(Episode 16) Gone With The Wind…A Tale of Vanity Upon Vanity!

Sniper pushed the door to Krisa’s bedroom opened and was surprised at the sight that greeted him in the sitting room.

Sniper: “what!” he heard himself scream as Krisa got up and disengaged from the sex toy that she was using on herself.

She was stark naked, with the sex toy buried deeply into her insides when the guys evaded her privacy without knocking.

She turned around as soon as she got up to see if she could find anything to cover her nakedness with but there was nothing and that was because she had gone to bed naked until she decided to give herself pleasure with her erotic toys.

Krisa: “what! What are you doing here?” she asked, transfixed to the spot and unable to move an inch to her wardrobe.

Sniper and his gang momentarily lost their voice when they behold her beautiful face and naked body.

Her nipples which were pointed were hard and Sniper couldn’t help but take his eyes off the diamond she had in between her legs.

Krisa: “I said who are you and what are you doing in my bedroom? And how did you even gain access to this compound? The security man is supposed to man my gate” she said covering her breasts with one hand and her honey pot with the other hand when she saw the way the guys were staring at her.

Sniper: “you are such a beautiful girl; you are even more pretty in life than you are in pictures. Damnn” he said and turned to look at his gang members who nodded their head in agreement.

Krisa found her voice when she saw that the mean looking guys had been captivated by her beauty.

Krisa: “you guys have to leave this room now before I call the police” she said and made to reach for her phone but Sniper yanked her hand away just before she could pick the phone.

Sniper: “call which police? Do you think that we came here to play? Listen, if you don’t cooperate with us right now, you will regret this meeting” he threatened.

Krisa: “I don’t know who you are and there is no way I can cooperate with you” she said and made to run away but the guys caught her and threw her on the bed.

Krisa became cowed with fear.

Krisa: “please don’t hurt me, I promise to give you all the money that I have in the house, don’t hurt me please” she pleaded.

Sniper: “how can we hurt a pretty and spotless girl like you? We actually came here to have a taste of that thing you gave to your sex toy” he said, smacking his lips.

Krisa: “please don’t do this, I beg you in the name of God”

Sniper: “oh please leave God out of this. I don’t know why people will commit atrocities and then turn around to call on God immediately as if they are reminding him to punish them for their sins. We came in here and met you fucking a sex toy and now you are calling on God, how do you reconcile that? Anyway, I also want to have a taste of what your vibrator has been enjoying”

Krisa: “no please, don’t do this…” she said but Sniper interrupted her.

Sniper: “don’t be stingy, my dear. How can you allow a sex toy to have you when there are able bodied men like us all over the globe? Is that fair? So a vibrator is now enjoying what men cannot afford to enjoy abi?” he said and instructed his boys to pin her to the bed for him to have her.

Although Krisa was an expert at sleeping with men, the rape took her unawares and for the first time in her life she knew that her huge sexual appetite was no match for the libido of four men.

Yes, four men it was that took turns to rape her that night. Sniper had gone into her first, pounding and thrusting so hard that she felt he was hitting at her womb.

When he had used her to his satisfaction, the other guys took over one after the other, pounding and pumping into her like she was a sex machine.

All through the session, she was in pains and all her pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears as the guys took turn to have her. When one mounted her, the others held her hands together and held her legs apart so that they had unrestricted access into her.

After more than an hour of endless banging, they released her and she couldn’t help but cry and curse them in her heart.

The guys hurriedly wore their trousers and made to leave the room but then Sniper remembered their mission in the house and stopped at the door.

Sniper: “this is just a warning. You have been advised to leave this state for people who are better off than you in your line of business. Recently you have been stepping on toes and this is not going down well with some people. Leave and go and settle elsewhere before you get consumed. Remember, no one bites the finger that feeds him or her and goes free. You have been warned!” he said and left the house.

Krisa looked at the time, it was few minutes past 10pm, she picked up her phone and dialed Abel’s number. When he picked the phone, she narrated all that had happened to him amidst tears and a shaky voice and dropped her phone even before he could say anything.

Mr Abel woke up and tip toed out of the bed, careful not to wake his wife. All night he had been thinking of his mistress and now that he heard she was in a distress, he could not help but go to see her.

He walked to his wardrobe and wore his Pierre Cardin weekend shirt over a knee length camo shorts. He stretched his hands to the cabinet where he usually kept his car keys and the noise woke his wife who was fast asleep.

Mrs Abel: “sweetheart, where are you going?” she said rubbing her eyes to make sure that she was not dreaming.

Mr Abel: “Er…erm…you are awake” he managed to say, trying hard to stabilize his wrecking nerves.

Mrs Abel: “yes, I am awake. I said where are you going to?”

Mr Abel: “to the office”

Mrs Abel: “is it me who is dreaming or is it you? How can you wake up this night and say you are going to the office?”

Mr Abel: “actually, I just received a call that there is an emergency in the office that demands my attention” he lied.

Mrs Abel: “which emergency and who called you?”

Mr Abel: “the security man called me; I need to rush there now. I will soon be back, love you” he said and ran out before she would ask him more questions.

Mrs Abel: “sweetheart, don’t you think it is late? Can I come with you…” she asked after his retreating figure.

Mrs Abel turned around to see that he had forgotten to pick his phone from the bed where she had left it. She picked it when she saw a number calling.

Krisa: “hello, baby can you…?” she said into the phone but Mrs Abel ended the call.

Mrs Abel: “so he is going to see his mistress this night right? So she is the emergency that he is lying about. We will see how they will have fun in peace today” she said, got up, got dressed and took her car keys. She was going to catch her husband red handed in Krisa’s house and only God could tell what she had in mind to do to Krisa.

She was angry and was over speeding and didn’t see a car coming in from the opposite direction. She ran into the car and there was a loud noise and then all went quiet again.

Question: look at what anger has caused Mrs Abel. Will she survive the accident? If she dies, who is to be blamed for her death? Herself, her husband or Krisa?

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  1. Useless woman..instead of you to wait for him at home..just don’t die o because I don’t know what has come over you..nonsense.

  2. What rubbish..running after the husband doesn’t make sense..I pray she survive it..she is the cause of her own problem…

  3. I hope she survived it but she caused d accident herself. Since her husband phone is wit her n she know Kris house, she should v waited till daybreak. Now, who will b watching her so called husband 4 her.

  4. 3 of them are to Blame….
    Krisa is to blame for dating married people.
    Abel is to Blame for keeping mistress out-side
    And Mrs Abel. Is to Blame for not telling her husband that she knows what he has been doing Lately.


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