(Episode 12) Gone With The Wind…A Tale of Vanity Upon Vanity!

They got to the room and Krisa pushed him onto the bed and got on top of him and began to kiss him.

He responded and returned her kiss and soon, they were smooching and rolling from one end of the bed to the other in a passionate romantic session.

Krisa was good with her fingers and she explored all of his body the way his wife never did to him. She drew imaginary lines on his back with her sharp and pointed artificial nails and he thought he was going to die from too much pleasure.

When she got down on her knees and took his full erected manhood into her mouth, he felt himself losing his sanity and there and then he knew that he would whatever she wanted to keep her as his mistress.

She sucked him hard and dry, rolling her wet tongue over the tip of his manhood and wrapping her lips all over his shaft.

He pushed her head deeper into his laps, encouraging her to give him the erotic pleasure that his wife hardly gave him. While she gave him a head, he stroked her fleshy back and bum and ran his hands through her lush Peruvian hair extension.

Just as he was getting ready to cum into her mouth, she stopped and got up and began to get dressed.

Mr Abel: “hey, what are you doing?” he said going to meet her, his wobbly dick dripping with semen.

Krisa: “Listen, I am sorry for that okay. I don’t know why I did that, I guess I had too much wine to drink” she lied.

Mr Abel: “princess, please, I enjoyed every bit of it and I am not one to stop before I climax. Please come back and let us continue” he appealed.

Krisa: “continue what? You think I am a prostitute? I am not, I am a career woman and having casual sex with men is not my thing. I think you can leave my house now” she said, showing him the door.

Mr Abel: “what! I thought we were beginning to get along. Did I say or do anything wrong? Fine, I am sorry”

Krisa: “listen, I am a young girl and I intend to get married someday and I do not want my husband to cheat on me” she said.

Mr Abel: “yes?” he asked, sounding confused.

Krisa: “I just saw a wedding ring on your finger, why didn’t you tell me that you were married, I wouldn’t have done this. I wish I can turn back the hands of time, I don’t do married men for God’s sake” she lied.

Mr Abel: “oh that, I am sorry I didn’t tell you about my marital status. I usually do not wear my wedding ring except I am in Nigeria and that is because my wife would always insist that I  wear it anytime I am in the country, that explains why I didn’t have the ring on the day we flew back to the country together”

Krisa: “You could have told me and saved me this great sin that I just committed”

Mr Abel: “I am married but sexually, I am as good as a single man. My wife is not the sex type and she isn’t doing anything to improve on her sex skills. In fact, I started keeping mistresses within and outside the country because of her laziness in bed. Most times when I approach her for sex, she would give one excuse or the other of being tired or even when she manages to agree to my touching her, she will just lie down on the bed like a corpse and allow me do all the work alone. She doesn’t know how to touch a man in the right places, she sees foreplay as a waste of time” he said and paused.

Krisa: “hmmnnn…”

Mr Abel: “that is it. Do you know that for the past 3 years that we have been married, my wife has never given me a head?”

Krisa: “why hasn’t she?”

Mr Abel: “I don’t know, the same question I keep asking myself”

Krisa: “but there must be a reason for everything. Have you tried to ask her what the problem is? I mean why she doesn’t want to give you ahead?”

Mr Abel: “well, she says it is irritating and that she read somewhere online that it leads to cancer of the throat”

Krisa: “of course it is irritating and studies have shown that giving a man blow jobs can actually lead to cancer of the throat. I don’t see why you should have a problem with her concerning that. If she doesn’t want to give you a head, you can give her, that is what couples are for” she said sounding innocent.

Mr Abel: “I cannot be the one giving all the time. Life should be give and take. For the few minutes that we touched and kissed and most especially the few minutes you took me into your mouth, I have had a very memorable experience. Please let’s continue. I will take care of you, I will do whatever you want so that you can be mine” he said holding her hands.

Krisa: “sorry mr man, I don’t do married men”

Mr Abel: “but you know my plight already, I have explained it all to you, please pity me”

Krisa: “please leave my house” she said and walked to the door and opened it.

Mr Abel tried to plead with her but she pushed him out and locked her door. When she heard him enter his car and drive out of the compound, she stood up from the bed and went to the place where she had a CCTV installed and turned it off.

Then she fell on her bed and laughed out loud.

Krisa: “this man is very stupid. How can you look at a girl like me with all that I did to him and yet he believes that I don’t fuck married men when married men are actually the ones who pay well? The poor stupid rich goat didn’t know that I was capturing everything on CCTV. Now, I cannot wait to imagine how he will feel if I threaten to show this to his wife. Imagine him calling his own wife a corpse on the bed, ha, men are wicked sha” she chuckled.

“I am sure he will do whatever I ask him to do just so I don’t show this to his wife. Anyway, this is just a backup in case he starts misbehaving after sleeping with me. Until then, I will make him suffer and do whatever I want before I can allow him enter me, yeye man. If you think you can stand me up all night and then come and have it easy with me, then you don’t know what I went through in the village before coming here”


She went to the sitting room, poured herself a drink from where she went to the corridor, beckoned on the security man to join her in the sitting room and then she returned to her sitting room, leaving the door opened.

The security man who thought she was calling because she wanted him to make love to her, ran to her room excitedly.

Security man: “madam, see am here” he said unzipping his trouser and bringing out his manhood.

Krisa: “my friend will you put that poor thing back into your trouser? Is everyday Christmas in your village? I called you here to warn you to desist from coming here like you did when my guest was here unless I call you. The day you will try it again is the day you will lose your job. You have been warned! Now get out of my sight before I pour this wine on your face”

The security man, ran out, feeling terribly bad and annoyed.

Question: Will Mr Abel ever come out of this blackmail? Is Krisa treating the security man well after using him?

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  1. That serves him right, cheating husband always get what the deserved.
    What did get man think he is? stupid woman with stupid gate man.

  2. He will come out of the blackmail with the support of the wife what did u expect from krisa she can never treat the security man well because his her toy she do whatever pleases her with him

  3. The story just started…..
    Mr Abel I can’t wait to see you sweating like a Christmas Goat.


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