(Episode 11) Gone With The Wind…A Tale of Vanity Upon Vanity!

The taxi she boarded followed her husband’s car until he got to the address that was sent to him. He paused at the gate and horned; the gate man who had been intimated about his coming opened the gate and allowed him in.

Taxi driver: “madam, come down now, the car don enter that compound” he said to her when he saw that she was not making any effort to come down from the car.

Mrs Abel: “oh, I got carried away” she said and paid him off.

She got down and walked to the gate.

Mrs Abel: “so this is where the lady that will not leave my husband lives? I will teach her the lesson of her life today” she said and knocked.

The gate keeper opened the door and stepped out, gently closing the door behind him.

Security man: “yes, who are you and who you dey look for?”

Mrs Abel: “erm, I…I want to see…”

Security man: “madam, wetin now, who you dey find for here?”

Mrs Abel thought against going in to fight her husband’s mistress.

Mrs Abel: “no, I am not doing this the right way. My husband may claim that he came here for a meeting or something. I think I will wait for some other time. And now that I know her house, I can always get boys to scare her away from my husband instead of condescending so low as to doing so myself” she thought.

Security man: I say who you dey find for here?” he said in his thick Calabar accent.

Mrs Abel: “erm, I am sorry, I think I lost my way, sorry about that”

Security man: “you lost your way, na im you come dey disturb me for here, mtchheww” he hissed and went back into the compound, shutting the door behind him.


Mr Abel was impressed with the affluence that greeted him when he stepped into Krisa’s sitting room. He had perceived some class around her when he had first seen her in the plane but he didn’t know that she was that classy.

Everything in her sitting room ranging from the chairs to the curtains to the huge chandelier that was hanging down in the middle of the sitting room emitted class and he thought that she was actually a successful engineer.

He sat in the sitting room, admiring how well she had done for herself as a young lady while waiting for her to come out of the room.

Krisa on the other hand was in her room taking her time to dress seductively and to make him wait for her so he could feel what she felt when he stood her up the previous night at the restaurant.

After what seemed like an eternity to him, she appeared wearing a short crop top and denim bum short that cleaved tightly to her artificial bum.

Mr Abel: “hello, beautiful” he said and got up and hugged her.

Krisa: “hi, she said and went to take her favourite sit in the room”

Mr Abel: “I am so sorry I kept you waiting yesterday princess. In fact, I cannot understand what happened that yesterday, I just felt suddenly dizzy after getting dressed and I decided to take a nap, the next thing I woke up around twelve. I am so sorry, dear”

Krisa: “this man must really think I am foolish. Maybe he went to see one of his other girlfriends and even forgot that he kept me waiting, if truly he was asleep, my calls ought to have waken him up” she said in her heart.

Mr Abel: “you are not saying anything” he said coming close to sit with her.

Krisa: “I don’t have anything to say because I do not want to remember last night. Time for me is money and I hate to waste it which is what you made me do last night”

Mr Abel: “I understand and I am terribly sorry. You know what; I want to make it up to you. What will you have me do” he asked.

Krisa: “you really think there is anything one can do to make up for time lost?”

Mr Abel: “listen, I know that time lost cannot be regained okay but at least, we can do something to make up for it”

Krisa: “I am sorry but in this case, nothing can be done” she said, changing the television channel to E! So that she could catch up on her favourite programme ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians”

Mr Abel: “How about we go out for lunch right away? We could go out to any restaurant of your choice” he offered.

Krisa: “sorry but I am full, I already ate before you came here” she said.

Mr Abel: “Okay, shopping? I can take you shopping, anything to appease your highness”

Krisa: “the thing is I don’t shop in Nigeria. I shop outside the country”

Mr Abel: “fine, we could travel out. How about we go to Dubai next month? Is that okay by you?”

Krisa: “that is very fine” she said and drew close to him. So, what do I offer you? Brandy? Whiskey? American Honey? Red Label? What?”

Mr Abel: “brandy is fine” he said and just then Okon the security man entered the sitting room.

Ever since his mistress had made him her sex toy, he usually felt this pint of jealousy anytime he saw her with another man. Most times, he would barge in the room to see if his madam was being intimate with the men even though he knew that there was nothing he could do about it.

Krisa: “what is it, Okon?”

Okon: “mayam, I say make I…” he said and trailed off.

Krisa: “it is madam and not mayam. You have been in the city for so long and yet simple pronunciation is still a problem for you” she said getting irritated at his attitude.

Okon: “na one woman na im” he started to say before she interrupted him.

Krisa: “get out, save whatever it is that brought you here to yourself, I don’t want to hear it” she said.

Mr Abel: “I think you should hear him out, who knows if he has something very important to say. It is necessary to pay heed to our security men, you know”

Krisa: “this one has nothing serious to say. I am sure he wants to inform me that someone missed his way or he needs something bla, bla, bla. Okon, are you still standing there? Get out before you lose your job” she threatened and he ran out.

Mr Abel: “such a funny security man you have. Did you see the way he was staring at your bums and boobs; I could swear that I saw lust in his eyes”

Krisa: “don’t mind him, he is just a silly little thing” she said walking over to the bar to get him the drink.

After they had drank, she got up from her chair, rubbed his groin and he stood up.

Krisa: “come with me, I want to show you something in my bedroom” she said and led him into the room.

Question: Abel is like a lamb being led to its slaughter. Can you guess what she wants to show him? I smell set up oooo….

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  1. She have a hidden agenda that she wants to show him. But she will seduce him into falling for her trap. I pity Abel because krisa have not forgiven him.


  2. She probably planted CCTV camera in her room to record all their sexual escapades with him to be used against him for blackmailing.

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