(Episode 18) Gone With The Wind…A Tale of Vanity Upon Vanity!

Krisa: “hello” she waved her hand in front of Mr Abel when she didn’t hear him respond.

Krisa: “I am talking to you, I said can we g o home now?”

Mr Abel: “home, yeah, we can” he stuttered.

Krisa: “why are you sounding that way and why are you staring at those accident victims?” she  asked looking at the Road Safety official who was staring at Mr Abel suspiciously because of the way his eyes had followed the victims that were rushed to the emergency ward.

Mr Abel: “oh, I just feel pity for them. It is not easy to be involved in an accident, you know” he said and led her by the hand to his car.

All through the drive to Krisa’s house, Mr Abel’s mind was not at rest. He couldn’t believe that he would have the nerve to leave his wife who had been involved in an accident in the hospital and go home with a mistress.

“What has this girl done to me?” he soliloquized.

As soon as they got to Krisa’s house, she came down from the car but he remained in and bade her good night.

Krisa: “good night? I thought we are supposed to spend the night together today?”

Mr Abel: “yes, I actually had it in mind to spend the night with you today but something came up and I need to rush back home” he lied.

Krisa: “how? I am scared and I cannot sleep all by myself tonight. Please leave whatever it is that came up until tomorrow” she pleaded.

Mr Abel: “Like I said, it is an emergency that I have to attend to tonight. I will make it up to you baby”

“What emergency? How did you even know there is any emergency when it is not like any one called you while we were on our way here?”

Mr Abel: “I actually received the call while you were being examined. I need to rush home now, please”

Krisa: “what sort of an emergency is that?”

Mr Abel: “my wife, she sent a message that she is ill and that I should come home immediately” he lied, eager to leave the house.

Krisa: “I cannot believe that you are choosing your wife over me. I was raped some hours ago, I just returned from the hospital now and you are saying you want to go and see your wife who is pretending to be sick. You see why I said I don’t date married men? They are never there when you need them. Mtcheww” she sighed.

Mr Abel: “don’t talk like that sweetheart, my wife is actually asthmatic and who knows what will happen if I don’t go to see her now. I will make it up to you, just trust me” he assured her.

Krisa: “I don’t know why I just hate that your wife. I have never met her before but I hate her like mad. How can she choose this night of all nights to be sick? I don’t know why death doesn’t even visit some people in time, seff” she said.

Mr Abel: “hey, is somebody jealous? You don’t have to be. You know that my body belongs to you right? I am just going there to fulfill all righteousness; it is not because I really want to be there”

Krisa: “for leaving me tonight when I need your presence most, I want a trip to Dubai next weekend. Let’s go for a weekend gate away there, I will need to be pampered after all that I have gone through this night”

Mr Abel: “deal” he said and kissed her on the lips.

He zoomed off as soon as she entered her flat. His heart was in his hands when he made the turn back to the hospital that he had just left.


Mrs Abel was in the hospital for 6 days after which she was discharged. The doctors who had attended to her had informed her that she had passed out as a result of shock and fear and since she had only minor injuries with no internal bleeding, she could go home.

The driver of the car who had run into her was not as lucky as she was and so he had to be in intensive care for months.

Mrs Abel watched with hatred as her husband stayed behind her all through the period that she was on admission. She hated him because he was the cause of all that had happened to her.

“If not that he woke up at that time to go and visit his mistress, I wouldn’t have been involved in this accident. Ah, some men are very wicked” she said when he left the room to pay up her medical bills so that they could return back home.

Mr Abel on the other hand was preoccupied with the thoughts of where his wife was going to before she had the accident. He remembered that she was sleepy when he had left her on the bed that night.

“How comes she left the house after I left? I mean she was on the bed and I thought she would go back to sleep as soon as I leave. Could it be that she is also cheating on me? No, it is not possible. My own wife seeing another man? Ah, I will just kill her with my hands” he thought while he offered his ATM card to the hospital’s cashier to pay his wife’s bill via their POS machine.

The drive back home from the hospital was uneventful as husband and wife kept to each other. The couple knew that their relationship was getting estranged but none of them could speak up. Each of them were waiting for the other to speak up first.

As soon as they got home, her husband came down from the car and helped bring down the things they had used in the hospital. He hurried into the bathroom and showered, he was rushing to go and see Krisa who he had not seen for days because he was attending to his wife at the hospital.

He returned from the bathroom and got dressed.

Mrs Abel: “sweetheart, are you going out?” she asked her husband.

Mr Abel: “yes, I am going out but I should be back soon”

“but we just got back from the hospital, I think we should spend some time together today” she said.

Mr Abel: “we have been spending the whole time together at the hospital. I need to attend to some other things. By the way, I left you in bed the day the accident happened. Where were you going to at that time of the night without my approval?”

Mrs Abel: “I was going to see you at the office where you said there was an emergency. I thought you would need my moral support” she lied.

Mr Abel: “that is not true. You and I know that the junction where the Road Safety officials said the accident happened is not the way to my office. Are you hiding anything from me?”

Mrs Abel: “and what is that supposed to mean?”

Mr Abel: “you know what; we will talk about this when I return. I just hope it is not what I am thinking. Do not forget the vow we made at the altar” he said and stormed out of the house.

Mrs Abel: “sweetheart, we need to talk. Please don’t walk out on me” she called after him.

“So, he couldn’t even stay with me a little before going off to see his mistress right? Now is the time to act. He has to pay dearly for this today” she said, picked her phone and dialed a number.

“Hello, I have a job for you today. And I want a clean job…” she started to say.

Question: Looks like Mrs Abel is out to take her pound of flesh. What does she intend to do to her husband?

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  1. I think her hatred is for Krisa and not her husband….
    Both of them don’t want to speak-up before they know it. They will find their marriage broken into pieces.


  2. that man is useless
    I don’t know why some men are wicked, and at the end will be forgiven by their innocent and faithful wives. this man should pay for his wickedness to his wife together with his mistress

  3. Hmmmmmm….. Mrs Abel never learnt a lesson. Her target may be Krisa, but her husband may probably becomes a victim too. She should tread with caution.

  4. Why did Mr A bellied to Krisa. Telling Krisa d truth will even let him know if it is true love she is having with Mr Abel and now that Krisa wants Mrs Abel dead as said in d presence of Mr Abel.

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