(Episode 19) Gone With The Wind…A Tale of Vanity Upon Vanity!

Voice: “who are you madam and what sort of a job do you have for me?” the person at the other end of the phone asked Mrs Abel.

Mrs Abel: “I got your number from a friend who recommended you as the best person that can do the job. I need you to steal my husband’s car” she said, gently.

Voice: “steal your husband’s car? How?”

Mrs Abel: “my husband is cheating on me, right now he just left me to go and see his mistress even though I was discharged from the hospital today. I have the address to her house and I have the spare key to his car which he misplaced sometimes ago, I actually took it from where he kept it and when he couldn’t find it, he assumed that he had misplaced it. I want you to go there and steal the car and then call him and tell him that you are the lady’s boyfriend and that you will harm him if he doesn’t leave your girl alone. I am sure he would be there till late in the night when he usually returns from her house and she has just one security man, so you can do that when everywhere is dark to avoid suspicion. Do you understand?”

Voice: “I understand, in fact, that is the kind of job we like. Where do I meet you up for the spare key and other details?”

Mrs Abel: “meet me up in fancy garden in ten minutes time” she said and ended the call.


Krisa ran into the arms of Mr Abel as soon as she saw him walk in holding a vase of rose flowers in his hands.

Krisa: “I have missed you so much!” he said holding him tight.

Mr Abel: “I miss you more. In fact, it feels like I haven’t seen you in ages and to think that we have been apart for only few days”

Krisa: “the feeling is mutual. I wonder why your wife chose this time of all period to fall sick” she said.

Mr Abel: “actually, she was involved in an accident. I got to know about the accident when I got back home that night” he lied.

Krisa: “accident? I thought you said she called to tell you that she was ill and that you had to rush home?”

Mr Abel: “that was before the accident” he lied, taking his sit on a soft sofa in her sitting room.

Krisa: “how? Was it a domestic accident? How can she have an accident in your house?”

Mr Abel: “she was actually going out; the thing is I didn’t even know where she was going to before the accident happened. I don’t know if I can trust her anymore. I asked her about it and she was telling me some cock and bull stories. I got angry and left the house for her”

Krisa: “are you sure it is not what I am thinking?” she said walking up to the bar in a corner of her sitting room to get him a drink.

Mr Abel: “my baby is always thinking! What are you thinking about this time around?”

Krisa: “probably your wife is also cheating on you as well. Come to think of it this way, you left the house to visit me and she also left after you to go and see her lover, which makes if fifty-fifty” she said pouring him a drink.

Mr Abel shifted uneasily on his seat and adjusted his belt which suddenly felt like it was choking him.

Mr Abel: “are you saying that…that my wife could be…cheating on me?” he asked the question that shook him to his marrows.

Krisa: “exactly what I am saying. Women of nowadays cannot be trusted and that is why the cases of divorce is on the increase. If she is cheating on you, trust me you will never know because you are a very busy man”

Mr Abel: “no, it is not possible. My wife cannot be cheating on me, I will personally strangle her with my bare hands if she tries anything like that” he threatened.

“Oh, relax jare my dear. What is new under the sun? Haven’t you heard of men who discover at their old age that they are not the biological father of their children? What would you say about that one? You should count yourself lucky if your wife is cheating on you with a matured man and not some sugar boy whom she takes care of with your money” she said, all in a bid to poison his heart against his wife.

Mr Abel’s fists clenched at the prospect of his wife cheating on him with a younger man and he felt his heart beating faster.

Krisa: “relax my darling, don’t get worked up. It is not a new thing for women to cheat on their husbands, it is just that women are better at hiding such things and that is why I am here for you” she said and held his head to her bosom, offering him her nipple.

Mr Abel: “I love you so much. Now, enough of my wife and her adulterous ways, she should pray that I don’t find out because the day I do, that is when I will send her packing for good. Come here, baby, I need to feel your hands over my body” he said and drew her close.

He took her lips in his own and kissed her hungrily, she responded and rolled her tongue all over his mouth and his face, while her hand made its way into his trousers where she began to play with his balls. The feeling was ecstatic and he soon found himself desiring her more.

They ended up rolling from one end of the floor to the other in a hot love making session.

After different rounds and different styles, they both fell asleep, exhausted from too much sex and wine. It was a deep and sound sleep, the soundest of all for Mr Abel who had not had good sleep ever since his wife was admitted.
He woke up with a jerk at about 10pm and got up abruptly, starting Krisa who was lying on his chest.

Mr Abel: “goodness! How did I sleep off? My wife must be waiting for me at home, I need to rush home now” he said and looked around for his boxers.

Krisa: “which wife is waiting for you? The same one who must be somewhere enjoying herself this moment? Common dear, let’s have this night all to ourselves, only God knows where your wife is right now” she said and walked stark naked to the table where the wine was and poured him another drink. As she walked, Mr Abel could not help but notice how her breasts daggled in sync with the movement of her buttocks.

She gave him the wine and he gulped all the content down his throat. She did same, got on her knees and took his full length in her mouth. Soon, they were ramming into each other like two sex starved dogs on heat. After some rounds, they fell into another round of sleep, triggered by the excessive alcohol in the wine they had taken in excess.


The gang that Mrs Abel had contacted stayed in a car they parked across the street and studied the house for hours. When it was very dark, the three of them got off the car while the driver of their car drove off. They knocked on the gate. As soon as Krisa’s security opened the door, they pointed a gun at him and shoved him back into the compound, locking the gate behind them. After they had questioned the security man about Krisa and her guest, they took him to his room beside the gate, tied his hands and legs, blindfolded him and sealed his lips so that he could not move or make any sound. They went close to Krisa’s door and smiled when they heard heavy snoring from her and Abel. Without wasting time, they went to Mr Abel’s exotic car which was parked in the front of her car, opened the door with the spare key they had gotten from his wife and zoomed off.

Question: Is Mrs. Abel’s action justified? Will it backfire? Will Mr Abel still continue his illicit relationship with Krisa after this incidence? Can Mrs. Abel trust those guys?

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  1. Mrs Abel is not capable enough boor, doesn’t know ow well to go abt d situation. Its likely it backfired o cus those guys can’t b trusted fully. Mr Abel will try to stay away from Kris a but she will pin him down wit d evidence she had against him.

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