(Episode 20) Gone With The Wind…A Tale of Vanity Upon Vanity!

The security man tried to move his hands and feet but he could not. All his efforts to remove the seal on his mouth proved abortive. When he heard the guys drive off with Mr Abel’s car, he began to shed tears since that was the best that he could do.


The gang called Mrs. Abel to inform her that they had stolen the car without any hindrance.

Mrs. Abel: “Good, that is very good. Come and collect your balance in that same garden where we met, I will go there right away” she said into her phone.

Voice: “madam you wan give us the balance for that garden this night? Make we send you our account balance make you do transfer for us now” he suggested.

Mrs. Abel: “for security purposes, I cannot do that. That garden is very secured and nobody will suspect me since I will pretend to come there to buy suya. Tonight is the only free time I have to pay you, I am sure that as from tomorrow, my husband’s movement and mine will be monitored when he reports the case of his stolen car to the police” she said and the gang leader agreed to meet her up there.

“One more thing, do not come with the car you stole, drive to a secluded area where no one lives and leave it with your other gang members and come to the garden in a commercial cab and make sure you have changed into another cloth other than what you wore for the operation and remember to come with the car’s spare key that I gave you” she said.


Some minutes later, the gang leader met her at the garden close to her house as they had planned and she handed him the money.

Mrs Abel: “where is the car’s spare key that I gave you?” she asked stretching forth her hands.

“It is here” he said and handed it over to her.

Mrs Abel: “good. That is your balance and some extra change for a job well done. I want you to go back and set that car ablaze”

Gang leader: “what!” he asked, unable to believe his ears.

Mrs Abel: “you heard me right. Go back and burn the car. Like I said, I just want my husband to pay for what he is doing to me. I actually had an accident that ruined my car and it all happened because of him and yet he has the guts to still cheat on me. We cannot sell the car because no matter how far away they take it, my husband has a good tracking device in that car that must surely reveal its location and that could land us in trouble. The best thing is to burn it and render the car and the tracking device useless.

Then tomorrow, I need you to  get a new sim card, call my husband and threaten him to leave your girlfriend alone if he doesn’t want worst things to happen to him after which you shall destroy the sim card. Remember, do not use your sim card and make sure you destroy the sim afterwards. I have already destroyed the one I used to call you” she said and walked away before he could say anything.


Mr Abel stirred when he thought he had the sound of someone starting a car but he went back to sleep for he was under the influence of alcohol and he never imagined that it could be his car since he had his keys with him. Usually, he would turn on the alarm of his car but since he didn’t know that he would spend the night with Krisa, the alarm was off and so there was no way it could notify him that someone was driving off with his car.

He woke up as early as 4am and began to get dressed. He hated himself for getting himself drunk and sleeping off in his mistress’ houses. He picked his phone and saw that he had 18 missed calls from his wife.

Mr Abel: “damn! This is not good. How comes I allowed myself to take so much wine? I am sure my wife must be worried to death” he said.

He hurriedly wore his shirt and trousers and reached for his car keys but it was not there. His heart skipped a beat as he bent down to check for the keys. He found the key lying on the floor close to where he had picked the trousers.

It must have fallen off when I hurriedly removed the trousers” he thought.

He opened the door and walked out, careful not to wake krisa who was snoring heavily. As soon as he got to the compound, he was shocked to see that his car was nowhere to be found.

Mr Abel: “what! Am I dreaming? Where is my car? It is supposed to be parked here now. I mean I parked it here last night and this is the key. Wait a minute, am I dreaming or is it hangover?” he said rubbing his face and moving over to touch the place where he had parked his car.

Mr Abel: “ah-ahn, this is not a dream o, the car is not here. How is that possible? The key is here with me now. Yesterday, after I came in, I reversed and turned so that it will be easier for me to leave, then I parked it here so that when I want to leave, I will just zoom off. How comes the car is not here now?”

He asked himself.

He turned back and ran into the flat and tapped Krisa who was still sleeping.

Mr Abel: “are you still sleeping?” he asked pushing her roughly.

Krisa: “what is it now? It’s not even morning yet” she said, yawning loudly.

Mr Abel: “I want to go home. Did you by chance move my car from where I parked it to another place?”

Krisa: “move your car as how? I don’t understand what you mean”

Mr Abel: “I mean did you park it in a place other than where I parked it? Maybe I didn’t park it well and you helped me to park in another place”

Krisa: “baby, are you sure you are okay? I haven’t stepped out of this room ever since you came. Is my baby still drunk or is it hangover” she said, attempting to touch his forehead.

Mr Abel: “then where is my car? I parked it out there last night and I cannot find it anymore” he barked, causing her to startle.

Krisa: “what! You mean you cannot find your car?” she said and ran out after wearing her sleeping robe.

Krisa: “where is that stupid security man, where is the car that my boyfriend parked here?” she asked when she came out and saw the empty space.

There was no response from the security man and she went into his room and threw the door opened, thinking he was asleep.

Krisa: “what! What is going on here? What happened to you?” she shouted when she saw the security man all tied up and blindfolded.

Mr Abel rushed into the small room when he heard Krisa shout and helped her to untie and set the security man free. His legs and feet were swollen and he stayed for few minutes before narrating all that had happened to them.

Krisa: “so what you are telling me is that some guys drove into this compound, tied you up and drove away with his car?”

Security man: “yes, madam. They carry big big guns and the way they tied me, I couldn’t even move or say anything”

Mr Abel: “but how is that possible? Why would anyone come in to steal my car? Nobody even knows me around here and nobody knows that I was coming to see you here yesterday. I mean, how did they drive away so easily when my key is still with me?”

Krisa: “I am as confused as you are. I thought your car has an alarm that goes off each time someone comes close to it?”

Mr Abel: “yes but I didn’t put it on since I didn’t know that I would spend the night here. Besides, I thought this area is secured. I only put it on when I am in an unsafe area and when I am going to bed over the night” he explained.

Krisa: “Wait a minute. I think I know who sent those guys” she said and Mr Abel’s eyes lit up.

“Who could it be and how do you know?” he asked her.

Krisa: “Something happened while we were sleeping, now I understand and I know who is behind this. Let me get my phone” she said and ran into the room with Mr Abel and the security man trailing her.

Question: Does Krisa really know who is behind the missing car? Who is she going in to call?

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