ponce de Leon Avenue when she became upset that her daughter was going to move to Wisconsin with Eh, who was her fiancé, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Authorities said the family had a heated argument over the move on Saturday.

‘It appears mom had been planning this and was that adamant that she did not want her leaving with him,’ Clarkston Police Detective Jason Elliot told the AJC.

Police say that the upset mother, who is Burmese, left the home to go purchase a revolver from a nearby pawn shop.
The next day she entered the kitchen during breakfast and shot the 17-year-old several times, police say.

‘It appears they were in the kitchen preparing breakfast. There was no type argument or even altercation. It’s looking like mom just walked up behind the victim and shot him,’ Elliot said.
Her daughter is heartbroken over the loss of Eh and told WSB-TV that he was an ‘innocent guy.’
‘It was surprising I never thought something like this was going to happen,’ Madaya Ve told the television. ‘He’s a very good, innocent guy.’


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