(Episode 15) Gone With The Wind…A Tale of Vanity Upon Vanity!

Linda waited at the address she had sent to Sniper without seeing any trace of him even though she was several minutes late.

The location was a bar that was located in a secluded corner at the outskirts of Kubwa. The bar was shielded by different shops and only very few people knew that a bar was located there.

She had chosen this location because no one knew her around and as such there was no fear of raising any suspicion. She had gone home after the meeting with Adelove.com’s manager. As soon as she got home, she disguised herself by wearing a flowing Ankara dress followed by an after dress and hood that concealed her face. Then she had parked her car in her compound and had taken a taxi to Kubwa since she could not afford to use her car for fear of people finding out her mission.

Unknown to her while she sat at the joint sipping from a can of cold maltina, Sniper was somewhere watching her. It was his way of doing things to avoid being caught in the shady deals that he was always getting involved in.

Normally, he would arrive at the venue of such meetings long before his clients did and then he would hide somewhere and watch movements in and around the bar, that way he would be able to make out the intention of his clients as some of them could be used as bait by the police to arrest him and his gang members.

Satisfied that there was nothing strange about the call he received, he entered the bar and showed himself to Linda who was already getting impatient.

Linda: “why did you have to keep me waiting here? Don’t you know that I am a very busy person?” she asked, ignoring his greetings.

Sniper: “ma’ama, nothing do you jare. No vex say I come late o, boys being dey do some other shows like that before you called” he lied.

Linda: “which other shows do you have? Are you an artist?”

Sniper: “wo, ma’ama, you no go understand the kind show wey I mean. Anyway, why you holla me now, anything for the boys?” he asked rubbing his palms together.

Linda: “I need you to help me scare someone to leave this town for me. Scare I said o, Sniper I hope you are listening to me properly?”

Sniper: “I dey hear you wella, ma’ama. You said you want make I tell person make him vamoose leave Abuja for you abi? That na small thing na”

Linda: “exactly. Pick up that envelope” she said and pointed at an envelope that she had dropped on the table.

He picked it up and smacked his lips when he saw the new bundles of naira notes and a picture of a beautiful lady in the envelope.

Sniper: “na the person be this?” he asked.

Linda: “yes, she is the one. Her address is on the back of her photograph. All you need do is disguise yourself as well as those that will accompany you as rich men. That way, her security man will allow you into her house. Scare her to leave Abuja for people who were here before her. Tell her that our line of business is too dangerous for her to go about stealing other people’s customers and yet think she is smart enough to get away with it. Tell her that this is her last warning and that she will not be this lucky next time. Is that clear?”

Sniper: “ma’ama, you funny o. You no even suppose tell me wetin to tell her seff. You forget say this na my area of specialization? After I scare her finish ehn, na four forty she got take run commot from Abuja. Just trust me” he said running his hands through the wads of naira notes.

Linda: “good, I like that. Remember that all you have to do is scare her. You may go to her house with some instruments to scare her but please don’t hurt her. I beg you in the name of God, do not hurt her in any way and do not take anything away from her house. Just scare her and leave”

Sniper: “no wahala, just relax. Na results you go see”

Linda: “the money there will be enough for you to rent a good car and get good clothes for yourself and your boys so that you can have access to your house. That is actually part payment, I will complete the money when the job is done”

Sniper: “ma’ama, the ma’ama, na you o, anything for you ma’ama. Anybody wey say your water no go boil for Abuja, him own firewood no go even catch fire seff. Worst come to worst, them go carry the person dead body. Na me talk so” he bragged.

Linda: “thank you for the assurance but I no say make you kill her o, na scare na im I say make you scare her. I no want person blood for my hands” she reiterated and left the bar, careful not to run into anyone that she knew.


The first love Mr Abel and Krisa made sparked up a fire of relationship between them such that Mr Abel began to neglect his wife at home so that he could spend longer time with his mistress who went out of her way satisfy him in bed.

At first, his wife watched with amusement at her husband drifting away from her hands but later, it turned into frustration because even though the private investigator had given her a report on all that she needed to know about her husband’s mistress, she didn’t know what to do about it. She had thought up many plans but she lacked the nerve to execute the plans.

She was becoming a very frustrated and embittered woman but she tried her best to appear sweet before her husband who was hardly at home.

Mr Abel who was due to return to Paris but because of Krisa who had said that she could not travel that time, he had postponed his business trip despite his wife’s insistence.

He would return home late into the night very tired without touching his wife’s food and sleep off as soon as he head touched the pillow.

His wife, who was worried that her husband had not attempted to make love to her in weeks tapped him that night after he got back tired and slumped on the bed.

Mr Abel: “what is it? Can’t you see that I am tired?” he asked turning around.

Mrs Abel: “sweetheart, I need you” she said rubbing his hand on her bosom.

Mr Abel: “sweetheart, you should sleep, its late and you need the rest, trust me”

Mrs Abel: “I don’t need any rest. What I need is you and you alone, its been long since we made love”

Mr Abel: “what are you saying? Aren’t you the one who would always complain that you are tired anytime I try to touch you? Well, I have adjusted and now I don’t want to disturb you anymore”

Mrs Abel: “I understand but I want you now, I need you today, I cannot be too tired for my husband” she said.

Mr Abel: “we can do it some other day but not today. I am really tired and I need to sleep so that I can wake up early enough for my meeting” he said and fell asleep already.


Sniper and his boys horned at the gate and the security man opened the gate when he saw the flashy car they were driving.

Security man: “who una dey find?” he asked.

Sniper: “I am here to see your madam, we have an appointment with her, she is expecting us, we have a business deal to conclude tonight”

The security man wanted to run into the house to ask Krisa if he should allow them in but remembering the warning that Krisa had given him about stepping into the main house without invitation, he thought against it and allowed them in.

Sniper smiled cloyingly when he was getting down from the car, scaring people was one job that he loved doing most and that he was going in to do.

Question: Do you think Sniper will do exactly as Linda asked him to do? Is Mrs Abel the cause of her own problems by depriving her husband sex?

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  1. Mrs Abel is the cause of what is happening in her home, Sniper will do nothing to Krisa cos am sure she will seduce him and let him have taste of her honey pot

  2. Sniper may do more than d job given t him o, free sec may join self. Mrs Abel has part taken in he problem but d husband has hi own fault too.

  3. Sniper is a thug, and can’t carry out such instructions without laying his hands on her. Krisa might turn the situation to her advantage and use him against Linda.
    Right from beginning, I’ve said Mrs Abel is to blame for her situation, she should learn to satisfy her husband and stop giving stupid excuses

  4. Am afraid if the sniper will only scare Krisa if not going extra mile in doing something sinister. Mrs Abel is the cause of her problem by denying her husband his right to make love to her, which he is now capitalising on.

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