(Episode 10) Gone With The Wind…A Tale of Vanity Upon Vanity!

Abel woke up looked at his wrist watch, the time was some minutes to twelve. Then he remembered that he was supposed to meet Krisa at a restaurant and his heart skipped a beat.

Abel: “how did I sleep off, what happened? Oh my God, I must have kept her waiting for me all night” he said and picked up his phone.

Abel: “six missed calls from her? Damn, I fucked up he said and dialed her number but it was switched off.

Abel: “this is real shit man, how did I just sleep off like that?”

Just then, his wife who was in toilet came out.

Mrs Abel: “you are wake, how did you sleep off that early” she asked him.

Abel: “it beats my imagination too. I felt dizzy after using the toilet twice and then I decided to take a nap for few minutes, and then next thing I woke up by this time” he said.

Mrs Abel: “eya, you must have been very tired, and you slept well last night now, didn’t you?”

“Of course I did” he replied.

Mrs Abel: “So, what about the meeting now? I actually woke you up at 7:20pm to remind you of the meeting but you told me to leave you and then you turned your face to the wall” she lied.

Abel: “really? I cannot remember you waking me up. Anyway, we will reschedule the meeting for another day” he said to her.

Mrs Abel: “really? Will the foreign investors agree?” she asked taking her space beside him on the bed.

Abel: “I will make them agree. Can you imagine that they called me six times and I did not pick? I just don’t know how my phone rang for that long and yet it didn’t wake me up”

Mrs Abel: “that’s why I said you must have been very tired to fall into such a deep sleep. I think you should go back to sleep now so that such a thing will not repeat itself again” she said to him.

Abel: “I will sleep but that will be after I finish pounding you” he said, drew close to her and took her nipples in his mouth.

She pushed him away.

Abel: “what is it now; can’t I make love to my wife anytime I want?”

Mrs Abel: “you can but I am tired tonight, allow me sleep” she said and turned her back on him.

Abel: “please now, allow me do even if it is one round and I will not disturb you again, the thing is that I am already in the mood”

Mrs Abel: “sweetheart, what you need is sleep okay? See you in the morning. I love you” she said and covered herself with the duvet they shared.

Abel: “na wa, women sha” he said and laid still.

Mrs Abel: “after planning a date with your mistress, you still want to sleep with me. If not that I was smart enough to spoil the date, that is how you would have gone to meet her and then after you finish sleeping with her, you will come back here and tell me that you are too tired to touch me. Men are something else” she thought and fell asleep.


Krisa was restless that night because she needed sex and had hoped to get it from Abel after making him pay well for it. Now she had returned home without seeing him and without getting the sex that she needed badly.

She got up from the bed, unplugged her laptop from where she left it charging and played one of her numerous porn videos. She laid on the bed and watched the movie which only helped in compounding her problems. She tried to finger herself but it was not giving her the satisfaction that she wanted.

She got up, picked her vibrator and began to give herself sinful pleasure with it.

Her eyes rolled and she moaned and groaned as she buried the sex toy deeply into her womanhood. The toy was big, she had purposely bought the big one because she loved big dicks.

After few minutes, she removed it, satisfied and then went back to bed.

Less than an hour later, the urge was back again and she knew only a man could satisfy her, no sex toy, no matter how big and active could give her the satisfaction that she needed.

She was like one who was under a spell because she could not do without sex for long.

She picked her phone and dialed her security man’s number and invited him into the house. He was a young boy of 25 and several times she had made him service her whenever she was in the mood. For this service she gave him extra cash and sometimes good food. The security man was more than glad to taste out of his madam’s honey pot and so being the Calabar man that he was, he gave it to her anytime she wanted for as long as she wanted.

As soon she opened the door for him, she unzipped his trousers and got down on her knees and took his full length into her mouth. She liked to suck her men well before allow them into her.

Okon was in cloud nine when he felt the feel of her wet tongue on his hard manhood. She sucked him hard and dry and he had to hold on to the wall to keep himself from falling because of too much pleasure.

After that, she got on the bed and opened her legs wide apart. He knew what she wanted without being told and so he gave her his head. She moaned with pleasure as his tongue devoured her interior.

Satisfied that he had done that part of his job well, he entered her after she had given him protection to wear.

They did different styles and concluded with her bending down and touching her toes with her fingers while he rammed into her from behind.

Impressed with his performance that night, she told him to take whatever drink he wanted from the fridge and shut the door after him, while she went to sleep, forgetting the anger she had felt against Abel who had kept her waiting.


The next day after calling for several times without her picking up, Abel managed to get her to pick his call and after several pleas, she agreed to see him that day.

Krisa: “listen, I don’t even know why I am talking to you after all you did to me yesterday. Do you know what I lost because I wasted my time waiting for you?”

Abel “I will pay back, just tell me all that you want and I will do it if that will atone for my sins” he said.

Krisa: “I will send you the address to my house, meet him up there” she said

Abel: “I will be on my way as soon as I get the address” he said excitedly.

Krisa dropped the phone and smiled.

“If only he knew what I have in store for him, he would run as far away from me as his legs can carry him” she said as she typed the address to him.

Abel got his car keys and hurried out of the house as soon as he received the message.

His wife who had been eavesdropping on the conversation he was having with Krisa also disguised herself, picked a cab and told him to follow her husband. She was going to see the bitch that would not allow a married man alone and only God knows what she would do to her.

Question: Ah, we seems to have a love triangle here. What is Krisa planning for Abel? What does Mrs Abel have in store for Krisa?

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