(Episode 17) Gone With The Wind…A Tale of Vanity Upon Vanity!

Mr Abel got to the house and was surprised to find Krisa in so much mess. She was on her bed the way the guys had left, all messy and used.

He ran up to her hugged her as soon as he saw her.

Mr Abel: “oh my baby, look what they have done to you” he said, holding her close.

Krisa: “they raped me, all of them. They took turns to rape me, what did I do to them? Do I deserve this?” she asked.

Mr Abel: “I am sorry; I wish I was here to protect you. But who could have done this? Did you offend anyone?”

Krisa: “I did not offend anyone. The gate man said they came in a flashy car and pretended to be my business partners and that was why he allowed them in”

Mr Abel: “your gateman must be very silly. How could he just allow people into your house like that? I am so sorry my dear; I had to rush down here as soon as you called”

Krisa: “what about your… your wife?” she said raising up her head to look at him.

“My wife? Oh, she is at home. Why do you ask?” he asked, staring at her suspiciously.

Krisa: “I am just thinking…” she trailed off.

Mr Abel: “of what?”

Krisa: “of what happened to me. I have been in this city for years now and nothing like this has happened to me until I started dating you”

Mr Abel: “I still don’t get the connection between what you said and my wife”

“I am saying probably your wife sent those boys to rape me. Maybe she found out about us and she sent the boys to rape me and scare me out of this town so that I can leave her husband alone for her”

Mr Abel: “hell no, my wife cannot do such a thing. As a matter of fact, she doesn’t even know that I have a mistress, I have not given her any reason to think towards that line” he said pecking her.

Krisa: “you cannot be too sure. She is a woman and women can smell a cheating husband no matter how well he tries to conceal it”

Mr Abel: “no, even if by chance she imagines that I am cheating on her, she will not have the nerves to organize to have you raped”

Krisa: “you never can tell” she said moving away from him.

Mr Abel: “I know my wife as well as I know myself. She is too posh, too classy to do something like that. Listen, she doesn’t even know where to hire such boys from, she is just not the kind of person to do something like that to a fellow woman”

Krisa: “Okay, but who could have done this? I am just wondering”

“Listen, I think you should take things easy for now. Right now, you need to dress up and then I will drive you to the hospital for medical checkups and for them to flush out anything that the useless guys may have deposited in you”

Krisa: “hospital? For what? The guys actually used protection, all of them used protection. There is no cause for alarm. All I feel is pain in between my legs and that is all”

Mr Abel “that is why we need to see the doctor. Who knows what is causing the pains? Probably there is a tear somewhere. You know I adore your honey pot, I don’t want anything that will alter it and I insist that they flush out your stomach” he said and succeeded in convincing her to follow him to the hospital.


Mr Abel drove Krisa in his car to the hospital and waited while she went through the medical checkup.

While he was waiting at the reception, he discovered that he had left one of his phones at home and tried to call his wife with the smaller phone he had on him to inform her that he was in the office and that the emergency situation he had lied to her about was under control but she would not pick her call. He didnt suspect anything because he thougth that his wife did not know the pin to one of the phones that he left at home which was the one Krisa had called him on.

He decided to send her a text just in case she turned around to accuse him of not updating her after he left the house.

“Sweetheart, I tried to call you but you are not picking. I am in the office and the emergency situation is under control, I should be back in about an hour’s time. I will give you details when I return, I love you” he typed and sent to her.

After waiting a while, he decided to call her to confirm if she had seen his message. Her phone rang and yet there was no response.

Mr Abel: “I guess she is fast asleep, that makes it better for me” he said.


The accident happened so swiftly that Mrs Abel could not explain how it had happened. All she could remember was that she was driving at top speed and a car had run into her from across the road. She had tried to sway and control the steering but the force of the hit from the other car had caused her to lose control after which she passed out.

Members of the Federal Road Safety who were around the vicinity on their night paroles had heard the sound made by the two cars and had rushed to the scene of the accident in time to see that the drivers of the two vehicles involved in the accident were unconscious. Quickly, they helped them out of the car and when they saw that they were breathing, they rushed them to the hospital.


Linda called Sniper to ask how the operation went because he had called her earlier to inform her that he and his gang members were on their way to Krisa’s house.

Linda: “yes, how did it go?” she asked anxiously.

Sniper: “ah, ma’ama, you call at the right time. We just dey enter our house now, the thing went well” he said.

Linda: “are you sure? Did you scare her away from this city?”

Sniper: “I over scare her seff. In fact, I will not be surprised to hear that she is already on her way out of Abuja by now”

Linda: “is that so?”

Sniper: “trust me, now”

Linda: “Okay, you will receive the balance of your payment tomorrow. I will give it to one of my girls to deposit in your account for security reasons. Remember, you and your guys must lay low for now. I hope you didn’t hurt her in anyway? You guys stuck to our terms and conditions right?”

Sniper: “we do as you talk, we no touch am, we no kill am” he said and she ended the call, removed the sim from her phone, broke it into pieces and flushed it down the toilet.


Mr Abel was still in the hospital’s reception waiting for Krisa when he saw members of the road safety rushing in with some accident victims, he shook his head and looked away but then the dress on one of the victims caught his attention. He recognized the dress as one of the things that he had bought for his wife during his last trip to the UK. Out of curiosity, he stretched his neck to see the lady who was being carried and he was shocked to see that it was his wife.

Mr Abel: “what! My wife? This has got to be a dream. How can, I left her on the bed when I left the house, how comes she was involved in an accident? Am I dreaming? No, this is not happening, my eyes must be playing pranks on me” he said and turned around to see that Krisa was beside him.

“Let us go, they are through and they said I can leave now. I can’t wait for you to drive me home so that I can sleep” she said leaning on his shoulders.

Question: ghen-ghen. Mr Abel is in a dilemma. If you were in his shoes, what will you do? Who will you go after, your wife or your mistress?

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  1. In the last episode, you said Mr Abel forget his phone in before he left to Krisa house. Which phone did he used to text and call his wife???? He will explain to Krisa of the his predicament now, when he is sure his wife is in good hands, he can drive Krisa back home. Good morning AdeLove and fans…….

    • Most pipu inculding me have more than one phone n i sometims forget to go out wth the 2. and business men lyk mr abel always hav more dan one phone, let us nt be quick to find fault were there ar none without takin tym to read wel kudus 2 u adelov for give us good stories for free

    • You people failed to observe that he has another smaller phone that he used to call his wife later-on. He has a bigger Phone and a Small one too. He forgot the Big One and used the Small One to call.


  2. Aaar ADELOVE AND CREW me and Abel Can not be in the-same Shoe oooh. Abel must be wearing ABA-MADE that is why he is cheating and found himself in such Condition.
    But me Am Wearing ITALIAN-MADE and I don’t cheat oooh. NO ONE BUT NKEM MA ROVAR. So I can’t be in Abel’s shoe at all…. REAL-MEN DON’T CHEAT…..


  3. He will not want her to suspect anything, because of the allegations made earlier by her about his wife..
    He will drop her&come back..
    I can’t but pity you Mrs Abel,next time,you won’t deprived your man of your honeypot..
    Mr Abel,your promiscuous life has changed the trend of things in your home..thief!!!!.

    Point of correction, we can never be in the same shoe,I don’t cheat,he doesn’t too..the best husband in the world..love you dear…

  4. He his an idiot..and he deserved more than just been in a dilemma..
    The shock of seen his wife in such state won’t allow him concentrate on krisa anymore..
    He will follow his wife.. or still return to his wife..

  5. Mmmm he shld go for his wife ooooo krisa’s honeypot isn’t his nd will never be. Good forbid that I experience this in my marriage.

  6. He should explain things to his mistress and attend to his wife, hope Krisa understand with him. Since his wife was unconscious I believe there is no going to be a scene of confrontation to be created in the hospital between his wife and his mistress.

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